The struggles of being a book blogger

Hi guys ! So I have a quite busy week coming on and since I hadn’t had time to write any reviews, I thought I’ll be writing this quick bookish post about the struggles  ..of well.. being us LOL I love blogging omg don’t get me wrong but sometimes the things we love the most can make us have a hard time too 😉 Just like reading ! See my 8 struggles of being a bookworm post teehe 🙂


 I noticed that I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. Especially during a big rush busy week in my school semester. Instead of studying, I’m just strolling along my blog reading other bloggers, thinking about creating new posts and new graphics.



I lovee getting Advanced Copies Reviews  especially from books I’ve been dying to read and being able to read them for free is amazing. But oh man, when it starts piling up on your desk and you’re drowning in the books …. #Im not readyLOL



People often open their Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. I think the most active app in my cell ever is my Wrodpress app LOL. I go more into WordPress than Facebook probably because I have more friends on WordPress too ❤ 😉



I think it’s no secret here anymore that I’m guilty of this and I think a lot of us are but not all of us LOL Pretty covers always  the spotlight in our posts no matter what.Résultats de recherche d'images pour « deal with it gif »



I tend to read other blogger’s posts too and I always end up with 10 other books wanting to read at the end of the day. #YOLO



We got a lot of followers and we start to following a few bunch too! But when I’m really busy I lose track of the comments I get and start to forget to reply to them. That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t read them. I DO and I really enjoyed it 😀 I’m just silly like that but when I get free time I tend to reply them all at once teehee . I LOVE Y’ALL PLZ DON’T BE MAD.tenor


You that book you want to review but then you don’t know how to start your review creatively ? YUP, that’s me for almost 100% of my post.

Where should I start? What should I talk about ?



It’s often the case that if you don’t have a blog about fashion or food, my friends mostly won’t be interested in everything else. I can share it as much on Facebook or talk about it, they are not really excited for our blog or our content. It’s rare to find real bookworms around me . Everytime that I’d love to share a books news with everyone  then I remember pratically none of my friends read books or know what’s going on with books nowadays.



Have you ever hesitate what to post today and not to? I feel like I always struggle to know if I should do a tag, a bookish talk, a review or simply a gallery post. Either it’s on the subway, on the bus or washing dishes my brain is constantly thinking of post ideas LOL Oh yeah new post : how to wash the dishes while dancing to Kpop wooo!



I don’t know for you but people around me just expect me to know everything because I read books. OH TRANG WHAT IS THE RISE OF THE RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS? Is it an actual current phenomenon? If so, what accounts for its occurrence at this point in history? BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU READ BOOKS. I’m flattered but at the same time I can only tell you about how MUCH I SHIP INEJ AND KAZ BREKKER ❤ Well.. you know what I mean.


Jokes aside, I love being a book blogger 😀 ❤ Can you spot other strugges too? Can you relate to any of them? Let me know 😀



38 thoughts on “The struggles of being a book blogger

  1. Great post, procrastination is a bane that I know all to well myself, like most, when there’s something that needs doing procrastination creeps up and before you know it, time has flown by and you’ve done nothing constructive!😂

    Yes! Blank page syndrome, I suffer with that, takes me ages to write a review, I never get how people can write them in 15 or 30 minutes as it usually takes me that long to figure out anything coherent to start the review with!😂

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  2. I love being a book blogger as well, but yeah I totally get these struggles. My main one is procrastination because that is a big thing for me. I was terrible while at uni and with any kind of school work and, although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes I do procrastinate with my blog as well when it comes to commenting or blog hopping or writing posts. I guess I’m just lazy!
    Oh and my WordPress app is the most opened on my phone as well. I’m even scrolling through the Reader part when I should be working! 😀
    Still I wouldn’t change any of it for anything.
    Great post Trang. 🙂

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  3. Even though I’m new, book blogging has been so fun! But procrastination is totally a problem! I spend all my homework time flipping through the wordpress app and when I should be posting I’m procrastinating thaat xD Your gifs are hilarious by the way!


