ARC Review: Traveling with Ghosts by Shannon Leone Fowler


Published date : February 21,2017

I16776882_10155256521982780_1992900389_omagine your doctorate thesis is about biology, marine biology to be specific. And your lover’s cause of death is a jelly fish sting. Ironic, right? I would be so frustrated with the world if that happened and that was exactly the case for Shannon Fowler. In this novel, she offers a thoughtful view of death and how she copes with it. One thing that is sure is that we all have different manners to cope with it. From page to page, you can feel all the emotions she’s been through: rage, frustration, confusion, betrayal, the sadness that I can’t even imagine. This book was so provokingly human, it makes me want to live even more.


THE FEELS: I appreciate that Shannon shares her raw emotions with us; it feels like such an honour to be able to live through her words. Honestly, they are very simple words but they can have so much impact on my emotional state. I recently went through a mourning for a family member’s death and her words were directly touching me .

TRAVELS : As a biologist, she used to travel a lot. We get to experience many countries with her, at the same time. I think it’s amazing that she can get the strength to discover the world, and use traveling as a coping mechanism. I always thought that you discover so much about yourself when you travel and that’s exactly what she did.

THE CHARACTERS: I find the characters very lovely, we get to relive the flashbacks with Shannon and her fiance Sean. Talking about him gives her closure but it gives us a peek into their love life and we can understand more the pain behind his death. 


THE PACE: It was the only thing that bothered me throughout this reading. The author switched back and forth a lot, into the future and back to the past, and it kind of confused my emotional states hahah. Sometimes, it was very slow and then other times we would have a lot of action. I guess that’s the feeling you have to be prepared for when you’re reading a memoir.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review! 

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14 thoughts on “ARC Review: Traveling with Ghosts by Shannon Leone Fowler

  1. Wow, a book that combines my need to travel while staying on the couch and tickle my emotions with raw feelings masterfully expressed? Life’s irony is well-known, but I’m curious about this particular case!
    Oh and I am afraid of jelly fish!!
    Fantastic review!

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  2. I do not normally do memoirs (which is odd because I have enjoyed the few I have picked up). This has me intrigued to say the least. So many thoughts running through my head with this synopsis. Although the “back and forth” narration sounds like it was not executed as smoothly.


  3. Great review for this book Trang. I love that this book features travels, and it’s definitely good that that point made it on to your pros list as well. Books that feature travel always make me want to hop on a plane right away and head to whatever country has been written about. 🙂
    It sounds like a very emotional book so it’s good the characters were well written, it’s just a shame about the pacing I guess. Still I’m glad you ended up enjoying this one overall. 😀


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