Divergent Trilogy Review by Veronica Roth

Divergent Trilogy : ★★★★☆

FACTION BEFORE BLOOD. – Veronica roth 

Do I really need an introduction ? LOL This trilogy is one of the most  popular, hyped trilogies among The Hunger Games and Twilight. The first movie alone, made 56 millions $ at the opening weekend box office. And like most of movies, there’s a book behind it 😉 So, what is all this hype about? Divergent introduces us to the story of Tris, a normal teenager living in a dystopian Chicago where there are 5 factions :  Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, and Candor. Each faction reflects virtues of their own.  All children at their 16 birthdays must chose which of the fraction they want to be in for the rest of their lives.

The first volume, Divergent, deserves 5 stars straight up! I loved it so much. Like..you have no idea ! It has everything I look forward to in a young adult book:  funny lines, great action, a new recruit in a new world kind of vibe, new friendship, and an awesome ending. And it shows how girls can also kick ass ( smirk).

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But as the story goes, I lost interest in the other books to be honest. They were still good but not as good as the first one. That’s the thing with distopian trilogy, they follow the same pattern. The second one has an epic ending but the storyline, it was meeh for me (maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t watch the Insurgent movie yet ahah) . The last one, Allegiant, hmm.. THAT ending though didn’t expect it at all. In fact, bravo to the author for taking that kind of risk! Overall, I thought it was more for younger audience than The Hunger Games trilogy. The concept of Divergent was really good and I expected the author to take it to a whole new level but she stays really simple, with actions that are entertaining enough for me to not wanting to put the book down for one second haha. This is why it’s 4 stars rating overall.

Here’s the trailer for Divergent if you are interested ( this might spoil you so.. #READTHEBOOK 8D)  :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw7Eln_xuWc

Did you read the books too ? Or saw the movie ? What did you think ? 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Divergent Trilogy Review by Veronica Roth

    1. Hahha yay glad to hear that I’m not the only one 😀 Is the second movie good enough ? I’m really hesitant to watch it.. Hahah and yes its sad that the story went down. It could be so much better 😦 – Trang


  1. I didn’t read the book at all, basically because at that point dystopian YA novel has not intrigued me anymore (but I’m being a hypocrite here, because I do read other dystopian YA novel 😜). I do, on the other hand, have watched all the movie in the series, except for the latest one of course, and I have to say I don’t feel like I missed much even though I never read the book at all. But, thanks to your review, it strengthen the notion that I don’t feel like I missed out on a lot of it.

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      1. I actually don’t read that many dystopian novel, but the latest one that I just read is Red Queen and I am waiting for the next in the series. I would love some more recommendations, if you have one.


  2. I agree that the concept was excellent, but the execution wasn’t done that well. I’ve only read the first two books, loved the first one, the second one was meh for me. My thoughts might change after reading the third book, who knows? 🙂

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  3. Great review! 😀 I feel the same way about the trilogy…loved the first book but wasn’t as thrilled with the subsequent books (hated the overall ending). Pretty similar feelings towards the movies so far too haha

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  4. I completely agree with you on this. I had the same experience where I absolutely loved Divergent but was relatively disappointed with Insurgent. I have been reluctant to move on to Allegiant because of this and the fact that I have pretty much been spoiled on the whole book (it takes me far too long to get around to reading these series! Haha!). I still haven’t seen any of the movies yet, but I definitely do intend on giving them a try at some point! Fantastic review 😀


    1. Ahahh thank you for the kind words and for your activity on our blog 😍😍 I’m glad to see that we are on the same page for Divergent LOL gosh..Wish the other ones were as good as the first one 😩 I know for series..its like you wanna know what happened but at the same time you want to finish already 😒 HAHA hopefully we’ll get to see you around for more !! 🙂 -Trang


      1. You’re very welcome! I’ve really been enjoying reading your posts! Me too, I had my hopes set so high for Insurgent; I had been so excited about the rest of the series. Exactly! That’s so true! You definitely will 🙂 Looking forward to reading more posts from you both 😀


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