The Secret Life of a Blogger



Warning : this is going to be a veryy long and personal post so if you’re like oh noo  there’s a little section called : If You’re Lazy, read this at the end of the post for you LOL

December, December! It’s the time of the year where I think about all of my projects I’ve done and I can never be grateful enough of my blogging life so far. I have tried and experimented with a lot of platforms for blogging and I come to realize, blogging is my favourite past-time in the whole world. Okay right after eating and reading.


I started as a fashion social influencer on Instagram, where I posted my daily outfits, people get inspirations from and brands starting to sponsor me. Clothes, beauty products, etc.

Since then I realized, I can do so much more than fashion. I can connect with people via BOOKS!! AND that’s how Bookidote started with Lashaan in 2015. The book blogging community has welcomed us and we formed a family bond that I never felt before.


My friends know me as the blogger, but I think they never really realize how much work and passion we, bloggers, put into our work.


Everyone loves a good visual representation, whether it’s a clean template or a post’s format and I’m not ashamed to say, I love a good aesthetic. That’s why I love bookstagram.  I love creating graphics for my posts even if it takes up to 3 hours. I love wearing nice outfits. I love photography and  taking pictures for my food blog. I am drawn to beautiful things but to also create them.

Capture d_écran 2017-12-09 à 20.43.23
Instagram @bookidote 


Social media is so important and this aspect right here is the one that takes the most of my times and days. Interacting with other bloggers and instagrammers. I can spend from 1 to 2 hours just answering comments, replying to them and leaving comments. It’s also one of my favourite parts of blogging! Sharing each others’ thoughts and get to read your comments always make my day ❤ 


This is the whole reason why I will never quit blogging. Last year, I was sitting in my University class with my Mac writing my notes, when I learned the horrible news of my grandmother passing away via a text.


Here I am, siting in a conference room packed with 200 students and my tears started to come out. I felt sad, embarrassed in front of my fellow colleagues, then anxiety started to cripple in, asking me what are you doing? Why are you being so sensitive? And you know what was my first reaction? I didn’t run out of the door. I didn’t ask the teacher to step out of the class. I just opened WordPress and started blogging. In a few minutes, my body started to relax, I calmed down, I wiped my tears and my mind was clear. I enjoyed writing the review, it allows me to change my mind for a while. Because blogging is fun. My posts are the expression of my thoughts, my enthusiasm, my emotions and I love it. 


Other people may not know that time management is hard for bloggers. When you have a job, a degree to finish, exams to study, going to class, blogging and all his aspects can take a lot of your time. I still struggle with it and it’s been 2 years I’ve been blogging. Your life will change, new events will come. You can’t possibly know for sure if where you are today will be the same in a few months, in a few years. Unfortunately, I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have much time to spend with my friends. When I come back home, I just want to sleep. I don’t want to go out and socialize anymore. burn-out-1My work requires me to at least spend 30 hours a week in research, commute to another city, passing tests, writing reports, neways science-y stuff. All the while, going to gym to exercise to be in top shape and have enough mental connectivity and concentration for the next day.


To some people, I might be one of the most materialistic person in the world. And you know what ? I don’t care. We are in 2017 for Christ’s sake. Consumerism is today’s new technology. If I can f**ck the system and get free stuff by blogging about it, great! I’ve always been grateful and although a lot of people ask me if I’m getting paid I reply : I get free items,  it’s all the same for me. It’s also a nice way of getting recognized by big brands and publishers. It’s a sign they like what you are doing, a high profile company approving what you are doing feels like a good job tap on the shoulders.

Food Blog !
My food blog instagram : @pastel_cravings


When there are amazing people in the blogosphere, but wherever there are humans and people, there are bad things coming along. The haters. You won’t believe what people are capable of typing hiding behind the computer screen. These are the ones who often comment (in a very rude way) in my reviews because they didn’t like my personal opinion, or because they are huge fan of an author and they can’t bear with the fact that everybody has different opinions, which is pathetic. And it’s even more when publicists or brands are not happy with my reviews when I clearly told them my oath to honesty. You send me your product, you are ready to hear my thoughts on it.



  • I don’t live a dreamy  perfect life but I make the most of it.
  • Blogging is not easy, it demands commitment and it is time consuming. It takes passion and determination. People often think it’s easy to put yourself out there on the internet, it’s not.
  • Reading is not part of this list because it’s my personal hobby that is not a task I relate to blogging. As writing post is therapeutic, reading is like breathing for me. Do you write breathing in your to do list? Yeah me neither. But if you’re interested you can read about my Reading Habits here.


If you have any specifics questions on blogging, I invite you to ask them in my comments section ! And also share your thoughts ! ❤   

What’s it like to be a blogger for you? 


