Evanthia’s Gift by Effie Kammenou

IMG_5494MY RATING : ★★

“Now, in a twist of fate, he would see her again.”


A mesmerizing romance over two generations. The first part of the story, we follow the beginning of Anastacia and Alex romance as they try to overcome their past to be in relationship and work it out together. Single motherhood, destroyed and got her heart broken by her first mariage, Ana will not allow herself to trust any man. Alex will have to teach her to love herself again and trust him. They will discover that each of them has their own dark past.


“Ana’s scars and insecurities from the past lingered and her need for independence still seemed vital to her. But it hurt.”

                                                         -EFFIE KAMMENOU

The second part of the book, takes on their daughter  Sophia, who will develop a childhood love with  Dean , who happens to be the son of Anastacia’s best friend : Soula .We also get to see the dynamic in a Greek family, what are their values and religions. What is interesting in this novel is the fact that we get to see how the children will have their own struggles as culture and family traditions will come to try and separate them.

The two parts were greatly integrated and we see the struggles each couple from different generation  have to face. In the end, everything will make sense and we see all the connections from the past to the future. It was quite a fun and emotional ride reading this book!


Furthermore, I love the greek notions in the novel. I learned a lot about their histories and some familiar words. For a fact, the mini recipes that Effie put in the book are genius haha. It makes me want to try them someday! I have always wanted to visit Greece for I have been fascinating with their knowledge and the big role they have played in history and mythology.  This book makes me want to travel even more now hahah 😀

Thank you to the author for giving me this book in echange for an honest review. 

See you soon 🙂

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