How Nyxia Made Me Cry

MY RATING : ★★/5 

Recommend for fans of : Illuminae and Ready Player One 

I think the title is self-explanatory, plus, I just finished this book. I have so many things to say about it that’s why I decided to write my review RIGHT AWAY with fresh emotions you know. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews for this book and I’m going to say this : you either find it MEH or Love it. I’m fortunate enough to find myself TO ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK.

Now each recruit must earn the right to travel down to the planet of Eden—a planet that Babel has kept hidden—where they will mine a substance called Nyxia that has quietly become the most valuable material in the universe.


We follow around a team of young people recruited by Babel Communications who would do anything for money even compete against each other in order to be prepared to live on another planet. While I always hate the setting of having teenagers settling on another planet like The 100 Tv Show, this book turns it around and succeeded to completely suck me in the story. Because this WHOLE NOVEL is not about living on Eden, it’s about the journey to Eden. It’s a journey of competition, friendship forming, enemies and what are you willing to do to achieve what you want the most. Then.. there’s a twist near the end that I love making the competition even harder. A twist like in Gemina and Illuminae.. 

THERE GUYS. That’s what interesting. Scott Reintgen created a Ready Player One competition on board of Space Ship. GENIUS.


Oh hell yes. There are a lot of actions. Every now and then we get to learn a little bit about Eden and Babel Communications while the contestants have to duel each other. The Nyxia element contributed greatly to the story, it’s a dark substance that you can manipulate  and it will transform into whatever you want it to be, except into nutriments. That’s the only “mystical” element in the story and I thought it was great! Very well described and we get to see the extensions and limitations of its powers.



OKAY THIS RIGHT HERE. THIS IS WHY I FCKN CRIED 3 TIMES IN THIS BOOK. The characters have soo much depth and their dynamics are just too good that whenever there were a peak of emotions or something sad happened I cried like a baby. Yup.

Emmett : the main character who’s afro-american (btw it’s so rare to read about male main characters in YA Sci/Fantasy y’alllll ) dealing with a tons of psychological problems and mostly his anger issues. He has a great family value and one scene is him talking to his parents via videoconference that I burst out crying in the subway. THAT’S HOW ATTACHED I WAS TO HIS FAMILY.


Kaya: She’s Japanese and an absolute sweetheart, smart and very strategic. She is a quick problem solver and how she and Emmet interact WAS JUST SO SWEET. Now youre gonna say okay its romance right? NO MOTHERFCKER. IT WASNT. ITS FCKN FRIENDSHIP AND IM.SO.HAPPY. Because Kaya was my absolute favourite, her personality and how she helped Emmet so unconditionally reminds me how I would help my closest friends . For that way I didn’t see her as a potential romance to Emmet and the author didn’t do that move so thank you author. .




This is where I saw some reviews criticizing how Babel Communications translation mask design is not realistic. Okay first, I thought this was one of the most realistic aspect in my YA Sci-Fi experience. Some authors always forget about the fact that people come from different countries  and do not speak the same language or even people from other planets.. don’t speak our language. In Nyxia, this mask sets the tone to the book, it allows all the people from all over the world to communicate. So hear me out how this is possible: 

  1. The book is set in the future where they have enough resources to even discover a new planet so I think they developed the right AI to have a translation accuracy close to human-level accuracy. giphy
  2. Babel Communications … is .. a company.. focused on..COMMUNICATIONS DAMN IT. I don’t know if you heard about Babel but the name refers to the Babel Tower and Babel Communications is a kind of irony see…they want to bring people together, so everyone can understand each other in their own languages.

There’s a sequel! I’m kind of excited about it but not too much since I stated below, when it’s about a bunch of teenagers living on other planets..ehh. But this author has totally surprised me with this book so let’s hope for the best for the second one 😉 I loved this book so much that I made some quotes art 😀


NYXIAREVIEW3nyxiareviewNYXIAREVIEW2Big thank you to Penguin Random House for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review 🙂 


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53 thoughts on “How Nyxia Made Me Cry

  1. I was JUST trying to decide between this book and another last night…now I wish I had chosen this one! It sounds really good. I’m going to have to get a copy after I finish my current book. Nice review!

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  2. I love your review ❤!! I’m glad you absolutley loved the book it’s so nice seeing people fangirling about their favourite books.
    And no romance?? As in…platonic friendship between a girl and a boy??? Now that AMAZING I’m interested and I’m adding this to my TBR right now!
    Also why are male mc so rare in ya these days?? I’m not complaining that much since I can relate to other girls but…?? Last book I read with a male mc was Magnus Chase I think.
    That cover is also gorgeous 😍! Fabulous review!

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    1. GURL THE COVER RIGHT 😍 Its glowing omg I literally have a video of me just waving it around so you can see it glowing HAHA thats how obsessed I am with this book. Thank you for understanding my fangirling level 😂😂 AND YES PLATONIC 100% between these two characters. Not gonna lie theres some romance in there in the end but totally different people though. The two characters that I talked about in my review stay platonic aff 🌸🌸🌸!!