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38 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Blogger

  1. I had no idea you started out with fashion, although you obviously were always very stylish from what I saw in pictures! I feel like I learned so much about you in this post and yes, blogging can be really hard. I am sorry you get such ugly comments sometimes. I don’t understand those. Even if I were to disagree with someone I would never express it in such a disrespectful manner. You keep doing you and I keep enjoying your posts haha

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  2. Haha: well I read the full post including the if your lazy add on (lol😂), and I loved every word of it. I started my own blog about a year ago, and I never in my wildest dreams thought this would become such an important part of my life. I can’t live without it anymore. Like you one of the best things I like about blogging is interacting with everyone. Now I know there are also a lot of bloggers out there that never respond to comments (and I really respect that, to each their own), but wow you are missing out on so many things that way. I have really made some great friends here, which would otherwise have never happened. I also really liked how yiu described that your blog helped you through the hard times as well, with your grandma passing away. Writing certainly can help you cope with things, that is definitely the truth.
    So far I have not met any haters here on WordPress, everyone has been incredibly kind. I hope it stays that way, but you never know. It can always happen I guess. I don;t mind a discussion, as long as everyone is respectful. I always love to hear other people’s opinions, even if I don’t always agree with them. That’s what just makes this all so very cool.
    Terrific post: always nice to learn something more about someone. Keep up the great work: hopefully your blog will be around for a long time 😀


  3. I did NOT know that you were a fashion influencer before and had a food blog? WHAT IS MY LIFE. I shall follow you right now because your pictures are sooo pretty and, well, food is life 😛
    I love this post so, so much and can relate to it a whole lot. Being a blogger is pretty crazy and it takes up a whole lot of our time, even if we are doing this as a hobby, it still is a lot of work and sweat and time spent, for sure ❤ It is a beautiful escape as well, though and it feel sgreat to be able to chat about books and what we love like that. ❤ I also love that you don't mention reading as a task, I don't think it should eve be, even if sometimes, it's hard not to see it this way. We need to remember to love it all 🙂

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  4. This is such an incredible post Trang, I loved learning more about your secret life behind blogging. 🙂 I definitely agree this is a very time consuming hobby, and it’s a lot of hard work as well but so worth it in the end because I love writing posts as well and I love talking to everyone on here. 😀 I think it’s amazing as well how blogging is a form of therapy for you, for me blogging has really improved my self confidence and now I’m doing things I never would have dreamed of before I started blogging.
    Great post, again I really loved reading more of your story. 🙂 ❤

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  5. Hello Trang!
    I love this post, and I can relate to so many aspects of it. Yes it is difficult to juggle blogging with other aspects of adulting life, but we do it because we are superhuman 😉 I can also relate that when I am upset about something, blogging puts me back into a calm and positive mindset again.
    All the best for 2018 🙂

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  6. Wonderful post Trang. Your enthusiasm and excitement just oozes out in this post. It’s a joy and a gift that you have found something you absolutely love doing and are committed to doing. Some feeebies along the way are just icing on your cake and obviously not the reason why you do this. I wish you continued success and happiness in your endeavors.

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  7. woohoo- welcome back!! 😊😊 Gosh you do so much- a food blog as well? That’s amazing!! I absolutely love your aesthetics by the way!! Always really impressed with them!! I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s amazing how much blogging can do! Ugh haters suck :/ Especially for something as personal as an opinion!! And of course it’s a shame for publicists- but they have to know this is how it works- not everyone can love everything. Wonderful post!!

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  8. Absolutely fantastic post Trang! And I LOVE that picture of you! I’m so sorry about your grandmother. I can’t imagine receiving a text like that in the middle of class. I know exactly what you mean though about blogging helping you through difficult times. I started blogging two years after I became disabled and I think it literally saved my life. I was really depressed and struggling to refind my purpose in life. Blogging has helped me so much with that.

    I can’t believe you’ve received nasty comments on your book reviews! What is the matter with people? I’ve been lucky in that I’ve only been flamed a few times and those were on my political posts, so they weren’t a huge surprise.

    Bookidote is one of my favorite blogs and I always look forward to reading yours and Lashaan’s book reviews. Thank you for sharing this personal post.




  9. Awesome post Trang!!!😍 I just love how you opened up and expressed what blogging is about for you! Especially when you talked about using WordPress while finding out about your grandmother! I am so sorry for your loss and think it’s great you use blogging as an outlet! I also use blogging as an outlet and a way for me to be a social butterfly! Not only do I battle an agoraphobia but I battle health concerns that make me literally stuck in the bed and since I can’t go out and party or do other things the “friend” count went down tremendously! I was so miserable and lonely until I found WordPress. With having my blog I am able to truly be me and express my emotions and have support from a wonderful community. When WordPress suspended my account I even paid a lot of money to keep it by self hosting but they changed their minds and I would have lost everything! So thankfully I am back but scared it will happen again but I was devastated because WordPress and the community mean the world to me! I love building others up and making some kind of difference and I try to do that bt reading fellow bloggers’ posts and building them up. Another great thing about blogging is I met you, the amazing and beautiful Trang!😍 You are super woman and have the biggest heart!!! You seriously have touched my heart in so many ways from day one! You are right that it takes a lot of time blogging and a lot of commitment but in my opinion it’s #WorthIt Thanks for being such a remarkable friend and blogger! I love your photos and the effort you put in your posts! You are truly talented!💖💖💖

