The Black Jewel by Cassie Clarke


“A city in ruin.
A forest filled with secrets.
One girl with the power to change it all.

Trapped in a mundane existence in the heart of a deadly forest, Ela often imagined what life must be like away from the trees. A world without rules and restrictions, with the freedom to do anything. She’d be safe from the ever-lurking threat of the Bowen Elders, the men who seemed so determined to hurt her best friend, Caden.”


I was disappointed with the premise and the characters. It was all too predictable and a fantasy cliché. Maybe it’s because I’ve read a lot of fantasy stories and started to see all the plots repeating themselves, but in a few words: we have the main character who has a guy best friend, suddenly she wants to go to a kingdom so badly but she is just a mundane girl. What a surprise! While she was running away, she meets the prince of that exact kingdom. He brings her back to his castle (of course) and somehow in her journey, she discovers that she is super important and has a dark secret which is the key to save the kingdom. Again, she had everything comes easy to her. The character development was pretty stagnant, I didn’t feel like she learned from her journey.

I gave it a 3 stars because it was an ordinary story, enjoyable and light-hearted with all the fantasy elements I like, but not breathtaking enough. The story may be more fitting for a middle grade and younger audience. The romance and chemistry didn’t make me swoon over nor did I feel anything for the heroine. The pace was good and Cassie Clarke did a pretty good job in keeping the actions and suspense, enough for me to turn the pages and finish it.

Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of the book !

You can purchase the book here :

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