I Dreamt of Trees by Gilles DeCruyenaere

My rating : ★★★ (3.5)☆☆

“Jason’s serenity was suddenly imbued with a dreamlike anxiety and panic, as hazy, nightmarish sensations flooded into his brain.”

— Gilles DeCruyenaere, I Dreamt of Trees


The story introduces us to Jason Crawford, a citizen who lives in a ship-like city. While the ship is at risk of having alien invasions, Jason discovers huge secrets that will change the faith of the city. I’m really not a big fan of science-fiction, especially those involving aliens. However, I admit that this book was a pleasant read. The writing is good, the plot is well-constructed and the world-building is amazing.


Then again, why a 3.5 stars, and not 5 stars ? Because the flaw is in the dialogues. Some dialogues were homophobic and vulgar, not only from one character but from several other characters as well. Usually, I don’t need to mention it but this time I do, since it kind of disturbed me and ruined my reading experience. I don’t think it was relevant to the characters’ personalities or to the story.  The word “f**k” was mentioned at least 5-6 times every three page.

“F**king, f**king, f**k..he thought grimly, I’m getting way too f**king old for this shit.”

— Gilles DeCruyenaere, I Dreamt of Trees

It still remains a 3.5 stars since I think the book mentions some really interesting themes that made me reflect and relate to. A book that makes me reflect is definitely a book worth reading for me haha.

I would recommend this book to all the sci-fi lovers and people who don’t get offended easily by the foul language. You can purchase the book here !

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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