Reading Habits

I was reading when one of my friends asked me if I ever had a special reading habit and I thought this would be interesting to talk about in a post. Mostly because I want to know you guys’ reading habits 😉

I don’t consider myself having any particular reading habits like reading on one feet or wtv LOL


Pool Rooftop
Cozy nest

I usually love to read anywhere I can but the best feeling I think it’s in the subway. Every time I  plan to have a long ride in the metro, I feel super happy because I get to read a lot LOL ”YESSS a 30 MINUTES RIDE”. Except that, I enjoyed a good couch with a blanket on in the winter. Nothing beats a cozy feeling. I used to read in my bed but I slowly gave up that habit for I find it not efficient for me. I always end up staying up super late at night to finish a book and I have school or work in the morning…hehe.

While Traveling

I think the perfect way is to try out different places and see which one is the best for you.

The ONE place I can’t read books.. is a library. It’s ironic I know but I always end up falling asleep.

I‘m a very.. musical person so I ALWAYS need music. For washing dishes to brushing my teeth and read. Instrumental music helps me focused on the book, especially soundtrack from movies!

Here’s some tracks from my reading playlist:

I know this is a controversial one but you can never tell from my books which one I really like and which one I didn’t. But here’s my system :

HardcoversThey are almost always CLEAN . If I really like the book, I would even make extra effort to make it super duper untouchable by things and people. If the hardcover has a better inside, like the dust jacket is uglier than the front cover I would not hesitate to remove the dust jacket to better read the book in the subway. Sometimes, the dust jacket can be in the way you know.

PaperbacksPractically the opposite. If I really like the book, it would be messy and torn apart LOL #breakingthespine #sorryfolks

Do I write in my books? YES. I’m the kind of girl who likes to underline or take notes whenever I like a passage or a quote makes me reflect on something else. 

I’ve always loved reading since the young age and I acquire a decent speed (an average of 100 pages per hour), but I slow it down on purpose all the time when the book is too good an I don’t want to finish it 😀 I stop reading preferably at the end of a chapter or when I feel like I can’t take it anymore.


It’s really fun to take time and really analyze your reading habits. Now it’s your turn guys! 😀 Let me know yours and let’s share with each other the love for reading ❤

Till next time,


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33 thoughts on “Reading Habits

  1. Aw,your travel pics make me want to jump on a plane straight away!

    There’s no better place to read than by the pool or at the beach. I always find that I can really escape into a story then, probably because I am so relaxed & happy 😀

    I love reading outside in general. Whenever it’s warm & sunny, I can’t stand being inside.


  2. I can read almost anywhere, but prefer lying down on our couch. If it’s just me, I’ll turn on pandora to my Enya station. If Mrs Bookstooge is home, I’ll push my feet up against her and make smart remarks every once in a while to remind her that yes, I am alive 🙂

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  3. I think I keep every book I really like super clean. I hate when on of my favorite books have like a tear or when the spines get super bent on the bottoms. I like to keep them looking as good as they are on the inside. I read pretty fast too. I hate that whole I-am-in-the-last-ten-pages-what-do-I-do feeling.


  4. I’m a big fan of hardbacks but I also take the dust jackets off because I don’t want to mess up the book. I hate breaking spines but sometimes I can’t really help it (with big paperbacks). I’m also a pretty slow reading… But it really can depend on how I’m liking the book.


  5. I’m the complete opposite when it comes to music while I’m reading. I get too much into the music and I can’t focus on the reading. I both read and write best in silence.

    One thing I like to do is read while on an exercise machine or something. That way I’m exorcising both my body and mind at once.


  6. What a lovely post! ❤ I love reading on the couch, lol… with my feet up on my tablet preferably. I also keep my hardbacks pristine but I can't help but tear up paperbacks! Now I would find it hard to read without goodreads… I keep notes there and try not to read over 25%… if I hit that then I'll start another book! Funny, huh?!


