Bookporn: How to be #CozyGoal

Last year, I decided to start the #BOOKPORN theme:

I was scrolling through  Instagram and Tumblr, when I saw beautiful pictures of books and bookworm’s life style that were very compelling to my eyes. I’ve decided to create this bookporn theme to show you all the exciting pictures that is, in my opinion, any bookworm’s goal! 😀

Today’s theme is : STAY IN BED, BE COZY AND DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. Yup, if you needed an excuse to stay home this is your chance. And..these pictures can speak for themselves 🙂

I observed a trend in those pictures and if you want to reproduce a goal instagrammy pic, heres what you’ll need.



Us bookworms have some sort of fixation with legs





This is optional

(c) All the pic were found on Tumblr, Pinterest and Weheartit. If you know the authors, message me their links/bio and I’ll be happy to credit it to them 😀 

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.26.16 AM


17 thoughts on “Bookporn: How to be #CozyGoal

  1. I’m a sucker for any pic with a mug or hot drink in it. For some reason I think they’re just so pretty… maybe it’s because I love tea so much haha ❤


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