DC Comics Bombshells Vol.1 : Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett


Honestly, I didn’t have much expectations when starting this comic because you know.. it’s DC comics. HAHA JOKE. Don’t hate on me guys! I LOVEE THIS COMIC. I mean I didn’t have much expectations because I had no idea how they are  going to rock these superheroes in the 50’s. BUT THEY DID.


World War II fought by super women ! YUP. It’s that awesome 🙂 At first, we follow the story of Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Stargirl.They all have different backup stories in different countries but they are all affected by the same war.  It’s an alternate universe where the heroines came first.

One of the main scenes that indicate this element is where Batwoman rescues the Wayne’s family by knocking out the shooter who is supposed to murder Bruce’s parents, making it impossible for him to become Batman.

It’s how this series start and a way to tell people the girls are in charge now! 


the charaacters

tumblr_nurueqsQjJ1rxm369o1_500 BATWOMAN:

Batwoman is a city girl and her vigilante status is known all over the town.  She has a girlfriend who is in the police force (bonus points for introducing queer characters!). I love how they make her  a member of a baseball team and use a “bat” to fight off the criminals. Clever 🙂


A battle is raging on the island of Themyscira and we are introduced to the Amazons who are trying to protect their homeland. Among them, there’s Princess Diana who will later become Wonder Woman. It was nice to see her origin because I was dying to get my hands on some other volumes about Wonder Woman and get to know her. I wasn’t disappointed ! This volume covers her audacity, integrity and fierce.


You will also find other DC female characters along the way 🙂 I won’t spoil it for you. But a guarantee: they all kick-ass in their own way. That’s the one thing I love the most. Even if some of them are villain , we can see that they are independent, loyal, true to themselves, have struggles but they try to  better themselves.

the art

Like in so many comic books series, the illustrator changes every 2-3 issues. My favourite is probably Marguerite Sauvage.

Marguerite Sauvage, you are a goddess 😀 Every single character looks so beautiful and elegant. It’s a soft brush touch  and it makes everything better. So appealing to my eyes.  Love her style 🙂 ea6ec323dca612c122b536d1d85a7a11-_sx640_ql80_ttd_


What do you think ? Will you give it a try ? 😉

You can purchase the comics here : Chapters-Indigo

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5 thoughts on “DC Comics Bombshells Vol.1 : Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett

  1. Definitely worth it !! 🙂 Ita light hearted and revisited with a feminist point of view. I just love the artwork tooo 😍😍 Discovering them personalities throughout the story was so awarding !-Trang


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