Sex Criminals Vol.1


Suzie, in the need of satisfying her sexual desires, starts to touch herself.. and suddenly time freezes. Not metaphorically speaking. LITERALLY. TIME STOPS.  That’s Suzie’s super power, people! You know what? It doesn’t stop there, she meets Jon and he possesses the same ability as her. Every time they have sex, they can stop time and do whatever they want. That’s when they decide to rob a bank.


The premise sounded good and I read so many good reviews about this new series. They also cover a theme that I am highly interested in. Sex. I had a lot of expectations. But after reading this volume, I lost faith in the series.

I love reading stories about sex but this one was just poorly executed. Sex was all over the place. Not the action, but the theme. It was rubbed all over our face. SEX, SEX, SEX. Okay, like… take a break. I know it’s the main theme but I don’t need it spread all over my face. Tell me more about the people, put some real actions that can contribute to the story. The storyline is as thin as a  layer of condom, easily perforated with not much development. It goes at such a slow pace thanks to the unnecessary details that stretch out the story.


The author tries too hard to be funny, it was alright in the beginning  (laughed out loud a couple of times), but after 10 pages it became tiring and lame.


I get the quirky jokes, the not-so outspoken person Suzie is, and how she is struggling with social interactions. I find it charming. But in the end, it just made me cringe at how not-funny some scenes can be. SPOILERS HERE:  For example, there was a scene where Suzie is making a pejorative comment on a porn star. It doesn’t say which of her uncles touched her.” This was an all-time low. Then, the porn star in the laptop screen starts calling out Suzie for making that comment. I thought: Niice, kudos for that move! Then, right after, Suzie’s reply was: “Jesus, god, you called yourself ‘Jazmine St. Cocaine.’ Taking a little shit was inevitable”.


In the end, we meet the Sex Police, and then I thought: OMG THAT’S COOL! It means that there’s an entire new universe of individuals out there who has the same ability, a whole other world, and—nop. The Sex Police are as stupid as all the other characters. The bad-ass villain character I was expecting was just a clumsy mother with two other “policemen” that tag along and who don’t have a single clue on how to sex arrest criminals. Oh, and their guns are dildos. How are you supposed to arrest them with DILDOS?! I don’t need to tell you that… they managed to escape the Sex Police.. pretty … easily…


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12 thoughts on “Sex Criminals Vol.1

  1. I was recently considering picking up Sex Criminals, but this review brings up some interesting points that I don’t think a lot of other reviews have. Especially concerning the humour (most notably, the main character when she states “it doesn’t say which one of her uncles touched her”.). That is definitely not my kind of humour. I probably won’t be picking this one up now.

    Great review! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 Yeah definitely the kind of humour in this comics is not that great for me :/ Not for everyone hahah happy you dont have to go through this in the future LOL – Trang

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  2. Lol @ the story is as thin as a layer of condom. I enjoyed reading your review. I haven’t yet read this comic, but this is the first bad review I’ve seen of it.

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  3. I’m a fan of the series but can totally understand where you’re coming from. For me I saw the “unnecessary details” as a way to see how these characters interact to the situation, a way of getting to know them. But that’s the way I saw it and Sex Criminals is definitely an acquired taste.

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    1. Yess I was reading the other reviews and I imagine its not for everyone hahah especially when I had some expectations while plunging into this series ! I’m happy for you though that you can appreciate it 😀 Let me know if the series finale is worth it hihih 😀 – Trang


  4. This series has its fans for sure. I found the first volume kind of fun, but if you don’t like the first volume, you won’t like the later ones. It seemed to lose its direction during the third volume and it started relying on 4th wall humour where the writer and artist started talking about the seeming lack of direction in the main comic itself. Now it’s just weird.

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    1. Omg reallyy ? Hahah I’m even happier now that I don’t have to read the rest of the series 😀 Will you still finish the series although it becomes weirder ? :O


      1. Well, the series is still going on – issue 15 only released 1 or 2 months ago, and the 3rd volume trade released a couple weeks ago. Not sure if I’ll keep reading it or not.


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