The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

You know when you really like a book and you want to discuss with everyone but at the same time, you don’t want to spoil too much? YEAH. This is the one. I will try and make it a very not spoiler-y review but omg please read it people (just so I can talk about it with someone LOL).

5 reasons why this book is a 5 stars

Time Traveling. I’m obsessed with this concept and for the firs time, the author really challenges this ability. It sets in New York and even though it can be pretty hard to retrace the events at first, it will come naturally. You’ll get the big picture after the puzzle is complete.

The Magic. In a fantasy book, the magical elements are very important to me but what’s even more attractive is how well the author sets the magic, describes the force. Lisa Maxwell has succeeded more than once in making her own world and rules. It started out with Manhattan trapped in a invisible force named the Brink. That force has the ability to strip any magician of their power and kill them if they dare to go near the border.

The Main Character. Etsa as the main character is a smart and clever girl. I love the way she’s portrayed as a street smart, know-how wise rebel girl. She’s fierce and she can find ways to get herself out of difficult situations. A skill much needed when you have to travel through times !

The Side Characters. You will also have the opportunity to discover Viola, a badass female knife fighter, Harte, Jiangyu and many more. I feel connected to all the characters and honestly, they are a very cool bunch of people I’d love to meet in real life.

The Plot. It has some of the most OMG plot twist moments and I loved every single twist and turn of it ! This was seriously a perfect read, page turner and I could just sit in for 4 hours straight and finish it, that’s how much I enjoyed it. 

Big thank you to Simon & Schuster for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!



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31 thoughts on “The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

  1. I sooo cannot wait to read this book! It’s already waiting for me. First finishing ACOMAF, then an e-ARC and then THIS. [I’m always doing the switcheroo thing between my own books and ARC’s, which is frustrating when I have so many books I want to read, haha.]


      1. I even went as far as asking my bf to just pick a book for me to read, ended up staring at it and picked another one myself. I’m horrible, haha!
        AMAZING. But I’m starting to hate Tamlin quite a bit.. A lot.. Enormously.. Haha.


        1. Omfg really ? :O I have to read ACOMAF for myself then heard a lot of good stuff about it. AND LOL I gave up in picking up books in adavance or doing a TBR jar, just not working for me. I need to pick the books depending on my mood hahah xD

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  2. I think this book is somewhere in my e-reader. I need to find it out and start with this book asap! This sounds like an amazing book and definitely my cup of tea. Loved your review!


  3. I have been seeing this book around a lot lately and only recently added it to my TBR – I’m glad I made a good decision here, ahah – that book sounds awesome. I’m so glad you loved the characters so much and twists and turns and you couldn’t stop reading? I need that book soon, like, NOW.
    Lovely review! 🙂


    1. Thank you review!! ❤ I can't wait to see your review about it 😀 I'm aways scared of recommending books to people and they end up not liking it.. AWKWARD LOl so If u didnt like it its fine and I'd love to read bout it in ur review, but if you did OMG we can fangirl together 😀

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      1. Haha oh same here – I always want to tell people YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS, but…well, even if I do, at times, I’m scared that…well I gave them too much hope and they hate the book and…awkward hahaha.
        I’m sure it will be GREAT, I’m eager to read it 😀


  4. OMG, this book was totally amazing! I’m so glad to hear that you loved it as much as I did! I loved Esta and Harte! I’m dying to read the next book in this duology. Great Review! 🙂


  5. Whoa, happy this was a hit for you! I myself was a bit disappointed because of the hype, but nonetheless had a fun time. I think I was really disgruntled with the unnecessary length and actions of the characters. But the time travel was a really cool unexpected twist and I’ll still be looking out for the sequel! Awesome review.


    1. Yes it’s true, it seems like they were dragging out sometimes..? But I didn’t find it too much to the point it ruined my reading experience you know. Happy you can still enjoy it though!! I have a weakness for time traveling too so I guess that influenced my rating a bit teehee 😀


  6. Great review for this book Trang. I’m actually currently reading The Last Magician and I’m not that far into it admittedly but I am loving it so far. I know this is going to be a five star read for me and I can’t wait to read more of it. 🙂


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