December TBR 2016 // Personal Lives


Watch out! It’s Bookidote’s forecast time! πŸ˜€ In this edition of our Monthly Kick in the Butt, you’ll see what we’re currently reading, what we plan on reading, our monthly quote + our thoughts and a segment on what’s going on in life!

If you’ve missed our monthly wrap-up for November (buggy, buggy WordPress), check it out HERE! πŸ˜€





I know for a fact that I’m not going to reach 125, but that’s okay. I wasn’t trying to. Just enjoying my books and my own pace! πŸ˜€





Image result for if you want to write a negative review, don't tickle me gently

Lashaan: I found this quote occassionally (okay, not the often) popping up on my Goodreads feed and I couldn’t agree more. I find myself having a billion things to rant about when I really dislike something. I mean, come on. There’s got to be a reason (or a thousand) for all the hate a book/show/movie spurred up in me. πŸ˜€






You know what’s so enlightening about school? It can get you so focused on the thing’s you have to do that you just don’t realize how quickly time flies. But once the end of a semester approaches, the past months also gets you to realize that the future is the most blurry and fogged up thing about life.

It’s so impossible to see exactly where you’re about to set your foot and know what you might have missed by an inch. But that’s the beauty of it all. We live a life made of a billion choices per second. Every decision puts you on one course or another. In the end, we all have the power to alter our time lines. It’s what we do in the moment that molds the future.

What am IΒ going to do about it? Get back to reading Steppenwolf. πŸ™‚

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November was a crazy month for me ! Mostly because I didn’t have any motivation to go to school so I skipped most of the classes. Do I regret it ? Nah. Always ending up catching up all the lecture pretty quickly and I have no idea how I do it. ALSOΒ IT’S DECEMBER SOON AND IM SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE.. CHRISTMAS Y’ALL πŸ˜€ YUP. Already set up my christmas tree and all. But I have finals that I have to go through first huhuh T_T I started doing some watercolor lettering and bullet journal this past week πŸ™‚



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36 thoughts on “December TBR 2016 // Personal Lives

    1. Oh, its a beautiful classic (Steppenwolf). If you’re interested in the story of a man’s conscience and his inner conflicts + poetic literature by the one and only Hermann Hesse, it’s definitely something you should check out. πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan

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    1. You’re goddamn right. Although I also think a lot of readers don’t know how much of an impact a review of theirs could have on an author’s career. Hopefully all those who do review, releases the goddamn kraken, every.. single..time! πŸ™‚

      – Lashaan

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  1. Those are both amazing quotes, especially the Scott Lynch one. I wonder if I can apply that to my life outside of books in some way! Also it seems like you’ve both got some great books on your currently-reading/to-read lists. I’ve read both Gemina and Crooked Kingdom and they are amazing so I hope you enjoy them Trang. πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s a pretty good point. Although it might heat up discussions a lot and put you in a couple fist brawls with peepz if you were to release that kraken everywhere, without restraints. πŸ˜› Bleeehh, would still be 100% fun and worth it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan

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      1. Not exactly in the same situation anymore, although I am facing new challenges. I graduated uni last semester. Your post just reminded me how hectic it is around this time before break. Just thought to cheer you guys on. πŸ™‚

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        1. Oh, that’s awesome! I just recently got my bachelor degree, and currently pursuing my master’s. Hope your new challenges will be easily jumped over! Best of luck. πŸ˜€

          – Lashaan


    1. Gone Girl sure did raise the bar for psychological thrillers. People are always searching for that same or even better high. Have you tried the author’s other books? Sharp Objects and Dark Places? πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan

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    1. Oh maaaan, I’m jealous that Trang is going to read it first! I’m definitely excited to jump into the final adventure of Kaz & friends, but then gain I don’t want it to conclude! 😦

      – Lashaan


  2. Crooked Kingdom was great, although not as good as Six Of Crows… (Which is nearly impossible in the first place). And Gemina and The Twilight Wife are both on my TBR. I hope you guys will enjoy your books this month! πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh nooo, I fear that C.K. could potentially not meet expectations after such a formidable debut with Six of Crows. Hope you enjoy both Gemina and The Twilight Wife when you get around to it! Happy reading! πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan

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  3. Both those quotes are winners! Rants are so much easier to write for me because I can never shut up about something I did not like. Contrary to raving reviews where all my brain can think of is “Loved it, read it!”! Good luck with the exams! I’ve taken a break from uni so it’s my first Christmas free of all exam pressure! πŸ˜€

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    1. Hell yeh to releasing that almighty kraken in all of us. I find myself having billions of things when I’m at either extremes (love or hate). But when I hate something, I love to go all out. It’s so… cathartic hahahah. Thank you for the support! I honestly wonder what a Christmas without school before and after it would feel like. Gosh, profites-en au MAXX! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan


  4. Trang, looks like you’re reading some excellent books! Both are highly acclaimed and beloved, hope you enjoy them. I liked your watercoloring work and hope you have a good rest of the semester. πŸ™‚


  5. Uuuuh! I had to read Hermann Hesse in school and he is one of the few authors I really enjoyed during that time. My favourite book of his is probably Siddartha, but it could have something to do with me having to analyze that thing for weeks for a paper. But you both have fantastic TBRs/currently-reading-books!

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    1. Oh I’m definitely going to check out Siddhartha as my next Hesse book. From the looks of things, he’s a fantastic author. His work seems promising and worth reading! πŸ˜› Have to say that reading Hesse for school + analyzing it sounds pretty freaking fun. There’s so much to say just for Steppenwolf. πŸ˜€

      – Lashaan

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