Unpopular Book Opinions – WTF Was That

I’ve seen a tag going on about this topic recently, so I was thinking about talking about the books that I found not so my liking as opposite to all the hypes. I’m usually what you call a nice reviewer, the books I read always end up having 4-5 stars. But not today. Maybe some of you will be like, oh my god I’m not the only one!? Or this might shock you or enrage you but my opinions are very subjective so are yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let’s keep it that way!

*Disclaimer : I will rage a lot ahah so don’t take it personally.2015-05-16-1431809026-4581001-thewrathandthedawn


I even titled my review as Why I didn’t likeย itย  LOL

I think it was a joke to the original story, from the characters to the plot , nothing was to my liking.

An excerpt of my review: The way she tells the stories at night is supposed to be mesmerizing and enchanting. But I didnโ€™t feel any connection. In fact, it was so dry and fast, I was surprised that ย kind of story would keep a prince awake until dawn. Like Iโ€™ve read it in 10 mins.. Iโ€™m pretty sure she can do better than that. AND THOSE CLIFFHANGERS SHE LEAVESย AT THE END ?? If I were the prince I would be like Avada Kedavra!!


tog-nyt-coverThis one was special because I didn’t enjoy it until … the last 10 pages of the story. So was the book worth it as a whole ? Not really, but that may be an indication that the sequels will be !

Excerpt of my review:

Also, I expected way too much from our protagonist. I expect her to be kick-assk, cold hearted murderer and assassin.She was the opposite. Sensitive, princessy-like, fall in love too quickly for an assassin who is supposed to kill people and not get attached easily (thatโ€™s only my opinion in comparison with other assassinโ€™s characters Iโ€™ve read so far).ย 



I didn’t like the protagonist, nor the pace, nor the plot… I think I have something with Sarah J. Mass stories.

Excerpt of my review:ย 

One of the worst pace Iโ€™ve read so far. Itโ€™s soo sloww, Iโ€™ve never experienced this turtle speed before. 400 pages like that, I tend ย to read very fast but it was so boring at times I had to pause and delayed it. Itโ€™s only when it hits 300 pages that the pace went from really slow to really fast. WTF MAN? Itโ€™s like in the last 100 pages, she got the chance to eat breakfast, go to a concert, learn the violin, save the world, save the entire nation and becomes Mrs President in the same day.


22544764ย I think this one is my first one star review ever on this blog.ย 

Excerpt of my review:ย : Ouhh a dragon who kidnaps the girls in the village! :O BUT NO. WAIT. A dragon? No no. Itโ€™s not even a frkn dragon, itโ€™s a guy named Dragon… and apparently he takes a girl in the village every now and then (but no one knows why) AND OF COURSEEE as expected, ย the girls donโ€™t get tortured or whatever. They leave peacefully and has everything they want WHILE being taught magic. Dramatic.ย 


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68 thoughts on “Unpopular Book Opinions – WTF Was That

  1. I agree with you so much about ACOTAR!!! It was so boring that I was tempted to forget the series altogether, but there were so many glowing reviews for the second book that I had to pick it up… NO REGRETS. I loved the second book! Maybe it’s a trend with Sarah J. Maas. Her first books in series are awful but the rest of the series are great?!

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  2. Oh my god pretty much all of these are favourites of mine! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of Throne of Glass either, pretty much for exactly the reasons you mentioned in your review, but the series got so much better with the second book. Also looking back I can admit ACOTAR isn’t an amazing book, it has it’s problematic areas, but ACOMAF is so so much better and it definitely put the series back on my favourites list! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I agree that Throne of Glass wasn’t all that special until toward the end. The second book really is a huge improvement, and it also makes sense of the princessy-ness while also downplaying it a bit. it also gets rid of the love triangle altogether. As someone who’s not a fan of love triangles in general, that’s a move I fully approve of.

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  4. LOL! I love this post! So funny… I still need to read a Sarah Maas book… the mega hype surrounding her work puts me off ATM. I wasn’t as hard on The Wrath and The Dawn but I totally get what you’re saying about the stories!! I thought it would be all these mini stories inside a larger story and that wasn’t it at all..

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    1. Glad I can make you laugh HAH ๐Ÿ˜€ ! As long as people don’t take it personal I respect everyone’s opinions ๐Ÿ™‚ Sarah J. Mass books don’t look like the ones for me but I’l lstill read the sequels and see if it gets better

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  5. Hahaha! I did like ACOTAR but I get you with The Wrath and The Dawn. I haven’t read Uprooted as I’m not one for middle grade and I’m imagining there’s no romance in it…which would be boring for me, lol.

