YALLWEST Chapter 3 : Day 2 (meeting bloggers)


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P.S: This is going to be a hell of a post LOL be aware! (Journal Entry time)


Hey guys! 😀

    The final push was on! After coming late and finding out that we’ve missed out on some amazing giveaways that went on a first-come, first-served basis, we HAD to wake up earlier and compromise on this last day of YALLWEST. In fact, the most devastating news—especially for Trang, being a huge fan of this—is the lucky folks who managed to grab a copy of Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This unreleased sequel to an outstanding novel was given away to some really, really lucky people who managed to get in line first at some of the tents. If this wasn’t a motivation for Trang to wake up early, then I don’t know what was.

Thank you to Karen for taking the picture!

    That is how we got ourselves to reach the gate around 8:30 a.m. (when the event only supposingly began at 9:00 a.m.). To our surprise, there were still some early birds there, way before us (around 30 hungry bookworms). Good thing was that we were still among the first people and couldn’t wait to get in and, literally, RUN to the tents for the first giveaways.


IMG_6637     While waiting in line-up, Trang made herself a new friend, Karen, and that’s were we got more news on how things were the previous year, how Day 1 went on her end, and more. Insanely enough, we all found out later that they weren’t going to open the gate till 10 a.m.—and then later, 10:30 a.m. I think it’s safe to say that we were lucky to have arrived early and not get surprised by the even longer line that was forming for YALLWEST Day 2. This line was absolutely mind-blowing. It just didn’t end. It would just keep on growing every second.

I think it might have been extended beyond Santa Monica and reached China.

    We were kind of surprised by the number of people who came for another round of YALLWEST, but it all made sense in the end. We were pretty sure that a lot of these bookworms heard about the insane giveaways for early birds and didn’t want to miss out on anything. This was Hunger Games all over again.That’s when the bells rung (not really) and we calmly (not at all) entered the premises. Trang was probably the first one to sprint her way up the hill to where all the weapons (giveaways) were at. I think this is where we all simultaneously scream:




     Trang and Karen pretty much did everything together after bonding at the entrance. If anything, this made the whole Day 2 a much brighter experience. As they went hunting for book giveaways, I (Lashaan) went on to maximize our win-load by getting in line at other tents. What was the most fascinating thing about Day 2 was how almost every tent was basically trying to get rid of every book they had in stock. And oddly enough, there was a lot less people on the second day of YALLWEST than the day before. Can’t blame people for sleeping in and not burdening themselves with more books on their shoulders, right? Even with less people, I still thought there was a lot of bookworms roaming the school field. In fact, this day resembled a lot more to what I expected from YALLWEST when I first heard about it. We’re quite happy that we didn’t have to bump into too many people accidentally on this day. Cause if we did… I think we might have broken into millions of pieces.


Spin and Win from Epic reads

       Remember when we told you guys that talking to the other book lovers around you would make this experience a billion times better? Here’s an example. As Trang finally gets the chance to spin the famous #spinandwin from Epic Reads after an hour long wait, she however feels that her spin would be fruitless! And I as always knew, Trang is never wrong. She got her hands on a copy of Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes. You might know that she already had the ARC and made a review of it in the past, right here on Bookidote. But that’s not the ending of this beautiful story of friendship! Yep, you guessed it! Karen was right behind her and was next to spin the wheel. She, on the other hand, received a copy of a book she didn’t have. Trang, as kind as she is, happilly gave Karen her copy of Queen of Hearts, no strings attached. She was glad to do so, just to let her friend enjoy another wonderful YA novel!


       After Trang and I went to get ourselves something to eat, we crossed paths with Karen, waiting in line to get herself a copy of This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab (you must be mind-blown by all the titles, aren’t you? :P). Karen couldn’t go on with her day without giving making Trang happy too. That’s when Karen dug into her book-loaded tote to gracefully giveaway a copy of Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh! Thank you so much, Karen! *tears* Aren’t bookworms the most amazing community out there? Yes. Yes, they are!

Evelyn Skye and Nicola Yoon

       YALLWEST Day 2 also had signings throughout the day. Without any hesitation, Trang had the chance to sign a couple of books she brought with her. Sadly, she also forgot her copy of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard in our hotel room. This was a huge bummer for her since she planned on meeting the author and signing her book to kick off her Day 2. She also learned that you needed to get a wristband to get to sign your Ransom Rigg’s novels. And sadly enough, Noelle Stevenson, author of Nimona and Lumberjanes couldn’t make it on the second day of YALLWEST.

      Nonetheless, this gave room for Trang to wander around the place and get her hands on other books and to meet other authors that she initially thought she couldn’t see! In the end, there’s always a way to see positive and the event itself is the perfect reason to keep us smiling.


