Society6 Shop + Free Shipping Worldwide

UntitledHi guys and girls ! 😀

If you read our Six Of Crows review, you know that we just opened our shop woohoo! The main goal of the shop is to reach out the book fandoms  and we get to wear it out proudly ahha 😉 It’s also my own way to enjoy my graphism skill and challenge it.

As for today only, Society6 offers Free Shipping worldwide and 5$ off all tote bags 😀 I like mentioning this because shipping can be pretty expensive (from what I know, ordering from Canada costs around 10$). 

For now, I’ve included only a few Six of Crows and Harry Potter Fanart but I’ll be putting more items in the future! Let me know what you guys want to see on your pillows, mugs, shirts or totes bags 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m not the one who chose the prices for the following items 😦 I would make it really cheap  if it were me LOL but since Society6 handles all the shi[pping and production, it seems only fair.

Briefly here are the prices : 

Iphone Skins : 15$ — Pillows : 20$— Mugs: 15$ — Tote Bag : 22$ (17$ today) — 



Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM

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