Encouraging Thunder Award


Hello our favorite followers ,

          We’ve got a brand new award to present on our blog and it goes by the name of the Encouraging Thunder Award! This time, we were tagged by Sarah @ Bits & Books with Sarah and we’re happy to finally be able to post this long awaited award and share it with everyone. Thank you again Sarah for the nomination and we hope there’s no hard feelings for taking our time in getting this done! 😀 Without further ado, let’s get right to business.


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Display the logo.

3. Talk about your purpose of blogging.

4. Nominate !


            Blogging has been an amazing experience to this date. It came as a surprise when we felt the thrill run through our veins when reading a novel and discovering individuals from all around the world who share our point of views. That’s where we find our purpose. Sharing. Letting our thoughts pour down on our keyboards as we type away our feelings and reflections on a novel we’ve read is one thing. Having the world read and react to them is another. We’ve been extremely grateful for all the appreciation and support we’ve received from anyone, including you. It’s what drives us to continue doing what we’re doing. Being able to press on that “Publish” button is exhilarating. As much as we love hearing people agree on our thoughts, we just as much love people who had a completely different reading experience. It not only opens our eyes but makes us appreciate the community even more. It’s not through hate and evil eyes that we’re going to enjoy our bookworm lives after all. Sharing will always remain our first purpose to blogging.

           Blogging also has other benefits for us. It lets us create an online library for people—even us, of course—to visit whenever they please. It’s like having a friend over to your personal library collection and being able to see and read your thoughts on each and every book you’ve ever read. It also helps that we both have an absolutely insane collector personality; by that, I mean that we love to build collections of anything we love. Being able to repertoire your books through writing reviews of them just feeds that side of our personalities and we just thrive on that.

           What would probably be our last little purpose behind blogging is to find that little soft spot in everyone’s curiosity and trigger it so that they find this uncontrollable urge to try the books we unquestionably love. Hearing someone say that we piqued their interest and got them to add a 5 star book to their To-Be-Read list is just music to our ears…or eye candy, I guess. 😀

And the Encouraging Thunder Award goes to…

Paige @ Page by Paige

Jess @ Jess’ Reading Nook

Aneta @ Sincerely Aneta

Brooke @ Brooke’s Books

Ashley @ Socially Awkward Bookworm

             As always, if you’ve done this award, are too busy to do it or don’t feel like taking a jab it, feel free to read, enjoy and accept with open arms the love we send you! 😀 Hope everyone is doing great and keep shining bright! ❤

Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang


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