The 8 struggles of every bookworm

As much as I enjoy my books, I sometimes struggle in different situations. Thumbs up if you can relate to any of them!

1.Finding a bookmark- The fear to dog-ear pages 

OKAY SO HERE’S THE FRKN IRONY. I have a whole collection of more  than 50 beautiful bookmarks. But somehow I always end up with a receipt or a kleenex as one.

2. Explaining how Young Adults books can be amazing reads. 

There’s such a taboo surrounding Young Adults books when you try to convince people that there are actually very good books. I’ve read a lot of Classics from Charles Dickens to Bronte but I also highly enjoy Leigh Bardugo and Marie Lu. Some Young Adult books are actually be better than some Adults books I’ve read.  The writing style and the plot can be pretty  dark and mature. If you want to know my top Young Adult books I can make a post about it next time!

3. Buying, transporting and assembling the bookshelves. 

The books are coming.  They need to feel welcomed in their new home. But the process is long and requires sacrifices.

4. Finding other bookworms in real life

Is it just me or only 1 to 2 people from my network read? And to find people who read the same books as you is even more challenging. We have an incredible bookworm community online that I wish I had in real life too.

5.When a book is so good you don’t want it to finish. 

..SO I SLOW DOWN MY READING SPEED ON PURPOSE. This feeling is so frustrating because on one side you want to finish the book to know what’s next but then you realize there are only 5 pages left and the world you love will be gone soon.

6. When someone asks what’s your favorite book. 

And you have at least 2 answers in each genre. Please don’t ask me.

7. Praying the movie adaptation to be decent.

I don’t  even need it to be the best movie  or good enough to be honoring the book,  SIMPLY  DECENT. Because if it’s not, you have to spend the next week to explain to your friends why to not judge the book by its movie. In fact, NEVER judge the book by its movie.


So many books..

I hope you enjoy this little bookish post of mine 🙂

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76 thoughts on “The 8 struggles of every bookworm

  1. thecrazyreader says:

    Others collect stamps and I prefer collecting bookmarks. I have to explain to my friends how the movie adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is different from the book every time they ask me if I watch the movie. I have to explain to them how Emma is not Emma.

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    • Transhaan says:

      I collect bookmarks toooo! But I somehow manage to not use them :$ But, oooh my godddd, me tooooo, I have to explain to them the differences! :O At least people can see that the movie isn’t as dark as it should be! I stil looooved Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson thooo 😛 – Trang

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  2. healed1337 says:

    Definitely 1: I try to keep my books in the best possible condition, but sometimes I can’t find my bookmarks and end up using random business cards or other random stuff as bookmarks.

    2 and 4 aren’t problems for me at all though. I already have a number of reading friends, and none of them have anything against YA books.

    3 isn’t a huge problem, except that I’m running out of room for new shelves.

    5: if anything, a book being too good means I’ll finish it faster.

    6: I’m more like this with comics since I don’t read as many novels, but I completely get that.

    7: The Harry Potter movies were pretty good. Besides that, well …

    8: Yup, I have this problem both with what comics I’ll re-read and what novels I’ll read.

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    • Transhaan says:

      I think it’s only after I finish a book that I realize how good it was just cause I finished it sooooo fast! And then I’m craving for mooooore! At least you can relate with a lot of the struggles! #bookworm at heart 😀 – Trang


  3. Anonymous says:

    I can relate to all of this. Especially #7, I’m currently praying, and keeping my fingers crossed that the movie version of rangers apprentice will stick to the books!

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  4. Agent of Chaos says:

    Great list! 😀 I can relate to all of this so well. But my problem with the bookmarks is that I never know which one I should use for the book(s) I’m currently reading. It’s a bit like “Does this book deserve my favourite bookmark?” I know it sounds weird 😉

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  5. Zezee says:

    Lol! That’s hilarious. Same here on #1. I have a bunch of bookmarks but always end up using receipts, toothpicks, thread, a piece of cloth, index card, bus card, plane tix, etc.
    And #4 too because I keep wondering sometimes if I’m the only bookworld in my section of the world.

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  6. ljshouse2015 says:

    Almost all of them, except maybe #5. Most books I read faster at the end just to see how it comes out. So many books now have some kind of twist near the end, so even five pages out you don’t always know just what will happen.

    We are almost out of space for more bookshelves already, especially since my husband uses up so much shelf space for his DVDs and CDs. I already have piles of books everywhere. Thank goodness for e-books, otherwise I wouldn’t have room for me in my house!

