Book Review: GEMINA (Illuminae #2) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


For those of you who know me or read my posts often, you know how I ABSOLUTELY ADOREE ILLUMINAE SO MUCH IT BECAME MY FAVOURITE BOOK ( Top Young Adult Books and Illuminae Review). Of course, picking up this book I had very high expectations, and oh boy, it didn’t disappoint.

spaceship animated gif image

Following Illuminae, we are now on the Heimdall Station, where Kady’s Dad is in command. We follow the team of Heimdall on this new journey with ship invasion, weird parasites alien predators who came from cows (don’t ask just read it), and the amazing NARRATIVE OF ONE AND ONLY .. AIDAN <3. 

Honestly, I’m not so much impressed with the first half of the book but then THE SECOND HALF OF THE BOOK WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I could understand they had to go through all that plot introduction to come to the second part. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SOO WORTH IT GUYS. I’m very excited for the third book now !

They held back the graphic and arts a little, the illustrations by Marie Lu were adorable but it adds the childish touch to the plot. Everytime I’m reading and I fall upon those drawings it reminds me of the  teenage vibe hahah.


thecharactersImage result for trish walker fight scene gifHANNA DONNELLY :

Her dad is a high lieutenant in the spaceship and she is known to be his little princess, blonde, rich and has everything she ever wants. In the beginning, I hated her character so much. I felt like she didn’t bring much to the story. Then, we are introduced into her bad-ass-ness how she knows everything about war tactics and martial arts. Although, she played a huge part in the story,  I don’t feel impressed by her character. They repeated too much about how she knows every line of every book war ever or how she was so good in chess and strategy games. It just becomes annoying in the end. I wish they would make her a little more peculiar like Kady.

NIK MALIKOV: Related image

Raised in a family of criminals but has a sweet heart and actually has quite a fling for his Highness Hanna. I think he has the finest character development than any of the characters in this book. That’s the reason why it was easier to relate to him and get attached. He’s a warrior at heart and will do anything to protect his loved ones.

        ELLA (nik’s cousin):  Image result for felicity smoak hack gifTEAM ELLA FTW. She may be young and lost her legs but she’s a computer prodigee and has a totally straightforward attitude which I loveee. Very funny dialogues too.


Did Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff slay in the plot twist department like in ILLUMINAE? YES THEY DID. Holyy molyy. I didn’t expect that and I was quite surprised. They are going in the path about one of the phenomenon that I love the most (parallel universe).



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15 thoughts on “Book Review: GEMINA (Illuminae #2) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

  1. I also gave it 4 stars, though I think our positives and negatives are different, lol! I loved Hannah but I did not like the romance between Hannah and Nic…I just wasn’t convinced by it at all. I also thought the big plot twist was kinda stale cause that kinda thing I feel like I see everywhere in sci-fi. But I also loved the bad guys cause I thought they were very entertaining; I actually thought they were the strongest part of the book. Anyway, I’m really curious to see how it’s all gonna end!


  2. Oh I want- need this book soooo bad it hurts!!! I can’t wait to have this precious baby in my hands! Great review!


  3. I have seen some really high praise for this book! I’m not typically one to read Sci-Fi but I bought the kindle version and as soon as time allows I’m going to give a read. I had a hard time with the Red Rising books by Pierce Brown. Although those have really high praise too. I may give those another try. Someday. ☺️


  4. I ABSOLUTELY can’t wait. I really hated Hanna too xD she was such a spoiled little brat. And yes, your right, she knew everything so perfectly. I mean, I guess she did have character growth too, but she was still such a prissy. Meh.
    But team Ella, yes!!! Ella was absolutely amazing. I think she might have been my favorite character. I was really worried about her and was so glad she didn’t die.


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