The Fifth Wave – Read-Along

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Starting off the month of February is my first Read-Along for The 5th Wave featuring Aubrey’s Book NookTasha and Carmen  (recently joined few minutes ago wooohoo!) who are joining me in this fun adventure 😀  In this Read-Along, each of us will publish a discussion post where we talk about our thoughts while reading the book this week.

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And.. my lovely friend Cat, also joined me on this Read-Along ahha 😀 Even though she doesn’t have a blog (YET..yes Cat go make one. HEHE 8) so she won’t be able to do a Discussion Post but it is really fun to have someone close to your network read the same book as you! You are going to see our convo along this discussion post hahah 😀

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But I think he knew in the end it wouldn’t be the lucky ones left standing.

It would be the hardcore. The ones who tell Lady Luck to go screw herself. The ones with hearts of stone. The ones who could let a hundred die so one might live. The ones who see the wisdom in torching a village in order to save it.″



I’d have to go with Sammy, Cassie’s little brother. I found him so cute and how he wants to take care of his sister but needs her at the same time. His comments are simply too adorable. He is definitely a character that’s worth keeping .. so they better keep him in the end and not have him end up being dead (because I will deny it and will be start making theories about how he is not dead yet..LOL)



The narration is FUNNY AS HELL. I really like it. Just with the first sentences, I’m hooked by Cassie’s bad-assness, not giving a f*ck about anything ahahah or how she talks about relatable, real problems (the frappuccino references or the tampons panic thoughts reference ahha 😉 ) I can picture Chloe Moretz having this role haha Kicking-ass 😀


A convo with Cat (@catizaflutist)

Cat : omg you know at the beginning when cassie says “Tampons. I’m constantly worrying about my stash and if I’ll be able to find more.”




 Storyline wise, it keeps getting better and better. If you find the pace kind of slow in the begininng, just keep going you won’t regret it haha. I love the Cassie’s family dynamic. I think that’s what makes the book even greater. The love of one family that keeps them together. february-read-along

For February, I’ll be reading a book every week so here are my next Read-Alongs if you want to join, feel free to contact me in through this post  :

07/02/2016 – 13/02/2016 – The Young Elites– With Book Enthral

14/02/2016- 20/02/2016- Throne of Glass with Anette Reads, Lora Shouse and Luke Taylor

21/02/2016-27/02/2016 – Night Cirus/The Wrath and the Dawn with Aubreys Book Nook and Jacqueline

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