Aliss by Patrick Senecal


Everyone knows Alice in Wonderland and its symbolism, sprinkled with vivid colors to eccentric and absurd sceneries. But what if Alice lived in Montreal? What if Wonderland was just a playground with no moral clause with dark and wild colors? Patrick Sénécal, Quebec author, known for his pen skills in writing pure and disturbing horror, a hint of fantasy maybe… but disturbing nonetheless! This is my first book from him and I confirm it, he masters the genre with his fingertips.

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This book’s forte? The narration; huge round of applause for that! The Quebec French might not measure up to Molière’s French, but for once, I found beauty in its vulgarity. The authenticity of the narration by Patrick Sénécal is undeniable, it is raw and filled with Quebec French jargon and expressions.  For a girl who grew up in Montreal, I felt at ease in the universe. As for the humour, it is flawless. You will laugh out loud, that’s for sure.

L’important, ce n’est pas que ce soit permis ou interdit. L’important, c’est que tu assumes les conséquences de tes actes.– Patrick Senecal, Aliss

Translation: The important thing is not whether it is permitted or prohibited. The important thing is that you assume the consequences of your actions. 


Its universe? OMG. You will all drool, piss, run, scream. You will be weirdly disturbed, that’s crystal clear. Shady characters (psychopaths, drug fiends, prostitutes, etc.) and a lot of references to the original story of Alice. Probably, the most amusing part of the book too! Guessing who is what. A nice example of the book’s atmosphere: Take today’s society. Add a monarchy, and scratch out all moral rules. What do you get? Blood and sex. Themes from S&M, pornography to body mutilation and Niesche’s philosophy.

It’s a 500 page book and I gobbled it up so fast, as if it I only took 3 hours to read it (when I actually took a couple days to complete it). There was always action, a moment of suspense, an intrigue that would hold onto you by the ear and swallowed you into Sénécal’s universe. As if it’s the author’s way of saying: “I know you’re disgusted, but I know you want more…” .. HELL YES I WANT MORE. Updated: I just bought another book from him hahah 😀

Big thank you to Anton for giving me the book and make me discover this author who matches my level of craziness and Cat to make me want to read Rue Des Ormes (that’s the book I just bought WOO).

I just realized there’s no English version of this book LOL I’m sorry guys! But if you can read french, here are the links : / Chapters 

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