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  10. I didn’t know you started as a fashion blogger.. so cool too if you get sent clothing and stuff!! I agree that time management is hard and I’m still working on it.. it seems like you’ve got it all under control though! Great to get to know you even better 🙂


  11. How interesting 🙂 I also received that question: why read and review books if you don’t get paid? I smile and replied because I enjoy stories and hey, I get free books that costs $24.99 USD so that’s pretty cool don’t you think? But they just shake their heads like they can’t understand why I would commit my time to this for free instead of enhancing my career to make more money. Oh well.. So, are you committing all of your time for books now or still doing fashion/makeup? Blogging is definitely a juggle because it connects twitter, goodreads, and instagram (not listing facebook, pinterest, bloglovin, and whatever else superhuman has time for along with school as you stated or work for me) but I’m still at it because I enjoy it too 🙂


  12. I didn’t know you started as a fashion blogger! Learning something every day hahaha (your outfits are super cute, by the way! ❤ And the food… OMG the food *_* )
    I think you pretty much summed up all my thoughts on blogging as well: the wonderful community, the cathartic feeling of typing your stress away, and of course, the free stuff is not bad at all! There are certainly downsides, like lack of time and negative people raining on your parade, but hey, that's just life. If blogging taught me anything, it's to crank up on my tough skin!
    Wonderful post, Trang, and I hope you and Lashaan continue to grace us with your awesome content for a very long time 🙂 Love reading your blog!


  13. I love this post. Being a blogger eventually is pretty much the same as having a secret life, isn’t it? People you get to know through your blog know you’re a blogger, people in your real life might know as well. But they won’t KNOW. They just assume you write some stuff and post it online – done. While it’s so so so much more.
    The time invested in blogging and everything surrounding it is a huge part of why blogging means so much to me. I can lose myself in it; it’s an escape different than picking up a book and read. It’s an escape I don’t think I can go without anymore – no matter how busy life gets.

    *Pat on the shoulder for writing this post – because sometimes those also mean equally as much as a shoulder-pat from a big company.*


  14. No wonder your blog posts look so beautiful if you started with fashion on Instagram. It makes so much sense now!

    I’m glad blogging helps you work through hard times. Maybe I’ll try that next time I’m feeling down and see if it works for me too.

    I’ve been blessed with shockingly little negative feedback so far, probably because I don’t write a lot of negative reviews. I’ve had a few creepy comments and a few vaguely worded insults with such terrible grammar that they were funny rather than hurtful, but I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with worse.


  15. I love this post! Everything you’ve said about blogging is so true. I’ve definitely found my issues with it too – when people who have requested reviews don’t think your opinion is valid because it may not be a rave… it’s the worst!

    I never knew how you got into blogging so I loved learning a little bit about that! 🙂 ❤


  16. So sorry to hear about your grandma and it’s good that blogging helped you with the anxiety you were feeling.
    Lovely post – you clearly put a lot of time and effort into your blog and it shows.
    Lynn 😀


  17. Blogging is a lot more work and more time consuming than I thought it would be.. I don’t regret it and I have no plans to give it up any time soon. But I have slowed down a lot, life is just busy and your life makes mine seem pretty mild haha.


  18. I hold you and Lashaan with such high respect, not only as bloggers but as people (and friends). I have always felt that your continued efforts to give to the community, interact and even offer support to others such as myself says everything about you ❤ And Bookidote is beautiful! The fact that you both still co-blog wonderfully just warms me. I love everything about this post. Thank you for sharing the ins and outs. It seems a lot of people do not understand what blogging entails unless they actually do it. So this is great! FYI – Also bookmarked Pastel Cravings! How did I not know about this?! – xx


  19. Fantastic post! I just wrote more or less the same yesterday (minus the teaching part) as I hade my first blogoversary. It was looking on my first year and all that I did not know about blogging. And yes esthetic is important! Following now 😉


  20. Welcome back!!! ❤ ❤

    Wow, I don't know how you can deal with all that girl! I can hardly handle my own blog after just starting my freshman year of college. You are GOALSSSS. 😀

    I also loveee the blog's new look! (Although idk how new it is, considering I've been gone a looong while.) It looks amazing!


  21. Great post. For me, it’s all you’ve listed here. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy doing it too much to stop. And yea, time management is….I dunno what it is because I’ve yet to successfully manage it.


  22. Wow, I had no idea you started out as a style influencer. Your pictures are gorgeous! You are super woman though. I have no idea how you manage all these things at once when I can hardly handle just my book blog haha.


  23. I am sorry to hear about
    your grandmother, but the harder part about blogging for me is finding new articles to post daily and making sure there’s some consistency in every post! There’s almost more pressure to come up with amazing blog articles seeing that you aren’t given a prompt!


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