The Young Elites Exclusive Edition Giveaway by Penguin Teen

(Cover will be revealed in our next Yallwest Event Haul post 😉 

Can you spot Waldo Trang?
You found her! 😀

       There were insane giveaways going on throughout the day. I mean, you could literally go back home with over 10 books if you’re goal was to only get books. One of the many giveaways was an exclusive edition of The Young Elites. Trang being a fan of the book couldn’t resist the urge to get her hands on that copy. If you haven’t about this series by Marie Lu then you, my friend, are missing out on some great fiction! Among other giveaways, Gemina by the famous duo writers was also being given away in a secret giveaway. After, we learned that  a lot of these kind of giveaways would only be known by people who were active on social media and were following the sponsors in question. Obviously, since we were from Montreal, Canada, we didn’t have access to Internet to scroll around Twitter or Instagram for all this amazing goodies. In the end, we couldn’t get our hands on a copy of one of the most amazing ARCs of YALLWEST, Gemina. Trang’s sadness was pretty clear, but at least I was able to get my hands on a bunch of other ARCs just for her! I even managed to grab ARCs that don’t even have a final cover (it looked like a school textbook). Once we left the place, Trang found her usual happiness and we both felt absolutely grateful to experience such a wonderful event.  (Trang: ISN’T HE THE CUTEST BOYFRIEND EVER?!)



      You know what’s the other cool part? We’ve managed to meet up with another book blogger that we were eager to meet! We weren’t able to find her during the first day since we didn’t have access to Internet and had no clue what she looked like except for her four year old profile picture on WordPress (to top it off, she also changed her looks since then!). Talk about a game of hide and seek! It was only on Day 2, after their exchange of outfits of the day that Molly from Molly’s Book Nook found Trang and were able to share our fatigue and love for YALLWEST! Honestly, it was amazing to meet up with someone we’ve met through the blogging world. After all, we absolutely love sharing with you guys and, being able to meet you guys in real life is just a delight! We also wanted to meet up with Jess from JBelkBooks, but she ran into some inconvenience. We were still glad that she was able to enjoy the first day of YALLWEST though! 😛 Hopefully we’ll be able to see other book bloggers in future conventions. Nothing like a blogger’s reunion, right? 😀

Meeting Molly from Molly’s Book Nook



      Besides taking home a bunch of bookish goods, we also brought home an incredible appreciation for Young Adult novels, authors and event organizers. YALLWEST was amazing in so many ways and we couldn’t be any more happier to have assisted to one of the best book conventions of all time. This book festival were beyond our imaginations and, coming from Montreal, it just blew our minds. It’s such a unique adventure that glowed with passion. If you were hear about book signings, festivals or conventions around your town, you should definitely try checking it out. These events bring so many people together from all over the world and gives everyone exclusive access to so many things! I mean, mom’s and dad’s of so many kids were all over the place! These parents were helping their kids enjoy the event even more by staying in lines and carrying all sorts of stuff. I don’t know how they do it, but they were definitely amazing to see at work! Hopefully, anyone who’s missed the chance to go to one of these kinds of events will get the opportunity in the near future too.

Drained out Trang waiting for the bus: ”I couldn’t feel my feet”

So much happened in those days, but happiness was the biggest reward after a good night sleep. We sadly weren’t able to attend any panels this year since we had so many other things to see and enjoy too. However, we told ourselves that we’d at least attend ONE panel the next time we ever go to YALLWEST. After all, we’ve heard great things about these panels and the opportunity to hear more from some of the authors we all love and appreciate! Once again, we’re so grateful for everyone who made this event happen. If things continue this way, I think next year is going to be INSANE! Let’s just take a moment to give out a HUGE FINAL THANK YOU to all these people who made this adventure UNFORGETTABLE *compulsive applause*.

      Once we arrived at the hotel and dropped everything we got from this adventure, we were nothing short of stunned. The amount of things we got was phenomenal, yet we knew we probably didn’t even get as many things as other people did! :O


Yours truly,

Lashaan & Trang

11 thoughts on “YALLWEST Chapter 3 : Day 2 (meeting bloggers)

    1. HAHA it was aamazingg 😀 Seeing you in 3D like in person you know hahah its so funn 🙂 Youre lucky to live there mann santa monica is a beautiful city ❤ – Trang


  1. Trang, you are the kindest person! That’s so sweet of you to give your copy of Queen of Hearts to your new friend. 🙂

    It’s a shame that you guys not being able to get your books signed by Ransom Riggs, but you got to meet Nicola Yoon! That’s so cool.

    The morning line to get in sounds like a nightmare, so I’m glad you guys were prudent enough to go early.

    Aww, you guys didn’t go to any panels! There must have been so much to keep you busy to have missed them. I would have planned my days around panels. I love panels haha. But yes, you’ll go next time. 🙂


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