King’s Cage : How This Book Saves the Red Queen Series

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Before starting, know that I’ll be reviewing Glass Sword first which is the second book to the Red Queen series, you can read my review of the first book here.


This book was a mistake let’s skip to the 3rd one.

No, I’m just kidding! I still have to review it 😉 This sequel follows Mare after she ran away from Prince Maven to find others like her: people who were born as peasant, had red blood ,but ended up having the abilities that Silver people have.

All right Trang, where did this book go wrong? I mean, you still gave it a solid 3, right? To start off, I expected a lot from this sequel since Red Queen was amazing for meit was a 5 stars well-deserved fantasy action novel. And I’m sorry, but I will always compare novels within their series. But 3 stars go mostly to the introduction of new characters and discovering new abilities ! That being said, let’s go around the ONE THING I found annoying :


Mare. Straight up, she started off as being very self-centered. It was the kind of personality in a protagonist that I really hate and that I ranted it all about in *ARHUM* Throne Of Glass and The Wrath and The Dawn. Yes. I know. Don’t beat me up just yet. I don’t know if Victoria Aveyard has done it on purpose to make her main character extremely unlikable in this installment, but imagine reading about a teenager who’s switching around having the ultimate power out there to be Queen while having insecurities and need everybody’s attention and validation.  I can picture Mare putting a selfie on Instagram: “LOOK WHO’S RED QUEEN NOW? HMM. NO WAIT. *deletes caption* I’m not Queen yet right..But Maven fckn loves me… I can still be Queen with him .. THAT POWER THOUGH”

I don’t mind seeing a character struggle between raging feelings (like Marie Lu did gracefully with The Young Elites Trilogy). My problem is when the characters start to whine about their condition for freaking 4-5 chapters without any supported facts. For my defense, we did a read-along with some other bloggers and everyone seems to agree with me LOL

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If after Glass Sword, you want to give up on this series RAISE URR HANDS! But wait..there’s still hope 😀




Those who haven’t read the 2nd book yet, should stop here. I’m going to spoil a bit of what happenend in the end of Glass Sword and how it starts in King’s Cage. Mare has finally come back to Maven and “surrendered”. We all know the Maven’s feelings for Mare right..;) It’s an interesting twist in this one ! Kevin @Bookevin even compared it to Shatter Me LOL


I think one of the things Victoria Aveyard has started to understand is that we all hated Mare in the 2nd book, so she held her captive to shut her up and move on with all the other characters. LOL Noo, not true, but what I mean is that we get to see different POV’s , which is a new structure we aren’t used to in this series. I think that’s a really nice thing to do! I was gladly surprised about WHOSE POV’s it was from 😉 Can you guess?

Mare charater development is a little bit better too, so I was happy with that.

“Something in his eyes has gone far away. And at his collar, the slightest gray flush rises, painting his neck and the tips of his ears. He’s terrified. For a second, it makes me happy. Then I remember―monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid.”

Maven’s focus in this book is heartwarming ! We get to really see what shaped him and what inspired him to be who he is. You think you hated his mother? You will be so happy she was FRIED by Mare. I won’t say nothing more about this topic.

The war and politics theme is very well described and detailed. I love the fact that Victoria Aveyard succeeded in bringing such complexity into a Young Adult novel.


The actions and events were average, not amazing, you can start to see the pattern behind Aveyard’s writing and it’s pretty predictable. Furthermore, Mare and Maven’s relationship is .. touchy.. heheh. I don’t know if it’s the Stockholm Syndrome or it’s just the fact that we had to ship these two for the sake of the love-the-bad-boy-trend. Maven is the boy we love to hate. But I have to give the award to Aveyard for wording this complicated relationship to perfection.

Overall, I enjoyed this book VERY MUCHHH ❤ Compared to Glass Sword, it was an enormous upgrade !


You can buy the books here :

Glass Sword: Chapters/Indigo or Amazon

 King’s Cage : Chapters/Indigo or Amazon



25 thoughts on “King’s Cage : How This Book Saves the Red Queen Series

  1. I’m kinda wondering if I should attempt to read this series again. I tried Red Queen a while back and DNF’ed it. I just didn’t like it at all at the time. But maybe I should try again since it’s been so long. Who knows, I may end up enjoying the series! Great review!

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    1. Ouch ! If you did not finish Red Queen you’ll have a rough time with Glass Sword (#2) LOL I’m glad I continued but that’s because I enjoyed the 1st book. I’ll let you know how the series end maybe you can make up your mind then 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, definitely let me know how it goes! I could possibly try the series again in the future. I’m not totally against giving it another shot, I don’t guess. 😉


  2. HI Trang! I am really glad to hear that King’s Cage kind of saved the series. I had the same feelings you did about Glass Sword and I have been a bit, well, unsure about keeping on with this series or not. I think I might have to try King’s Cage someday then 🙂 Lovely reviews! 🙂

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  3. I loved the Red Queen but I haven’t read the second book yet because of all the mixed reviews. Now I’m hearing great things about King’s Cage and now I can’t wait to continue the series. Is this the end of the series or is there another book?

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  4. So I haven’t red the second book and I was afraid to proceed. You know how it is.. even a blurb can contain spoilers when you are dealing with later books. Should I read or no? I will say that the post title is super reassuring though 😉

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    1. Omg the second book was so awful but if you can pass through it to rrad the 3rd it’s actually worth it 😂 The second is still enjoyable!! Like there are new characters and that’s a nice add to the story


  5. Great review for these books Trang. I completely agreed with your thoughts on Glass Sword, I will say I wasn’t as massive fan of Red Queen either but Glass Sword was no better, and mainly because of Mare’s character and the way she changed in Glass Sword, I couldn’t get behind her actions at all.
    I kind of skim-read your review for King’s Cage because I haven’t started this book yet. I will start it at some point but it’s not high on my to-read list. I will say that fact that you said it saves the series makes me a little more interested in it. 🙂

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  6. This gives me so much hope! I really hope you’re right about the third book ahah. I wasn’t a fan of the second book at all, a lot of my disappointment due to Mare, as well. I’m so glad you liked the third book a lot more! ❤ Great reviews, Trang!

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  7. Thanks for the link to your review.

    I don’t understand the shipping of Mare and Maven. I agree with you that people just want to find someway to ship the bad boy type, and they give the excuse of Elara’s tampering as a sufficient reason. But when Mare asks him “How much of it was you?” when talking about all the unspeakable stuff he has done, he replies “Enough”. Surely that is the moment everyone realises that he is a bad person, and not just Elara’s puppet?

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  8. Ahh I’m so glad that you think King’s Cage saved the series- I really liked the first book, but actually because of all the negative reviews (mostly about Mare too) didn’t bother to pick up glass sword, partly cos I was put off, but mostly cos I was waiting to see if people would like the finale. I’m really relieved the last book was better, cos I still really want to know what happens in this series!! Awesome review!! Love how you combined the two books

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  9. I LOVED THIS! I agree kings cage really made a difference in my feelings toward the series and the characters. I think second book gitters may have been the culprit for how things played out. Aveyard really redeemed the story here!

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