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    • Transhaan says:

      It’s soo true! Books do love having plot twists and unexpected cliffhangers at the end nowadays. Forces people to hang on till the sequel comes out. I find myself slowing down cause I suddenly realize that there’s going to be a long wait before I see that cast of characters come back. 😀

      I can’t imagine the number books I’ll end up having by my side in the future. Probably turn my house into a museum of books or something!

      – Lashaan


  7. Molly's Book Nook says:

    OMG. Finding people in RL who read! Dude, I don’t know ANYONE around me. Also, people who ask what my favorite book is. I just got asked that a week ago and it was so awkward because I was just like “oh god, ummm….uh….there’s a lot….uhhh, oh god….i dont know!” while they all just sat at the table xD Don’t ask a bookworm that question!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    • Transhaan says:

      I knowww right!!! There’s like an invisible wall stopping us from connecting in real life! And those people who ask that treacherous question…. Oh god… There’s always at least a 100 book that swarm my mind in less than a second. IMPOSSSIBLEEE to answer!

      – Lashaan


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  9. Chris Evans says:

    Haha, some great thoughts! Who doesn’t hate number 3? But you’ve saved the best to last, it’s always really hard to choose what to read next, the more your read the more you open your mind, making the choice so much richer but a whole lot bigger!

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    • Transhaan says:

      Thank you so much! Totally agree. Adaptations are scarrrryyy as hellll! You always have to wonder what direction it’s going to go, if it’s going to be its own thing or if it’s going to fail miserably!

      – Lashaan

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  10. karthikkadir says:

    Ah! Its so enjoyable.. I love reading this piece of article..the last point is the best one…But i can suggest a point for it. Try reading memoirs of the authors. In that, they will tell what all book they like and also they have read. So we can read the same. It will be truly enjoyable. If you guys ask me to suggest a memoir i would say to read “My Days” of R.K.Narayan. Its so nice and not boring. The authors framing of sentence is great. He tells what all books he have read. So we can get rid of 8th point 😉

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    • Transhaan says:

      Thaaank you for the recommendation. Sounds like a nice place to look at. I don’t read that many memoirs thoo, so for people who like fiction and have a bunch of other amazing books waiting to be read, #8 really shows how hard life can get! 😀

      – Lashaan


  11. Diana says:

    I can relate to all of these. I have so many bookmarks but I also end up using receipts and random papers. I also don’t know any bookworms in my circle of friends. Most of them read like a book or two in a year.Luckily, I met some ladies online and we started a bookclub so we meet for reviews. Awesome post.

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    • Transhaan says:

      Thank you so much! And that’s pretty sweeeet! Finding bookclubs out here seems difficult though. Especially when the French language is so strong. And yaaaaasss! Books seems to be the home for random objects! 😛 – Trang


  12. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Ah I get what you mean about ya books- they’re excellent in their own right- there shouldn’t be any snobbery them! Haha yes I feel the exact same way about favourite books! Like you said I have favorites for different genres and if someone asks me I am them “favourite books by which author?” Great post!

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  13. Donna says:

    “Never judge a book by its movie” OMG this should be on tote bags, mugs, phone cases, everywhere!! I’m disappointed by adaptations 95% of the time. Why do they even bother link the book to its movie when the two are so different??? My biggest disappointment was The Maze Runner, I still feel the fire of rage build inside of me whenever I think of it!!
    Finding fellow bookworms in real life is a dream, a utopia. Everywhere I look, I am told reading is dead, or that people only read because there’s nothing else to do. Wake up guys! Books are adventures! I don’t want to jump from a helicopter, I want to open a new book, and believe me, the sensations are the same!!
    I really hate transporting book shelves because I own a teeny tiny car, but assembling them brings me so much pleasure my hubby think I only buy books to get the furniture xD
    I dread the favorite book / favorite author question. How do you ask parents to choose their favorite kid????

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    • Transhaan says:

      Bahahah only people who have read the book before watching the movie can feel that burning sensation within them upon seeing everything that was changed/dismissed in the movie. But when a movie does a successful adaptation, even if its a new interpretation of the book, its always reallyyyy satisfying! 😛
      I agree! Seeing people have a look of disgust at the idea of reading a BOOK is really sad. They just don’t know how much they might be missing and how similar of an adventure bookworms can live through a book instead of real life!
      Hahahah yesss to furniture and organizing everything! It’s like an art project! In the end, we’re just working on our masterpiece! 😀
      Don’t get me started on favourite books… What a crazy question.
      Thank you so much for dropping by, Donna!

      – Lashaan

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