    1. HAHA I KNOW RIGHT ? Why do they just suppose we can all speak the same language 😂 Thank you for passing by 😱 I believe its my first encounter with you ! ❤️🌸 Welcome to the blog and expect some more spamming from me 😊

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      1. You’re welcome! Yes, it’s weird how so many authors assume everyone can speak the same language I think it’s because language learning would kind of make witty dialog difficult. 🙂

        Maybe, I think I’ve commented before, but it may have been some time ago. Okay, then 🙂 Will try to make a commenting habit. 🙂

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        1. Omgad 😱 Maybe on my cobloggers posts? No worries ! Since we have two different accounts now I cant keep track his post comments 😂 But definitely GLADD THAT YOU CAME TO ME 😀 Hehe my commenting habit will start to invade your blog 😉

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      1. I’ve really been into wwll fiction but now I’m kinda reading whatever is new out – perks of working at a bookstore! I’ve noticed the sci-fi section and it looks so interesting. I love movies about catastrophic weather and natural disasters so I hope to find some sci-fi around this


  3. Wow, that was a great review!! I feel like you focussed on the parts of the book that everyone would want to know about before reading it, while still fangirling enough for all of us. (I’m sure that that made no sense). I already had Nyxia in my TBR, but it would have probably been read sometime in the next 938471 years. After reading your review though, I want to read Nyxia right away.

    Okay, the quotes art is the best thing ever. I’m half in love with them right now.

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    1. OMG THAT COMPLETELY MADE SENSE 😂😂 I think you just described how I do my review 80% of the time LOL Thank you so much! I do hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did 🤗 The quotes are not hard to find all the novel was just memorable 😭 SO MANY FEELS

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      1. Aw, that is so sweet of you .< no bookmail for me ever… sometimes they say "it's too expensive, sorry" 😀 at least they send me the epub! But with this one, I was plain disapproved even for an e-version. Might be region related, because I've had that with that publisher before. Sadly, it happens with a lot of scifi ;_; why sci-fi xD it's the stuff I want most lol xD funny that, huh.


  4. THIS REVIEW IS GOLD!! I love it so much your art is so pretty and that honesty tho 😂😂👏 I guess it will take a lot more to copy your posts 😉 Yess yes you inspired me to create a WordPress I CAN ACTUALLY LIKE YOUR POSTS 😊

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  5. This book sounds incredible Trang. All I needed to see in your review was that you recommended Nyxia for fans of Illuminae and I knew this had to be added to my to-read list. 🙂 So basically now I need to get my hands on a copy of Nyxia ASAP.
    Great review Trang. 😀

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  6. This book sounds *amazing*!! And comparing it to Illuminae only makes me want to read it more!! I’ve got to read this!! And I’m a sucker for books with great characters- and these characters sound amazing!!! And a friendship story?! AWESOME!! There aren’t enough of those!!! And your quote art is gorgeous!!

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  7. Gahhhhh! EPIC REVIEW TRANG!!!!! I read this with a big smile plastered on my face cuz your excitement for Nyxia matches my own! ugh the characters were the bread and butter of this story but I’m so glad the plot also delivered. I’m very psyched up for a sequel & am very confident in the author since he is a teacher whose students beta read for him as well. I think this helped a ton in making them as relatable as possible. I LOVED all of the characters so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. 😱😱 REALLY! About the author, that is soo cool and veey logic too! For the first time I was like YAS FINALLY someone who understood us hahha 😂And totally the characters were so OMG FEELS EVERYTIME I TALK ABOUT THE CHARACTER 😭😭 Cauz you know why . Very psyched for the sequel! I wonder what the cover will be ❤️😍


  8. Wait wait wait. A YA Sci-fi novel with a male and female protagonist and they are JUST FRIENDS?! I must read this immediately. This is AMAZING.

    Honestly, while I’ve heard quite a bit about Nyxia around the blogosphere, nothing has particularly compelled me to look into this. The synopsis isn’t particularly gripping. But I love the idea of Ready Player One on a spaceship. Oh yes. Ohhhh yes.

    Congrats! You hooked me! This is high on my TBR now. Bring it on.

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    1. Omg Jackie their friendship was so beautiful 😭😭 I think I’m the only weak ass out there who cried reading this book but it was worth it HAHA Okay I must warn you though, there is some romance in the end of the book BUT not with these two characters. So if you read people complaining about insta-love just keep in mind this friendship alone matters LOL any romance from the book just doesn’t compared to this dynamic platonic duo.

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      1. I am totally fine with books which contain non-MC insta-love. I recgonize this is something people like and enjoy in their reading. But friendship?! We TOTALLY need more friendship in everything. I love books focusing on friendship.

        I cannot wait to read this!


  9. Wow, this book sounds seriously amazing! 😍 I definitely NEED to check it out, as it sounds like something I would enjoy a lot. Amazing review Trang! ❤


  10. I have read nothing but praise for this! I need to pick up a copy soon. It has been too long since I enjoyed SciFi. Usually the “attempt” at science it overdone and convoluted or seriously lacking, but it sounds like Nyxia nailed it! Plus I think I would explore this for the diverse cast alone. I love a good novel that can bring so many dynamics together successfully. This is a wonderful review Trang ❤


    1. Omg Danielle what was the last Sci-Fi you enjoyed ?! :O Nyxia did nail it! 😀 There are still however a lot of people who gave it 3 stars just letting you know in advance (BUT I THINK YOUD LOVE IT MUAHA) The diverse cast is just aamazing ❤

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      1. I have to think about that Trang. It has been a while. I picked up Illuminae and was really into it but put it down does to other things going on here at the house. It has honestly been a long time. I enjoyed Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice and Old Man’s War.. those are older non YA. I do not think I have explored much YA Sci Fi really. Will have to comb my shelves haha.


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