Dune by Frank Herbert

MY RATING: ★★★★★

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

As I finished reading this novel, I was wondering why I haven’t heard about DUNE before. Why hasn’t Dune invaded our popular culture like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings did? I did a few research and found out that Dune is the ancestor of Star Wars. So why haven’t Dune received as much recognition as Star Wars?  Written in 1965, it won the Hugo Award in 1966, an award for the best sci-fi/fantasy genre in the previous year. That’s a lot of recognition alright, but not in the public audience.

Set in the desert of Arrakis, Dune depicts the tale of betrayal and vengeance, in a feudal society where the Elites are ruling different planets. Duke Leto has been assigned the greater Order to rule Arrakis, creating conflicts with the house of Harkonnens who’s been eyeing the planet for so long.

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Lady Jessica’s son, Paul, is far from your typical fifteen year old boy. The novel opens up with Paul being trained in different fields since he was a child, (abnormal childhood, check). He was raised with a Bene Gesserit training (enhanced senses, martial arts skills, control over his metabolism) and he is trained to be a weapon, he receives the lessons as a Mentat, which means he has the same analytical cognitive abilities as a computer. With all of that training, Paul has already established himself as a tour de force in this novel. Until we learn his important role in the universe, he became the key element to change the course of the universe.

Lady Jessica is one the most complicated character, since she has undergone many changes in the novel. Personally, I think she can easily rival Paul as the protladyjessicaagonist of Dune.

Fierce, she made her first rebellious act by bearing a son instead of a daughter, going against the Bene Gesseritt conventional method and ideology. Despite the fact that she is the Lord’s concubine, Lady Jessica and Leto has a relationship worth of a thousand weddings, their love is real and raw and yet the Lord refused to marry her for political advantage. It’s one of the aspects I love the most about this novel, it’s the relationships. They do not need to be married, to have a label for them to be together. A lot of people tried to go between them and bring chaos by playing with their trust but they have always remained loyal to each other.

Her character development is my favourite in the novel (#GIRLPOWER hih). She has to go from being The First Lady to a total refugee and exile on Arrakis. Although she is not used to it, she is trying very hard to adapt and think about the collective goal. Raised by the Bene Gasserit knowledge, her wisdom has no limit. She is struggling between her own values, mother love and her fate to serve the world. In the end, she finds her purpose and became one hell of a character.


Frank Herbert’s Dune has one of the most  detailed world building I have ever read in my life. I’ll try to keep it short in this blog post hahah.  We get to dive into the universe without being introduced to it, as we read through the novel, we discover what all the things mean thanks to the characters that give out clues about them.

“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

Everything is set on Arrakis, a desert planet which possesses the most precious gem of all: SPICE. Yes, spice is worth a lot in this universe ( as much as oil on Earth). The spice is the reason why there is a war conflict on Arrakis. The Fremen, the aborigine people living on Arrakis, try their best to protect the planet while the Baron’s Army desperately tries to conquer the planet, despite the fact that Lord Leto is supposed to have the throne on this planet.

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the fremen

The Fremen have a  strong respect toward Arrakis and its environment. Living in the desert for so many years, they have an obsession with water. They have developed technology to extract, control, preserve and capture moisture of any living things (yes human corpse included, BTW they don’t say blood, it’s called the Body’s Water). They’re like the Waterbenders from the Water Tribe (WHATS UP AVATAR REFERENCE).  Anyways, the kind of nomad gangs you don’t want to cross paths with because they know their planet and they know how to survive, and most importantly, they know how to KILL to survive. I think of all the groups in Dune, the Fremen are the most interesting one.

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I’ll restrain myself here from saying anything else and spoil y’all even more. Dune is a masterpiece that needs to be experienced over and over again. You may have read it for school a long time ago, but rereading it as an adult will be certainly more insightful. I think the reason why Dune is not as popular as Star Wars is because the world is not ready for this exploit.

I don’t think the world will ever be. 

Dune read in 2016 may differ from the original fandom from the 60s and 70s, but the reading experience echoes even more the conflicts we are facing now. From environmental concerns, altering the states of consciousness, the effects of drugs on our cognitive skills to blending religion and pragmatism, Dune is a strong literary treasure for any science fiction lovers.

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23 thoughts on “Dune by Frank Herbert

  1. I know it’s not of my concern , but i just saw you are not a couple anymore and i’m so sad !!! I admire you guys for keeping up with the blog even though it started as a couple thing, it must be hard , since you loved each other a lot. I hope it wasn’t a matter of playing each other in the back that brought an end to this beautiful relationship. I always been an advocate of honesty and healthy relationships so seeing this happening brings me pain to my heart. Seeing your relationship brought hope to me in a special way. I saw myself having a relationship like yours, but now i don’t even know.

    From a special fan
    Enjoy your night.

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    1. We had very healthy and beautiful relationship, thank you for your concern but I had the most amazing times 🙂 Things were just not working anymore between us but it ended on good terms and I’m very happy now. I hope you are not losing faith in new relationships just because of our breakup hahah. In fact, our relationship was mature enough to be able to keep up with this blog ! We had a strong friendship and kept it through the ups and downs. Love comes in the most unusual ways 😉


  2. Dune is unfortunately a chink in my armor when it comes to nerd culture. I’ve known about the novel, as well as the movie for ages but have never found the time to tackle it. I think one of the things holding me back is I know how complex it is. Probably another reason why it hasn’t been embraced by the mass audiences. Where as a major appeal of the first Star Wars was its simplicity, then overtime and going into the other movies and media platforms, became more complex rather than starting out that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Completely agree with you ! The complexity may be the aspect why it hasnt been embraced by the mass audience. Its such a shame still cauz its a great book ! Hope they redo a movie Im sure they have the technology now hahah 😂 -Trang


  3. I’ve known about Dune for years and have heard about it in general scifi novel conversations, but you’re right that it does not have the same status and recognition as Star Wars or even Star Trek. Judging by your review, I say it definitely should. Omg, this story sounds amazing and the world-building is top-notch, it seems. I’m a huge SFF fan. I read more Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I’m trying to balance it out more. I can’t be a hardcore Sci-Fi fan without reading Dune! OK, maybe I can, but I should still read it, so thanks for the reminder.

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    1. NAZ!! Ive missed you 😂😂! And yes it is a masterpiece ! If youre a huge Sci Fi fan you should def read it hahah 😀 I wonder what are your thoughts about this book.


  4. Great review! My familiarity with Dune stems from the 1980s film starring Kyle MacLachlan, Patrick Stewart and, yep, Sting! Haven’s seen it in a while but seem to recall it being a decent watch. As for the book, it’s one of been curious about for years and really should check it out and revisit the film for god measure!

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      1. I think you should, at least out of curiosity. To be honest it’s 10+ years since I’ve seen it myself, seem to remember it being worth a watch but I understand it’s a flawed adaptation of the book…or the book doesn’t translate to the screen all that well!


    1. I’m now at The Hunters of Dune !! 😱 Dune hooked me from the very start and it’s an on going series for me. I wish it would never finish tbh HAHA Not a lot of people continue reading it after the first novel in my network so I don’t really have the chance to talk about it ! 😭I didn’t know there was a mini series and I didn’t watch the movie either 😂 How is it ? I heard the effets were.. special hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, the 1984 movie was a unique “take” on the idea of Dune. Kind of trippy but very memorable.
        SyFy did 2 miniseries composed of Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. They stuck much closer to the book but had a slightly lower production values.

        As for the books. Well, from the way KJA and Baby Herbert keep churning them out, you’ll probably not run out of Dune related books for quite a while. Of course, any books written by that duo won’t be nearly as good as Franks…

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