Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan


Kevin Kwan tackles family drama in this third installment of the Crazy Rich Asian series.The central plot of this story is Ah Ma’s deteriorating health which leaves all the children and grandchildren eager to know what will happen with the Tyser Park property.


When I begin this reading, I thought at first, it’s going to be an annoying read about rich people once again. It may start like it at first, but as the story begins to unfold you start to get attached to the characters. Not everyone is a jerk in this rich family, not everyone thinks like they’re above anyone else. It was very interesting to see the perspectives of different families in the same condition.

It’s a light and funny read. I think the humour was on point, not too try hard not too subtle. Just the right amount. Sometimes I appreciate all the luxury descriptions but some other times I don’t get it. The references were too far away from my everyday lives I guess hehe. #Can’t relate. It was fun nonetheless to be able to live this kind of adventure. While I find some parts of the book quite mundane and repetitive, the 4 stars are for the plot twist in the end! Kevin Kwan shocked me once again with a new wave of surprises.

As much as I l enjoyed the book, I removed a star due to the fact that Kitty’s character does not really contribute to the story. She was simply annoying and I think everyone can enjoy the book without her.


Overall, Rich People Problems was better than the second book in a sense we get to see a more human side of the character. Even if they have billions on their hands, they are still human and can be pretty sensitive when they can’t handle something they cannot control.

You can purchase a copy @Amazon Canada now!

Thank you to Penguin Random House for giving me this book to review  ! 

P. S- I’M IN SINGAPORE GUYS! Nothing more appropriate after the reading of Rich People Problems 😉



13 thoughts on “Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

  1. I scrolled through the review quickly because I don’t want to be influenced before I start the book! I loved Crazy Rich Asians and saved the second in the series so I could binge read these together!


  2. I just received this and can’t wait to read it over the long weekend! I’m glad it’s better than the second one. I loved Crazy Rich Asians, but China Rich Girlfriend wasn’t a favorite. It’s a shame Kitty’s character doesn’t get better. I didn’t like her in the second one either.


  3. LOL I had the first sentence for this comment ready in my head when I clicked on the review link, but you managed to shut me up with the first sentence of your review! 😀 It’s sound that rich people are depicted here as human and not necessarily insensitive!
    Enjoy Singapore! It look fab on the pics!


  4. I like the sound of this book but like you I guess there are some things I wouldn’t relate to, haha! Still, it’s nice to know the author added enough diversity so that all characters aren’t the same and not all rich people are that big ugly cliché!


  5. I haven’t read this series yet, but it definitely sounds like a light and fun read. Great review! I hope you have a great time in Singapore. 🙂


  6. I really enjoyed this book too, although it’s funny you didn’t like Kitty, the review I just read before this LOVED Kitty, and skipped to her chapters 🙂 I was ambivalent about Kitty, but my favourite character was probably Su Yin…


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