Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Awards #2

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           It’s been a really long time since we were nominated for this award. I believe those will be the first words to every subsequent gifts from our fellow bloggers until, some day, when we’ll find hidden supernatural powers to get us up to date with all these awards. Nevertheless, we’re absolutely thankful and honored for every mention and love you all for thinking of us when searching thoroughly for nominees! ❤

          For every award, every single one of you deserves lots of hugs and a huge cake filled with love! Today, we’re going to let loose a wild bull that’s been fighting restlessly to leave his cell for a while. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award #2 by Sumaya. Thank you so much for tagging us! If you guys have never heard of her blog, you should definitely check it out. Another fantastic book blog to follow ! Her blog are just that enjoyable! 😀 Without further ado, here are the famous rules, our answers and more questions for our own nominees! 😉


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. Put the award logo on your blog
3. Answer the ten questions you were given
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten other blogs

skypeeSumaya’s questions

  1. If you were given the chance to spend 1 hour in a library full of ARCs, what would you do?
    Trang: I’ll probably walk out of there…
    Lashaan: Why?
    Trang: Too lazy to decide what to do in 1 hour.
    Lashaan: :O No wayy..
    Trang: I’ll just end up wasting an hour deciding where to begin..
    Lashaan: You’ve got a point there… I wouldn’t know what to do either.. Busy trying to catch up on novels, I have yet to be waiting in anticipation for novels that haven’t yet been released. WAIT. I’D PROBABLY JUMP IN THE COMIC SECTION AND DEVOUR SNYDER’S BATMAN SERIES. YES, YES. That’s exactly what I would do.
  2. Do you have a favourite genre? If so, what is it?
    Trang: F**ed up stories. I LOVE BOOKS WITH LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS.  I know it’s not a genre, but I’m sure a lot of books can fit in there! 😀
    Lashaan: I’m going to go with the good ol’fashioned crime thrillers. Although, I must add that our passion novels extends our love for so many other genres. So don’t be fooled if you see a chick lit in our, HER hands.tumblr_noiecayxhz1urw5wzo3_500
  3. Do you prefer borrowing books from the library or buying your own?
    Lashaan: IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT PERSONAL LIBRARY! Nothing like being able to read and reread a novel you own. Nothing like showcasing their beautiful spines too, right? 😀mgo3yewr1ybmcihftxqe_48694-finding-nemo-mine-gif-gjwa-1
  4. How old were you when you started reading?
    Trang: Started reading when I was in my  mumma’s tummy. ”Congratz! It’s a girl…. with a book?!”its-a-girl-gif-the-lion-king-2-simbas-pride-38187265-500-261
    Lashaan: That would make a… disturbingly great title for a Stieg Larsson novel.. LOL
    Trang: HAHA Alright, alright, seriously. I started at 8. That’s when I was really, really obsessed with books.
    Lashaan: I’d probably say I was around 10 when I really jumped into reading. Then mangas were added to my book obsessions. I did however drop reading here and then before officially being really attached to reading last winter. Thank you, chérie. ❤
  5. Is there a book/series you regret reading? Why or why not
    Lashaan: I’m going to go with La Québécoite by Régine Robin. It was actually a mandatory read for a French literature class and the book was painful. No one who dares to read this out of the blue will understand anything in it.tumblr_inline_mredxkf1vc1qz4rgp
    Trang: I’ll say its Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk… Crazy how my favorite book and least favorite book are from the same author.
    Lashaan: Invisible Monsters is your favorite book? It’s your all-time favorite book? :O
    Trang: Noooo, I have like 4 favorite books. *blush*
    Lashaan: HAHAHA
    Trang: Okayy, maybe more than 4..
  6. You have the choice of spending money on lunch or your ultimate TBR book that you just noticed came out two days early. Which one would you choose?
    : Oh crap, this is going to kill her…
    Lashaan: HAHAHA
    Trang: I will not answer this question. It is inhuman. Both are vital to my mind and body.
    Lashaan: HAHAHAH I’d gladly skip lunch to get my  hands on that ultimate TBR! But if this means no supper, you can forget about that book. Immediately.tumblr_mqej9es6c11rqfhi2o1_250
  7. What is your favourite classic (if you have one)?
    : I love classics too much. As I read more every month, my list of favorites grow soooo big. I’ll just go with 1984 by George Orwell. One of the first classic novels I’ve read since I’ve rekindled my love for reading; all thanks to Chérie. ❤ It has so much content and a great plot to tie everything together, I simply loved it.
    Trang: You love classics soooo much, this question was hard for sure for you! *cry with laughter* I’m going to with Animal Farm by George Orwell.
  8. Name a book you have experienced cover lust over.
    : Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. SOOO PRETTY. ❤ ❤
    Lashaan: I don’t have much books with covers that just raised my libido at first sight. But Killing Time by Caleb Carr is such a pretty book. Although it has some of the worst reviews for an author who’s done one of the most memorable books I’ve read to date; The Alienist that is. 😀
  9. What Team(s) are you on? This applies to any character(s) of any book series.
    : I’m team ME! I root for all the characters that I love. And when I finish a book, I get to the next one and root for another character! Okay? Bye! 😀 😀
    Lashaan: This gurl, so silly. *facepalm* I’m team Batman. But I also like to root for Joker when he’s just out of this world genius.. 😀 😀 Guess y’all ain’t getting a straight answer for this one!giphy
  10. In most scenarios, are you the recommender or the recommendee? Or is it a mixture of both?
    : I am, without a doubt, the recommendee. I love when I get suggestions, especially when the person explains why I should read this or that. I do however play both roles when it comes to comics cause I’m all about discovering and sharing! 😀 😀
    Trang: I’m a-
    Lashaan: Recommender. No question there. Always giving me amazing books to read and enjoy! MWAH ❤
    Trang: But I-
    Lashaan: Also a recommendee thanks to Goodreads and the world. Always a book to discover out there, amirite? 😀
    Trang: YEP! ❤ ❤ ❤ You know me a little toooo much!!! 😀

Bookidote’s questions

1. If you could talk to any historical character in time, what advice would you give him or her?

2. If you were stranded on an island, which human fictional character would you want by your side for the rest of your life and why?

3. You have this magical book where you can write your future and make it come true. What would the first and last thing you’d put down?

4. A curse has been put onto a child. He can only read one book in his life. What would you tell him to read?

5. You are given the opportunity to be an English literature teacher. What are three books you’d make students read and one project you’d make them do?

6. You get to adapt one book into a movie; remake or not. What would it be and how would you make sure it’s a success?

7. Your favorite movie deserves a sequel. You are given the task to write its sequel as a book. What would it be about?

8. You’re evil for one day; assuming you aren’t every other day. What is the first thing you’re going to do?

9. Your favorite fictional character comes to life for a whole day before going back to his or her next adventure; that you know of or not. What would do?

10. You’ve become the leader of all leaders, a World Ruler. What would be your first political move?

Our nominees

Books At Dawn

Lynne Legrow











As always, if you’ve already done the challenge, don’t have the time or don’t feel like doing it, there’s absolutely no problem! 😀 As long as you know that you were nominated, we’re happy! ❤ Thank you again Sumaya for the nomination. Keep on blogging everyone!! ❤

Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang

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