The Martian by Andy Weir: Book vs Movie



It’s been a long time since I read a book about hard science and gosh it was good haha! I wish Mark was my science teacher because his explanations would be soo funny. In case you haven’t heard about this book before, it’s about Mark’s journey stuck on Mars and how his botany and engineer skills help him to survive.


Mark is quite a character, his humour and optimism are everything. If not for his personality, I would die of boredom from this book and all the physics notion in here. The secondary characters are also very engaging and charming, from the astrophysicist to the team leader, we get a glimpse into everyone’s lives and point of views.

I love books that push the boundaries of a simple plot but got you actually think about your life, or teach you new things. This one is filled with life lessons!

lifelessonsHere a few  :

  1. Botany is important, know how to garden. Being alone in another planet makes you realize how important it is to know how to produce food, how to plant POTATOES. 
  2. Chemistry is the key .  “There isn’t a lot of water here on Mars. … If I want water, I’ll have to make it from scratch. Fortunately, I know the recipe: Take hydrogen. Add oxygen. Burn. And don’t kill yourself in the process.”
  3. Moving Forward. Plans fail.We make mistakes but the secret is to let yourself live it, freak out for a moment then move on. You can’t know how everything will turn out, focus on your next step and you will get there. 
  4. We all need each other. As much as Mark can survive on his own, he still needs to establish contact with his team.The whole novel is centered in how the whole planet is united to save one man on Mars, leaving behind their political conflicts. 


14389000_10154749249977780_1834597978_nThis is one of the rare time where the movie and the book are equally good. What makes it a good movie adaptation is they added a few extra elements to bring life to the characters in an unique way but still keep the essence of the book. Of course, there were a lot of events missing in the movie (Mark didn’t have it easy at all in the book, he had to go through storms, explosions, etc.) but it seems like it was very easy for him in the movie hahah. I understand they had to cut some scenes and make it a 2 hours movie so it’s forgivable. Overall, the movie was well executed, loved everyone’s performance especially Childish Gambino *smirk* he was exactly how I would picture the astrophysicist hahah. 

Here’s the trailer for those of who haven’t seen it yet :

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24 thoughts on “The Martian by Andy Weir: Book vs Movie

  1. Great review, Trang! I’ve read the book and watched the movie and liked the movie better, mostly because the science in the book just flew past my head. For a story about a man alone in Mars, though, The Martian is actually quite a happy one! I loved it. ❤

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  2. Awesome review! I actually got this book for a friend because I just loved the story 🙂 What is super inspirational as well is that Andy Weir first self-published the book. He’s like the poster child for self-publishing lol he’s such a great author!

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    1. OMG HE IS?! Damnn he did a very fine job 👏I can see the freedom and sarcasm he allows himself to be in this book without any restrain hahah 🙂 Its inspirational indeed and also thanks for stopping by Morgan!! ⭐️-Trang

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  3. I haven’t read the book or watch the movie yet, i’m not sure why because everyone talks about it so much haha. I’m just maybe not too much into space things? I don’t know, I heard it was quite technical as well, the book. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it though, and that the movie was as good as the book, that happens too rarely!

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  4. Great review! I’ve heard nothing but good things about both the book and the movie. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think the biggest reason I haven’t read it yet, is because I’ve heard there are a lot of science-y descriptions in this book, and honestly, science isn’t exactly my favorite subject; I always get so confused with the technical stuff!

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    1. Oh myy if you dont like hard science stuff do not read this book LOL there are A LOTT of science notions in there and litterally feels like physics homework all over again 😂 I’d suggest you to watch the movie 🙂 It feels less technical and more enjoyable! -Trang

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  5. Really great review and comparison. We agreed on most points. I very rarely like a movie adaption of a book, but The Martian was an exception. Like you, I accept how the book has to be cut to fit in the 2 hour time frame of a movie, however, I felt like the things that were missing were more of Mark’s humor than the action. He was so funny and so much of his sarcasm and jokes were left out of the movie, which, in my inexperienced screenwriting opinion, would have been easy to add in. Still, overall, an entertaining movie and a great book. 🙂

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    1. Yes truee !! Mark’s humour was on point in the novel hahaha 🙂 one of the reasons why I’d like him as a science teacher! He’d be mad fun to work with hahah 😂Thank you so much for passing by!! Always great to share this love for books and movies 😘-Trang

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  6. Great post, I’m in agreement with a lot of the points you make (and yes, as cheesy as it sounds we do all need one another, now more than ever!). I was aware of the book but decided to hold off reading it until I’d seen the film, which I loved. The book is also great but honestly, if it came to the crunch I would pick the film simply because Matt Damon is phenomenal in it and Ridley Scott’s eye for visuals and overall design makes it such a brilliant watch. They were right to adhere closely to Wier’s book and it’s one of the few adaptations that varies in any great deal from the source material.


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