  4. Ooh, I like how you added who posted it at the end! I love it! Cause there’s two of you so I know who I’m talking to!
    I know your struggles Tran! I’m there with you! No one I know IRL loves books. My mom says she reads but SHE DOES NOT READ. She’s out of practice and doesn’t have the patience. You have to build it back up when you haven’t read for awhile but she keeps giving up. And NO ONE reads YA when they do read, so I am totally there with you. I can try to talk to my students, but most of them don’t even know what I’m talking about. Sigh. 🙄

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  5. Yes to #8! That’s why I started to blog & Twitter- I could find like minded people, since I don’t have many local friends who are into books, Star Wars & Star Trek like I am.


  6. I identify with this sooooooo much!!! I started my blog so I could talk to people who love books, because my friends/family just don’t share the same passion as I do. I’m also always trying to come up with new ideas for posts, what people would like to read and what I want to write. This is an awesome post Tran!!


  7. Hehe, I think the “Judging book by its cover” thing is something I didnt even realize that I had started doing .. But yea, I definitely have my preferences…

    I am currently struggling with getting back to my reading and blogging groove after a month long trip to India… It has been a month since I have come back and with a lot of other things going on I just don’t feel like blogging 😦 … So I think getting back after breaks is also a bloggers’ struggle..


  8. Hah! I am in love with this post. I must have jumped and yelled yes for every single one of these. You have described my life to a T! 5, 6, and 7 seem to be my current issues. It is always something 😛 I love that you openly admit to using the WP app more than any other. I have been harboring this secret for a while 😉


  9. I love this post so much!! 😂😂 I think I struggle most with #7 because anytime I sit down to write a review I can never figure out how to start it and sometimes it can take me days to completely write a review. And I can so relate to 2, 5, and 9 as well. Great post! 😊


  10. Relating to this post very much. I think these all probably hit me when I was doing my thesis. When I just wanted to give up on it, I think about blogging and all of the posts that I could be working on. But then when we get mini breaks, I’m just staring at my PC with an empty post draft. The struggle is real.

    Love this post, Trang! 😊


  11. Ugh!? Such a relatable post. The struggles we book bloggers go through. My tbr has been increasing since I joined blogging and the panic of due dates is so real too. But at the end of the day, we all love blogging and realize its all worth it. Great post 🙂


  12. I love this post so much I want to cuddle it!!!
    I’m so happy the blank page syndrome for my reviews today! I need to have two written and formatted before the end of the day and… I’m replying to the backlog of comments instead haha! I love to devote time to comments so I can not only reply but also visit the blogger’s page and check and comment to, but OMG it takes so much time so I can only do it when I know I have a couple of hours available.
    I chose to do the Orenda Month in March… Then NetGalley told me 80% of my ARCs were due that same month, which means I’m terribly late!!! April is going to be ARC month, haha!
    I also procrastinate so much and I put the blog first so everything else goes on the back burner. Who needs anything else than a blog and books anyway?? :p


  13. Haha Trang, that’s a fantastic post and I can relate to every single thing here. I’m procrastinating A LOT and also panicking a lot when I get the blank page syndrome, oh how I hate when that happens…But yes, I guess we wouldn’t change a thing, we love blogging too much despite its struggles 😀


  14. I love this post. I definitely have gotten the “you must know everything because you read a lot” and I’m like no. I have to tell them that what I read really is not educational, but for enjoyment. So I’m just as lost as they are!


  15. Haha totally get what you mean with this post! And yes, I always feel like I’m adding to my tbr with every post I read!! Haha totally relate to the blog post ideas and other people not getting all the hype too! And YES it’s so hard to keep track of everything!! Hahaha nice ship joke btw!!


  16. Great post Trang! Same here lol I do use my wordpress app everyday & several times 😂 Those ARCs killed me too. I get frustrated with myself for having little self control with those 😂


  17. Loveeeee this post Trang!! ❤ Agree on all of this. The pain we go through because we love books! 😂 Jk blogging is still so great. I have zero time though and it can get so hard to keep up with everything!


  18. I totally agree with all these, tbr is out of control, and I am constantly thinking of what to write about next and make it interesting, but when the words start to come out and something actually materializes it’s a great feeling. 🙂 I have just recently started blogging, it’s hard work but it’s rewarding. 🙂
    Ebru @


  19. You seriously nailed everything Trang !! I noticed you started these very popular posts wow respect 👏❤️ AND you don’t need to try hard to make people generate comments so it appears like you have “a lot” of them. Some peoples comments section have like 20 comments but its the same person…#go get a chat room LMAO joke neways Unlike you. It’s just natural ! Mad respect 🌺


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