#Bookworm AF

Sometimes I just randomly collect Tumblr screenshots because the people are being real as hell hahah and I noticed ALL MY PICTURES ARE BOOK RELATED. I decided why don’t I share with all my bookworm friends? Which is all of you!!

This is the shortest post yet but I’ve been so busy lately with work and back to school rush! Don’t worry, I’m reviewing a few books and the posts should be ready in the next days 🙂

Also I’ll be going to Toronto this weekend for some Book Bloggkng events with Penguin Random House and Harper Collins😂 I’ll make sure to tell you guys all about it!


17 thoughts on “#Bookworm AF

  1. Oh, Trang, thank you for putting all of these together, I loved reading this and DAMN THIS IS SO RELATABLE at times. Like, we never know when we’ll end up crying or laughing while reading, in public, hahaha. Fantastic post 🙂 Have fun in Toronto at the events!! 😀


  2. They are sooo relatable! I started crying because of a book a few years ago. My Sister was like ‘Why are you crying over a book?’ ……. I wish I had seen this post then, I would probably had a better comeback 🙂


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