The Young Elites by Marie Lu

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“Some hate us, think us outlaws to hang at the gallows.
Some fear us, think demons to burn at the stake,
Some worship us, think us children of the gods.
But all know us.”
Marie Lu, The Young Elites


1. The Squad : X-Men

A band of mischief, having superpowers going against a reign too powerful and abusive. This is X-Men in the Middle Age people. It’s that good. Adelina, a dark and twisted character is trying to control her power. But her abilities are not that simple. It’s not super strenght or invisibility. I’m not spoiling you her powers here either. Adelina is probably the main reason why I loved this book so much. Her character development was on point.  Complex and realist. 781255

The other members of The Young Elites are very interesting : The Windwalker, the Spider, the Reaper, the Messenger and Star Thief. Guess on their abilities ? 😉 I won’t reveal it here. TEEHEE

2. The Place : Venice from Assassin’s Creed

Everything was setting place in the darkest corners, darkest and oddes places . You will be parading from castle, dungeon to the catacombs and brothels. I love how Marie Lu inserts these taboo aspects and create something fantasy and almost magical from it.tumblr_nbktdkbedx1tbl9k4o7_500

3.  The appearance : the eyes

843783-_sx540_sy540_Marie Lu has made a lot of references about one particular imagery and body part throughout this entire novel: the eyes. And oh my, it’s my favourite part. I always thought the eyes are one of the most beautiful pieces of our bodies. We start with Adelina’s description of loosing an eye. After that, Adelina would always observe other peoples’ eyes, she describes Enzo’s being “hard, midnight dark, but alight with fire”. Teren’s in opposite are defined asthere is madness in those eyes, something violent and savage”. 


“Everyone has darkness inside them, however hidden.”
Marie Lu, The Young Elites


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