Monthly Kick in the Butt – February 2016

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Hello lovelies! ❤

          To start off the month of February, we’re super-duper excited to bring you guys our second monthly Bookidote exclusive post ! 😀 This time, it’s our Monthly Kick in the Butt ! Isn’t that a perfect way to *kick* off the month. 😉 So far, we’re very happy with what our wrap-up looks like and are pretty satisfied with the ideas that we’ve put together for our Kick in the butt. The best part of all this is how we’re able to share even more stuff with all lovely followers, especially things that we don’t usually get to talk about on Bookidote, i.e. movies, TV shows, trailers, discovered books, quotes, etc. We hope you’ll enjoy our monthly wrap-ups and kicks in the butt and, without stalling anymore, let’s get right into it! ❤

Lashaan’s Currently Reading + Expected TBR

Erasing Ramona Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1) +

The Threat Below (Brathius History #1) Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 2: Who Rules the Night We Are Robin, Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business

Lashaan’s Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge Progression


Trang’s Currently Reading + Expected TBR


If you want to join my Read-Along , be sure to check out this post and contact me ! 🙂

01/02/2016- 06/02/2016- The 5th Wave with Aubrey’s Nook Book  and Tasha

07/02/2016 – 13/02/2016 – The Young Elites- With Book Enthral

14/02/2016- 20/02/2016- Throne of Glass with Anette Reads and Luke Taylor

21/02/2016-27/02/2016 -Night Circus/The Wrath and the Dawn with Aubreys Book Nook and Jacqueline

More details about Read-Along in future posts 😀

Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge Progression


Trang’s Fave of the Month –



Lashaan’s Quote of the Month + Thoughts

“Man, when you lose your laugh, you lose your footing.”

— Ken Kesey

       This quote is directly from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It quickly made an impression on me—I couldn’t help but whisper ‘Amen’ to myself. It’s not easy for an author to integrate a long-lasting, memorable quote into their novel while making sure that it captures the readers gaze and gets them to admire its sheer beauty. The classic book itself was an unbelievable oeuvre d’art and I would highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone. Ken Kesey is a genius and really managed to capture crucial themes as raw as possible throughout the book. He even managed to do so in this simple, yet abstract quote.

         Guys, laughing is crucial to life. Laughter rejuvenates your mind and body. It lifts you up, soaks you in joy and gently engulfs you in a moment of pure euphoria. Laughing is a cure to a lot of horrible things; ranging from stress to depression. If there’s one thing I do every single day, it’s to pour myself a cup of laughter. It’s beautiful. Contagious. Necessary. It’s an indication of sanity, even among the insane. Losing your laugh is losing a part of you. Sometimes, you just got to lose yourself in laughter to keep your footing. And other times, you just need to laugh a little to keep that very footing. So guys, keep on enjoying every day, and laugh. Laugh whenever you can. Laugh wherever you can. Laugh at whatever you want. Even at the most meaningless things.

Trang’s Quote of the Month + Thoughts

Amie Kaufman, Illuminae

This sentence is such a powerful one. It is from Illuminae, words spoken by an Artificial Intelligence Programm and I think it reflects perfectly humanity and life. Even when you have all the intelligence in the world, as long as your are untouchable, emotionless, life doesn’t mean anything. You can’t feel the warm sunshine of the sun.

Lashaan’s Life

        As part of the monthly kick in the butt, there’s nothing like telling myself to break lose of the chains of laziness and to start the rusty engine. Midterms are coming at the speed of light and thing’s are about to get down and dirty. It’s my last semester before graduating from my bachelor in Criminology and I definitely want to make sure that the end of this journey—not like I was going to be done with school after this or anything—will be the best one possible. Good thing I got Trang and friends by my side to keep myself in line and… you know…stay sane. To top it off, I also applied for my Master’s and, if anything, this will always be a little annoying hindrance that takes the form of paranoia until I get an answer from my University. I got to keep on believing and focus on what’s coming in front though. Yep. That’s the plan. It has always been. It’s time to take in one day at a time. Off I go, to a world of studying, and studying… and studying.

Trang’s Life

As much as I love books, I do have a life *sobs because I just wanna read books forever* LOL. Yes, I have midterms coming soon too like my babe and we are in the same Motivation and Emotions class ! Woots! It’s really rare to have the same class in University when you are in two different deparments. He’s my motivation for coming to class early in the morning haha 🙂 Except that I have work at my two labs (visual neurosciences and sleeping disorders). Love it, I got to admit that I’m lucky to have a good work environment. I also volunteer for Journal of Psychology as a writer, graphist and artistic director, you can see the January edition here (it’s in French though).

Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang


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