Marvels by Kurt Masiek

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MARVELS: ★★★★☆

            I’ve always told people that I’m a huge Marvel fan only because I love X-Men. Since I was a child, I’ve been reading X-Men comics and watching the cartoon. But as I grew up, I realized that I knew nothing about other Marvel superheroes except the ones mentioned in X-Men. This is why I started to look around on where to begin Marvel comics. Comics are a large world. You can’t possibly read every single comic out there. That’s why to enjoy it, you have to inform yourself and get a basic knowledge on where to start. I searched about some Marvel essentials and a lot of people recommended Marvels.

(c) Bookidote

            Marvels is a 5 comics special issues resuming the work of a journalist free-lance photographer and reporter in New York city. It is a very unique masterwork piece because it differs from every comic out there. The narration is from a journalist’s perspective, through the eyes of a normal citizen living in a superheroes and mutants world. You can relate to the narrator, putting yourself in a civilian’s shoe, imagining yourself encountering a mutant fight at the corner of the street or even how to react when you caught the Torch flying by.

            I honestly believe that we need more comics like these where they question the realism of superheroes. If we see them in real life, will we see them as gods or monsters? Or will we get paranoid and obsessed with them like we do for celebrities?

            I’d recommend this to anyone, newbies or not to comics, this serves as a great introduction to all the big events and heroes from Marvel universe. How I picture Marvels issues: quick shifts in the narrative form, collecting pictures and press releases, forming a file-report documentary and in the end,  wrapping the whole tale up with a neat bow and give it to the audience. That’s how perfect the transitions seem to me. And Alex Ross, damn! His realistic artwork doesn’t disappoint at all. He included modern art references with a pinch of  comics inside jokes. If you don’t like the story, the art itself is a standalone argument to pick up this miniseries. Every page seems like a big poster that you want to hang on the wall.

If you ever wonder why I gave this a 4 stars and not 5, visit our 5 star guide to find out.

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Enjoy 🙂 ❤

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7 thoughts on “Marvels by Kurt Masiek

  1. My childhood was dominated by The Eagle comic, largely illustrated by the brilliant Frank Hampson. I was eight when it began in 1950. Dan Dare was dramatic, but the back pages were beautifully drawn.


  2. I read this a while back, but I think I was too young to truly enjoy something that wasn’t Spider-Man being funny and punching people in the head. I should probably go ahead and re-read it one of these days.


    1. Hahaha yes I understand completely ! There’s no big action stories in there but still it was beautifully done in resuming some big events through a journalist’s view 🙂 Thank you for passing by ! Let me know what you think if you ever re-read it ! -Trang

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  3. I was actually having a conversation with a friend the other day about how I would love to get into Marvel comics (and DC as well), because I love the universe and I have a basic knowledge of certain things, but I just have no idea where to start! It feels sort of overwhelming haha So thank you for this! I’ll definitely look into these 🙂

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    1. Woohoo! 🙂 Nice ! I’m happy to hear that I helped someone out there hahah and I totally feel you when you said that you have no idea where to start. It’s such a struggle with these comics LOL Thank you for passing by and good luck with your comics 🙂 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! – Trang


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