To Swim Beneath The Earth by Ginger Bensman


The blurb  from Goodreads: MEGAN KIMSEY, born and raised in a small Colorado town on the edge of the La Plata Mountains, grows up haunted by images. Straddling cryptic glimpses of events that foretell her own future, and events remembered from a past in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru more than 400 years before she was born.. 

I haven’t read a lot about reincarnation stories but this one was so unique ! I absolutely loved it. One of the aspects that really caught my eyes are the psychology stigma that Megan has to go through. She has a mother who likes to control everything in her life and one of the things she does is to toss Megan’s past life visions under the carpet by saying it’s some mental illness symptoms. This brings to one the many questions I have while studying psychology: if we perceive things we don’t understand but can only be seen by several is it automatically interpret as hallucinations? I think it is quite unfair to put it all of them in hallucinations category. However, I guess I am not going to go into a debate over that topic right now.

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I also admire the way the book is built toward a quest. A quest for self-discovery but also to reunite herself with the loss of her father who died not long ago. Even when her mom didn’t believe in her visions, her father did and always encouraged her. After his death, he left her with a particular gift for her birthday.

The other thing that really impresses me is the writing. Wow, the prose, simply beautiful! It has a certain conclusiveness and confidence in the sentences. I don’t know how long it took for the author to write the book, but she chose the perfect words in a perfect syntax. As you read, you will want to come back for more. Action, suspense and mystery are awaiting for you.

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

Click here to purchase To Swim Beneath the Earth and you can also get it free for Kindle!

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