The Anmorian Legends by D.N. Pillay


Initially consumed by anger and doubts, plagued by the memories of his parents’ murder and a desire for vengeance, Rezaaran suppresses these demons in the pursuit of a purer purpose to restore peace as he becomes the last War-Mage of the fabled Vokarii.

On a quest spanning the galaxy Rezaaran begins to unravel the secrets of the four realms of Anmor and his destiny in an ancient battle.Yet his greatest challenge will be within. Will he find the strength to walk the path of a hero?

The world building is one of a kind. I have never seen anything like this before.  A great blend of fantasy and science-fiction. Pillar delivers his descriptions very carefully. It has sword combats and spaceships altogether.

The main strength of this novel is unexpectedly the villain. I won’t spoil anything here but the evil side of him reminds me of Sauron from Lord of The Rings. And I love it. Deceitful and completely wicked. 

Even if the novel has an amazing universe, it’s weakness resides in his plot and the main characters. It’s a thick volume and sometimes I felt it was quite redundant. As if some parts were not relevant to the story at all. The main character acquires his powers quite fast so I didn’t really get to enjoy the character development as much. Finally, the sad part is that his side chick doesn’t do much. I wanted more kick-ass-ing scenes from her part but that didn’t happen. I wished to see more active female characters in this novel. 

Overall, it was a decent read and I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy novel and doesn’t mind to overlook the characters details and simply enjoy the world they live in.

You can purchase a copy @Amazon here!

Thank you to the author for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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