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2015-08-24 12

Hello Space Monkeys,

       We’ve come to realize the need of explanations regarding our rating system. This might come as a huge surprise, but the way we rate books is absolutely different from each other and also you folks. Every literature piece never escapes the eyes of critics. Even if writers might devote their lives to writing for the simple joy of leaving something behind and sharing their stories with the world, criticism will always be present. To help people like you and me to decide on our next read, to provide constructive feedback to help authors make better stories or to simply share their thoughts on their reading experience, reviews and ratings have their uses.

       A lot people like to use a 5 star rating, especially big name websites like Amazon, Goodreads and so on. We wanted to abide by that system so that we can easily rate books on these platforms and to simplify your understanding of our love/hate for a book. Of course, there’s still the problem where each star might have a different value and that’s where this post comes in handy — of course it has a purpose, why else would we put it up for you guys. 😀

Lashaan’s System:

★ – A must-read. More often than not, it’s a classic masterpiece. If you see a 5 star for a book, you know it’s a book you have to get real soon. Brilliant narration, amazing character development, outstanding plot and very vivid setting. It’s a story that gets you so hooked that it almost feels like you’re watching a movie. A brilliant movie. If the book manages to get me thinking on the side, then you’ve got yourself a winner. Purpose is everything. Control your reader and put a smile on their face.

★☆ – A book that has a 4 star is a story that’s worth reading if the blurb peeks your interest. It doesn’t blow your mind, but it has a plot that’s worth your time. There might be some little hiccups in the plot, narration or characters, but the story has a lot of potential.

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★☆☆ – Just a fun read. It’s one of those books you just pick up and not think too much about anything. It will keep you flipping through the pages but it will never instigate reflection or get you to react too much. The characters might be bland, the setting could be simple, the plot is straight-forward. There’s definitely something that didn’t go too well and should’ve been tend to.

★☆☆☆ – I don’t know what books should deserve something just a star away from complete idiocy. This rating would probably go to any story that had an idea but couldn’t get results. Every book has a purpose. Every book builds up to something and presents a final product. But a 2 star book is a tale that drifted away from that very purpose.

★☆☆☆☆ – Complete idiocy. Shouldn’t have touched the book and would’ve wished it wasn’t forced on me. It can also be an unfinished book. How can you create something that can’t keep a reader intrigued, right?

Trang’s System:

★ – Plot twisting is at the core of a 5 star book. The level of unexpectedness needs to be phenomenal (#mindblow). It has to provoke a deep emotion in me. The book needs to bring amazing elements, better than anything read before. A book so good that I just want to keep for myself but also want to show off to everybody. There also needs to be the usual 5 star elements: good character development and captivating narration. The best book I’ve ever read.

★☆ – It’s a book that I really like BUT some elements are missing:  the plot twisting was absent, inexistent, invisible. No surprising effects. You can tell this is really subjective for a rating, but that’s a 4 star book in this system. Also, it can be a book that deals with some deep themes or deep meaning , encourage me to reflect about it.

★☆☆ – It’s a basic story. A typical predictable story. It’s definitely a story that won’t blow your mind, but it’s still enjoyable, readable to say the least. Everything really comes to down to the narration. It’s not amazing, but it’s written in a way that anyone can pick this up, read it and put it back on their shelves without going berserk.

★☆☆☆ – Narration is really confusing or slow. Characters aren’t that interesting. Author could’ve done better with the story he/she had in mind.

☆☆☆☆ – Pretty often, books that you begin but never finish. 1 star books are stories where you just start wondering how it even got published.

Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang

9 thoughts on “Our 5-Star Rating Guide

  1. I just had to drop the two of you a note. I don’t remember the last time I have come across such a beautiful and engaging website! Your imagery is outstanding! (I’m a 28 years-experienced graphic designer, so I do have some authority to say this). Your humor, sprinkled throughout this site like fairy dust, is absolutely delightful. I believe I will return here quite often–and not just because I’m a writer. If I may … You deserve FIVE STARS. – NO, make that TEN. OUTSTANDING!

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    1. Oh my..we definitely weren’t expecting such kind words today ! We’re so happy to see that you loved what you came across on Bookidote. We’ve been told, here and there, that our pictures were dazzling and that we have some really nice content to share with everyone, but hearing it from someone with experience is absolutely heartwarming. Thank you so much for the kind words and we’re so happy to hear that we got ourselves a new loyal follower ! We’d give you just as many stars just for brightening our day !

      – Lashaan

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