Q&A With Sandrone Dazieri

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  1. Hello Sandrone. For those who don’t know you already, could you tell us about yourself and your background?

I was born in ’64 in Cremona, a small town of fifty thousand inhabitants in the heart of Northern Italy, surrounded by grain fields, the same city that I put into the darkest chapters of Kill the Father. At fourteen, I decided that I wanted to know better the world and I began to travel the country working as a cook helper. After I stopped being a chef in 1994, I changed many trades (electrician, bouncers, porter …) until I landed in a magazine as a proofreader. After a few years I became a redactor and I started writing reviews of detective novels and science fiction. In 1999 I published my first novel.

Sandrone Dazieri
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  1. What drove you to become a writer? What inspired you to write Kill the Father?

Since my childhood I realized that writing was the job I wanted to do. I read a lot and the books were my best friends. It was a natural choice.  And for the second question… One day, six years ago, I was walking through the fields around my home town and I saw a silo that stood in the middle of nowhere. I thought that whatever it was happened there, no one would ever know. For example, someone could have been kept prisoner in that silo … It was in that moment that the character of Dante Torre was born, an abducted child who lived locked up for eleven years, with the only company of his captor.  A character so… outside the box… needed a concrete and realistic counterpart. Who better than a cop? A cop with a very limited view of the world, disturbed of the oddities of Mr. Torre: Colomba Caselli.

  1. Among all the amazing novelists who have left their mark in literature, who were some of your biggest inspiration?

I took inspiration from everything I read. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, James Ellroy, Don De Lillo, Tom Wolfe, Cormac McCarty, Patricia Highsmith and Philip Roth.

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  1. What are the elements that you always keep in mind when writing your own stories?

Characters: they have to be interesting and unusual. Cliffhangers: every chapter or two has to end with a bang, not with a whimper. Environment: the world I write about, it’s not the REAL world, but it has to mirror it. I don’t like novels out of time, disconnected from the present. Think great: the plot has to lead the reader in a path that they never walk before.

  1. Now for the hardest question of them all. What’s your favourite movie of all time?

Not so hard:  Blade Runner. It’s funny, romantic, exciting and there are flying cars.

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