Cinedote Review – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Spoiler-free)

MY RATING: ★★★★★

THIS MOVIE WAS A-MAAA-ZINGG. Okay, maybe that was the Pottterhead in me who is biased BUT. BUT. I’m telling you, it’s worth it. All the critics had made it clear how Fantastic Beasts is .. BEEAAST ❤


The movie wins for sure, it’s such a great medium to introduce the beasts although the book is more like an Encyclopedia of Beasts ahah. I did a review of the book as my first post of the blog here. They just released the Screen Play version of the movie as a book too so  you can purchase the pwetty version here.



They are so adorable ! The graphics were stunning, J.K Rowling’s creativeness will never cease to impress me. You sort of get attached to them too once you see them moving and interacting, it was so sweet. DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING IT IN 3D AVX. I’m not much of a 3D fan but I have to admit, with this movie, it’s an experience you would want to see with those magical glasses.



They nailed the casting. I loved every single one of them, from adorable Queenie to the querky Credence (Ezra Miller) to the introvert Newt Scalamander. Jacob was such a refreshing character with his humour and muggle status.   We all  wish inside to be at his place. I mean, who wants to miss the chance to hang around wizards for several days ? GOSH THAT WOULD BE MY DREAMM.

Wait, what am I talking about? I’m a Wizard pssh. Sorry forgot for a while there.


Overall, the storyline was great, I expected less from J.K Rowling after the disappointing plot from The Cursed Child. But this one, damnn she was on fire! The darker vibe of the movie give the Wizarding World a new era, a new vibe. I’m happy that they didn’t force any Harry Potter references into the movie, I mean you don’t have to read all the 7 books or watch al the 7 movies to catch the references in this one. They didn’t try to force it into a Harry Potter sub-plot and that’s what  I needed.


DID YOU WATCH IT? What did you think?

If you want to discuss the movie with me feel free to comment 😀

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19 thoughts on “Cinedote Review – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Spoiler-free)

  1. This movie is already on my must see list, so hearing that it’s good only makes me want to see it more. Probably after I see Dr. Strange though – still haven’t found the time to do that.


  2. Yes yes!! I soo agree! This movie was simply amazing! I LOVED it sooo much! And yes, I want a Niffler, he stole the show!!


  3. I really liked it, too! I have a more detailed review on my blog with spoilers, so I don’t want to post any here since this was a spoiler-free review 😉 In short, I thought it was a good movie and loved a lot of things about it, but I am questioning the relevancy of the actual Fantastic Beasts to this story arc.


  4. I saw it at the weekend and I loved it!🙃 I loved it so much I ended up doing a movie review on it as well which I hardly ever do when it comes to movies.


  5. I just saw this movie a couple of hours ago and I loved it. I’m still kind of in that stage where all I want to do is rave about the movie and go over each scene in detail because it was brilliant beyond anything I ever thought it would be.
    Seeing all the fantastic beats on the screen was amazing, the Niffler was definitely my favourite just because it was so funny, that scene in the jewellery store practically had me in tears.
    Honestly there was nothing about this movie I could fault. Now I’m just looking forwards to the next one. Great review! 😀


  6. I surprisingly enjoyed this film as well! And that’s mainly in due part to the protagonist, Newt, whom I will admit makes a lot of stupid decisions going forward through the film (e.g. if a simple twine at the end of the movie is the fail safe to his briefcase, why did he not just do that in the first place? Literally makes no sense.)

    But I digress.

    Personally, I approve of Newt being a MC than Harry ever was. Maybe that’s just the pseudo Canadian/Hufflepuff in me saying that in support (and it could totally be the awkward-chic acting) but I felt so much more compelled to root for Newt than many of the other protagonists prior.


  7. Got to be honest but I’ve never been attracted by the Harry Potter franchise but the trailers for this do look interesting and it’s good to hear that fans of given Fantastic Beasts such a positive reception.


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