Uprooted by Naomi Navik

MY RATING : ★✩✩✩✩

“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley. We hear them sometimes, from travelers passing through.

untitled-1Ouhh a dragon who kidnaps the girls in the village! :O BUT NO. WAIT. A dragon? No no. It’s not even a frkn dragon, it’s a guy and apparently he takes a girl in the village every now and then (but no one knows why.AND OF COURSEEE as expected,  the girls don’t get tortured or whatever. They leave peacefully and has everything they want WHILE being taught magic. Dramatic. 


IS VERY DULL. It’s really rare for me to actually fall asleep while reading a YA novel and this one did the work *applaud*. I was not interested in any way to what would happen  to Agnieszka. Everytime I have to read the book I had to force myself to be hopeful,  “oh maybe there’s SOMETHING that’s going to happen that will make me change my mind”. But no.. it gets worse because the other half of the book just went downhill.

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The hardest thing to do was to appreciate the characters. Agnieszka was the typical girl in YA novel where : “He would never chose me because you know I’m not pretty enough BUT WAIT HE DID CHOSE ME OMG”. And then she’s in the castle and SOMEHOW SHE GOT THE MAGIC IN HER. Okay hold on here, let’s talk about the magical powers. Fantasy books are praised for their world building and especially the description or the use of magic . What do we have here? A non-existent world building magic. She can whisper any foreign words and BOOM it happens.  She can do anything she wants. Just like that. 

AND THAT FRKN DRAGON. I always like quirky, anti charismatic and arrogant characters but this one was just one straight jerk, with no particular reason to be. He just is. He seems like a soulless empty bottle.

” And when he had finished working his magic through me and left me crumpled on the floor, he would scowl down at me and call me useless.”

Image result for what the fuck gif

Alright, thats’s it for my ranting today 😀

I know this book is highly rated in the blogosphere but I don’t feel the need to sugarcoat it haha. Hope you can understand 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Uprooted by Naomi Navik

  1. I’m not familiar with this book, and perhaps it’s for the better. It sucks that you didn’t enjoy it, but I had a good laugh over the Gandalf gif, so all is not lost! Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Aw. I’m so sorry this book didn’t live up to everyone’s praises. Uprooted has been chilling out in one of my many TBR piles for a little over a year now… and I’m thinking it can stay there a while longer after reading this. I don’t think I can read another “oh he would never chose me because you know I’m not pretty enough BUT WAIT HE DID CHOSE ME OMG. And then she’s in the castle and SOMEHOW SHE GOT THE MAGIC IN HER” book any time soon. I’ll seriously fling the next one across the room with no hesitation.

    Basically, thank you for saving me from this book.

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  3. I agree with you completely. This book did nothing for me and I had to force myself to finish it. And I wish I didn’t because it just wasn’t worth it.


  4. I’m currently reading this book! I picked this up on Wednesday because of all the hype that it has but i’m only like 60 pages in even though I have been reading it for 5 days!! I have a feeling I might be putting in on hold or DNFing it..


  5. I’d been wondering what the hype as about this book but I think I’m going to just leave it on the shelf now! 😛 At least it does have some very pretty cover designs.


  6. I rarely give up on books, always hoping for the best – perhaps something will happen after 150+ of nothing, perhaps I will find something to hold onto and make it through. Sigh. Thank you for the honest review and the hilarious gifs. Gandalf had me laughing.


  7. 😂 I just love this rant! The blurb enough convinced me I did not want to read the book, and it felt like I was the only one not interested so it made me hesitant. Now I am sure I don’t want to pick it up! Thanks for the honest and hilarious review!


  8. I actually really, really liked this book but I enjoyed your review! I suppose it’s just my kind of thing and not yours – I found it very folk-tale-like and it was the vibe that I wanted to read when I picked up the book. 😂


  9. Excellent rant! I’ll admit I really enjoyed the book (despite my initial confusion and disappointment that the Dragon wasn’t actually a dragon), but it’s definitely not perfect, and I can totally see how people could hate it. I intend to reread it soon, specifically to see how my opinion of the Dragon’s personality (i.e. my leniency for his assholery) might change. My rating might drop significantly upon rereading.

    Here’s hoping your next book doesn’t disappoint you nearly as much as this one did! =)


  10. Oh no! I’m sorry you didn’t like the book D: But that was a great review, I really liked seeing your opinion on it! (I agree on the boring and the lack of world-building–it bothered me a lot!)


  11. Great review for this book. Though it’s a shame you didn’t enjoy Uprooted I enjoyed reading your rant on it!
    This is actually a book I really enjoyed but I can see it’s not for everyone, and you made some good points on it too. Hopefully your next read will be much better! 😀


  12. I admit I really enjoyed this book. BUT your review is freaking awesome! Lol. You had me cracking up for real. 😊 Fantastic review!!


  13. Awww, I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy this one! I loved it so much haha but not all books are for everyone. I hope you enjoy whatever you are to read/currently reading! Hopefully you’ll like it better than you did this!


  14. great review! haven’t read the book to be honest but your review was funny what with the gif’s and the opening line hahhaah


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