  7. I take the train every day which takes about an hour (so, two hours a day) and I love it! It’s helped me so much in reading more books. And, like you, I love a good cozy spot on the couch or in bed during winter. There’s nothing like it 🙂


  8. I love to read in the metro and on trains as well! Wow 100 pages per hour is fast! I’m a slow reader 😦 I think read 60 pages per hour if I’m going “fast” 😂


  9. I read a lot on the train on my commute to work but hats not really my favourite place to read due to all the noise, I love reading on a comfy couch with some wine or a steaming cup of tea or coffee and a comfy blanket, I love reading in long road trips or travel time but my favourite place to read is on a beach where I can here the sound of the ocean whooshing around and just dive into the imaginary world in my book (preferably with a cold bevy) 😜💖💕👍


  10. I loved this post Trang, and reading all about your reading habits. Mine are actually quite similar I think; I always read on long journeys, which is why I get most of my reading done on the train go and from work. 🙂 Also I love going to the airport both because it means I’m going on holiday and it means a long plane journey I can read through. 🙂
    I think the only difference is I need my books to be perfect. I normally buy a Kindle edition as well as a paperback version so I don’t risk damaging my books! 🙂
    Again great post.


  11. What a cool idea for a post! I need to get over the habit of reading in bed too because sometimes I can’t stop reading even when I’m tired lol.


  12. I’m a slow reader. I probably read 50 pages every hour, if that. Usually a 300 page book takes me at least 8-9 hours to finish >.< That's if I just sit and read all day. I don't write in my books but sometimes I think I should. The only reason I don't is because I get rid of books a lot through trading or selling and I don't think people will like my scribbling haha


  13. I’m the same with hardcovers and paperbacks. There’s something beautiful about an almost-pristine hardcover book, but there’s something amazing about a well-loved paperback book. It’s a really strange dichotomy! It’s a good thing my husband likes to keep them all in good condition so it all matches each other.


  14. I love this post, Trang 🌸
    I wish I could take public transport solely for the purpose of reading! I usually also read wrapped up like a burrito on the couch or in bed, but that usually does lead to sleepless nights! Also I’m internally cringing about writing in books, but all of us read differently. Also we have the same reading speed and I do exactly what you do when I like a book; I’ll purposely read slower just to savour the experience 😊


  15. I’m so lack with keeping paperbacks pretty esp if they’re 500+pages I just bend the spine and enjoy myself, hardbacks I take the slip covers off too they just get in the way and bend in my bag. I do a lot of commuting so I probably read on the train the most but I love my couch too 🙂
    Great post Trang!


  16. This is a fun post. I haven’t really thought about this before. Also I’m pretty sure you read way faster than I do haha.


  17. Oh that was a fun post! I don’t really enjoy having to spend tons of time in subways and trains, but I do agree that they allow me to read more so…yay for long rides, sometimes ahah. I can’t read too much in bed because I just end up, well, not sleeping hahaha and that’s not good at all 😛


  18. hehehe I’m the same about public transport 😉 Great time to read!! Ah I rarely read in the library either 😉 Yay Howl’s Moving Castle and LOTR soundtracks!! I also can’t function without music all the time!! hehehe I also write in my books 😉 I loved reading this!!


  19. Lol. I prefer paperbacks always. I find it funny that hardbacks u love are pristine while the paperbacks are abused. I love to keep mine pristine but I highlight the shit outta the ones I love.


  20. I totally get why you like reading when commuting. I do as well 🙂 it’s great. But my favorite place might be the balcony, with a cozy light after dark and some tea!
    As for books, most of my books are e-books on the Kindle anyway… so I just have the freedom of changing the font 😀 haha. I never write in paper books though! Sacrilege xD but I highlight in my Kindle 🙂
    I can’t quite tell if I’m faster slow 🙂 depends on how much I’m enjoying the book, lol. If I’m enjoying it, I’ll be reading more slowly 🙂
    Nice post!


  21. I just loved this post Trang! I love getting to learn more about my blogger babe crush!!!😍 I wish I could read 100 pages in an hour!!!😟 I feel that I read so slow and takes me forever! I also love breaking the spine of a paperback and care about the appearance of a hardback more!!!🙌🙌🙌 I just love all your posts love!😊


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