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  6. I agree with you on Sarah J. Maas. I only read the first book but didn’t like it at all. Which is a shame because I think the author really has a great style of writing. But I didn’t like the plot, I was annoyed by the characters, the love triangle they were already hinting at.. and no, just not for me.
    I do hope that the author will start a totally new book series at some point. One that doesn’t contain Mary Sue’s and love triangles. Then I will give it another try ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I agree with Throne of Glass. I mean, I think I ended up rating it like a 5/5 stars because I loved it so much but I do think Celaena came off as too lovey-dovey. I was expecting her to be way more badass too. Likeโ€ฆ she wasnโ€™tโ€ฆ scary? I donโ€™t know. It seemed lame. Love this post tho. Your rants are hilarious :3

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  8. I so agree with your assessment of Celaena in Throne of Glass! In fact, I pretty much felt that way about her for the first three books… or maybe four. Only in the most recent one did I feel like she’s a bit kickass. And yet I can’t stop reading it! I enjoyed all the other books you listed, too ๐Ÿ˜€ (Except Uprooted, which is still stuck in my TBR)

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚
        My next read? Gosh, there are like 5 books I should be reading at the moment XD but… I have a ‘task’ to read HHhH by Laurent Binet so I can discuss with a colleague when he comes over for a company meeting… sounds kind of daunting that book…


  9. I am currently reading ACOTAR and I’m not too impressed either, but I am going to continue with the series because of the amazing things I’ve heard about the second book! I agree with you so much about Uprooted- I couldn’t even finish it, it was just so dull. Which was disappointing, as I was expecting to enjoy it.

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  10. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy The Wrath and The Dawn so much, but it was interesting to read your point of view about it for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m kind of glad to see ACOTAR and TOG on your list – I haven’t read these books and it’s mostly because of the huge fanbase and the hype surrounding it…I’m too nervous about it hahaha.

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      1. Hmm I recently bought The Girl From Everywhere, I’ll Meet You There, You Know Me Well and The Winner’s Crime, these are the books I’ll read next!! What about you ? ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Sometimes I have mixed feeling about writing a review about a book I didn’t like. Especially when I seems like I’m the only one… we will see I’m posting one today about a 2 star book that everyone seems to love.

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      1. True in my experience as long as you’re respectful of the fact that it’s not the only opinion, people seem to appreciate an honest bad review.

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  12. Ahh I love that you did this!!! haha I did find Throne of Glass picked up towards the end and I do understand why people don’t like it- I did think the series got better- but it’s really not for everyone! And I was the same as you about Court of Thorns and Roses- boy did I dislike that book!! As for the other two books… I haven’t read them yet- but I am definitely going to bear in mind it’s not a real dragon, cos dragons being done badly is the kind of thing that sends me into an automatic spiral of rage.

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    1. Omg right?! Dragons done badly kills the fantasy lover in me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I might pick up the rest of Throne Of Glass in the future! But oh man.. ACOTAR was sooo slow. I heard the 2nd got better so I might read it to see if it’s worth the hype ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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  13. Although I quite liked some of the books you mentioned, I had to laugh so much because I TOTALLY get where you are coming from. The whole story in the night with Shazi and Khalid was extremely short-lived. I had the same thoughts as you!

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  14. I always love to read about this tag hahaha Call it what you will, but who doesn’t enjoy unpopular opinions? Hype is just overrated ๐Ÿ˜›
    Even though I really liked ToG I completely agree with what you said about Celaena. Fortunately for me, that didn’t become a problem as I was able to enjoy the story regardless. I do have big issues with some of the sequels, though.
    I haven’t read the others yet but they’re insanely popular and everyone raves about them. So having someone ranting about how much they didn’t like them is, well, kind of refreshing XD

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  15. Seriously Trang are we book twins!? I TOTALLY AGREE about The Wrath and the Dawn… I remember telling my writing partner exactly what you mentioned here… what the…? Why was the prince mesmerized by a story that wasnโ€™t even a very good story?! The romance in that was okay… but really the book was not good…. we see eye to eye on ACOTAR… And GAH totally spoiler for Uprooted… and now I DO NOT want to read it… when you say dragon you mean a scaly individual NOT guy with whose name is dragon!! (Dropping that from my TBR) … Now the one Iโ€™m seriously bummed about… Throne of Glass! I have that TO READ RIGHT NOW… GAH. I heard if you hate ACOTAR then youโ€™ll probably like Throne of Glass so I was HOPING… ๐Ÿ˜ญ I LOVED THIS post, seriously! So good!


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