Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


“If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are the core components that make me me?”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

img_1756Alright folks, brace yourselves for Trang is about to geek out about this book. Jason Denssen, a professor of astrophysics living a comfortable life with his wife and his kid until one day… he’s abducted, drugged and woke up in the same city but nothing is the same. He doesn’t have a wife, nor a kid, but is a renowned researcher who just accomplished the most amazing breakthrough of the year:  he had succeeded in creating quantum superposition of an object that was visible to the human eye.


Keep in mind that I’m no expert in quantum physics so I’m going to try to explain to you what is his breakthrough is. Let’s take for example a simple science experiment. We were always taught that the steps of an experiment involve observation of the phenomenon. However, Copenhagen made a very simple remark : by observing the phenomenon, we already, in some ways, changed the phenomenon so there’s no way of observing the phenomenon as it is.  Copenhagen will further explains it with the physical objects. He states that a physical system will allow the object to exist simultaneously at any space and moment but the act of observation forces it onto ONE of the possible states. And that’s why we are unable to see the object in his original superposition state.


The main character of the book has discovered a way to make  a HUMAN go into differentgiphy5 states. In other words, he opened the door to the multiverse dimension. What I find the most interesting is the compound his colleague has created to allow humans to be in those alternative states. Our brain is wired to exist in one state at a time. It’s like our consciousness has been taught and developped to say you cannot logically exist in two places at the same time.In the novel, his neuroscientist colleague has created a particular compound for that matter. Of course, we never get to know what it is because LET’S BE HONEST. No one knows how.

I think parallel universe is a very interesting subject because it grants us the privilege to imagine our lives in a different way. If you can do it another way, how would it be? 


Science aside, you’re all here for my review after all 🙂 Seeing my enthusiasm, you can probably guess that I LOVE THIS BOOK. Not only the science notions it mentions but also all the themes and values that have been debated in this book.

THE MAIN CHARACTER has an amazing character development and for the first time I really feel like getting attached to him. Like what he’s going through concerned me. I see how desperately he wants to be happy, to find his way to his home and his world.

THE FAMILY value is a really important one and the author did an awesome job of showing that ! It’s one of those books that make me reflect on my life and what would happen if I lost everything I’ve known or if I make different choices where would my life go? Would I regret it?

THE WRITING is simple yet rich in emotions, not complicated science gibberish that you can’t comprehend. Even if the authors use very sciency fancy pantsy words, he made sure to vulgarize it and explain it to you later.

THE PLOT is solid from the beginning to the end , the pace is perfect I have no complains at all.


You can purchase the book here: Chapters/Indigo 



50 thoughts on “Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

  1. I literary just added this book on goodreads to my TBR and I come here and see that you reviewed it. Coincidences! XD I’m very glad to see that you enjoyed it a lot, it makes me even more exited to read it. Great review! 🙂

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  2. I love the enthusiasm in this review. You did answer what was my biggest concern thankfully. I was going to ask if this one was made overly complicated with science jargon, and it appears the answer is no 🙂 So now adding your review into the very mixed ones I have been reading, I am sold that I must at least pick this up to form my own opinion. You have renewed my enthusiasm ❤

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  3. I have been wanting to read this one for a while, but this is the first review I have seen. It sounds really good and I can’t wait to pick it up.

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  4. You make me want to read this book so bad T_T Love your reviews by the way ! It’s so lively! A new fan here. Glad I found you guys via Facebook


  5. You did lose me at the science part, my brain is not good enough for that, but I heard it was okay and that I could still enjoy the story so… Great and enthusiastic review!


  6. Wonderful review! I love your enthusiasm when it comes to Science in books, it makes the book less intimidating haha! I have yet to read any books exploring the multi-verse theory so this one has stood out for me. Good thing I already own a copy, hoping to get to it soonish 😉


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