Against The Reign by Dove Winters


My Rating: ★★☆(4,5)

“It’s certainly no place for children, or anyone respectable, definitely not a princess. But here I am.”


Laughing out loud. Check. Kick-ass princess. Check. Funny best friend. Check. Teasing and charismatic prince. Check. WHY IS THIS BOOK NOT POPULAR ALREADY? Hahah okay let’s take a moment to describe why I think this book is so awesome. It starts off with Ginny, the princess who doesn’t want to fit in the palace life. She enjoys runaway life, dancing in bars, fighting and most of all, she is enjoying not being the Queen, taking the heir. Yes, she hates it. She wants to do everything to avoid having to rule her kingdom. She even planned secretly to wait until her little brother can get married and just pass it on the crown to him. Unfortunately, one event is going to change her decisions forever. She will not have a choice but to accept the crown.


“Her crown always makes me think of the ice that forms on the lake,shiny and smooth with the glittring, freshly fallen snow.”


The author’s writing style is comparable to Leigh Barduro (Author of Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows) ! She depicts all the characters with unique features and they are all lovable in their own ways. The first pages got me hooked and it wasn’t hard for me to finish the book in 2 days. Storyline is beyond perfect. Prepare yourself for an amusing , satisfying expedition to the unexpected reign of a not-so-conventionnal-princess! Although it didn’t have the plot twist and mindblowing effect of a 5 stars novel, it got everything else that’s why it deserved a 4.5 on my list. If the author is planning on doing a sequel, I volunteer!! Haha


You can purchase the book here !

Big thank you to the author for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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