The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey

The Curse of Crow Hollow : ★★★★★

“I don’t know what goes through the mind of a young person, friend; they are wholly different creatures from ourselves. It’s that peculiar sense of invincibility that blossoms in a heart not yet tested, and an arrogance to believe the world they frolic in has already been tamed.” 

– The Narrator in the Curse of Crow Hollow 

Crow Holler is the typical village where people have always been looking out for themselves, a little town where everybody knows each other. And like every little town, Crow Hollow possesses a dark secret..or should I say, many secrets. It all started with a bunch of young teenagers who wanted to have a good time and party at the mines. Little did they know that it was their biggest mistake since the mines were near the so-called witch Alvaretta who lives in the mountain. Disturbing her peace was not their intention but it was too late, the witch has already cast her curse upon the whole town.

“She’d told Bucky it was darkness and death that stalked Crow Holler , and she had not lied. No doubt remained of that, nor could there be doubt that both of those things had taken the form of one person. The casket [coffin] lay empty, friend. As empty as their hope.”

The Narrator in the Curse of Crow Hollow

Personally, I’ve always loved a story with witches, paranormal activities and magic going on. I’ve been a huge fan of anything related to that because I think it’s fun to read about it and to let go of our imagination. This book delivers exactly what I love about those themes: witchcraft, curse, cults, dark magic. You will find everything in it with a smart storyline. As for the characters, the author did an amazing job at describing them all and giving us a backstory to everyone and every family. I must admit, there were a lot of characters and a lot of things going on but he kept it really organized and clean when it comes to each character so I didn’t have a hard time to follow through the story.

“People always compare themselves to others. […] Problem is, every time we compare who we are to how we think someone else is, we always come up short. Somebody’s always better looking […]. But when we gossip? That’s different. That’s the only way we can compare ourselves to somebody else and come out looking better than they are.”

– Bucky in the Curse of Crow Hollow

The suspense was just perfect for me. I really like the narration style, felt almost like a movie with different panels and in the end you get the big picture. We don’t know who the narrator was until the very end..and it was a genius move! I was reading the book and couldn’t stop turning the pages. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. Not only that, Billy Coffey has developed deep thoughts and reflections about those superstitions, human nature, family, trust and friendship. It feels like the whole book was a test for our own human spirit and the author was playing with us.

If you want a little spooky, suspense read, and a gifted storyteller, then my friend this is the book for you ! 😉 You can get it here.

The book was released on August 4, 2015.

Thank you to BookLookBloggers for providing us with a free copy of the book for an honest review. 

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