All The Light We Cannot See ft Avalinahs Books

Hi y’all! I have a very interesting post today 😀 I have buddy read All The Light We Cannot See with Evelina from Avalinahs Books 🙂 Instead of going with a normal review post, we will do a conversation-interview discussing the book!


She asked me some questions about the book and I will answer them here. A big shoutout to the sweet Evelina for doing this with me 😀 Kind of feel bad that this book turns out as a bad experience for her HAHA You can check out her post here ! Give it a look ! ❤


  1. Basically. Have you EVER read a book that’s harder to get into than this?? What was it that finally drew you in – the plot, the characters? The writing?

I have to say this book was not the hardest to get into in all of my experiences LOL I find To The Lighthouse by Virginia Wolf was harder to get into than this. For All The Light We Cannot See, the writing finally drew me in. Anthony Doerr has a certain way with words. He writes beautifully! 


2. Did you care about the characters right from the start? Did they seem a little alienated to you, not very approachable? Which characters did you resonate with the most and why?

I actually loved the characters, both Marie and Werner’s thirst for knowledge had me at awe. I’ve always been the kind of person to dig around, looking for the unknown, trying to understand it, and that explains pretty much why I went into science. Werner back story has a lot of common of my childhood, so I resonate a lot more with him! He led a tough life but he never really gave up on his ambition.


     3.Have you ever read such a strong depiction of the nazi, well, culture? The way they brought up their children and the way their society was formed? Did it shock you like it did me, their values and their thoughts? Which was the most shocking nazi scene for you? 

I have to admit like no matter how many books I read about WWII, I will always be shocked. Indeed, one of the shocking or even absurd scenes in the book was when Werner gets measured for racial purity in school :O It went beyond our imagination now but in the peoples mind of that period, was relevant since it was what the government dictates. 


     4. In this story, there was one character who would not be made a monster, who would rather suffer himself than hurt others. How did you feel about Frederik? What do you think he symbolizes in this story?

OMGAD FREDERIK ❤ Just the mention of him brings me to tears. He was one of the characters that have a burning passion for birds but then due to his physical weakness, was bullied and hurt real bad. Frederik is I believe the representation of the bird theme throughout the book. Different bird species are mentioned and played a role of “spirit” in this novel. 

    5. How did you feel about the secret women’s society in Saint-Malo? Wasn’t it brilliant? 

YES YES YES. I had the chance to spend a lot of time in Saint-Malo since I lived in the Bretagne region for two years ! When they mentioned a secret women’s society I just lost my mind!! Madame Manec, the resistance leader has let them a great legacy. I’m afraid to spoil even more so I have to stop here LOL 


    6. Normally, books about nazis are “führer this, führer that”. In All The Light We Cannot See, however, there was so little führer, and yet – the regime was as alive as ever. What did you think of this – the way Doerr shows that it is not one man that makes nazism, but rather a whole community?

Exactly! I think one of the main messages of this book is how big ONE man’s idea can spread and the power of words. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (one of my fave books) also mentioned this. Even if Hitler was the origin of all this pain, let’s not forget all the people around and under his command who did a lot of inhuman things. 

     7. This is not an easy book to read (like many books about WWII). Did you feel that it weighed on you? What is the aftertaste it left you with?

It’s not easy to read but so beautiful ! I only have one gif to describe the aftertaste it letf me : 


That’s it for today!! 😀 Big thank you Evelina again ❤ I think we had more fun chatting about our lives than the book LOOL Thank you for the questions, they were VERY VERY good and pretty fun to answer 😉



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27 thoughts on “All The Light We Cannot See ft Avalinahs Books

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a review in Q and A format before. Great work you two!

    I listened to the first half of this book because the person I was traveling with played the audio book. Unfortunately, our trip ended before the book was finished 😦 I so need to get back to it eventually though 🙂

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  2. I’m really glad you enjoyed this book Trang, and I loved your different take on reviewing it as well. 🙂 I read All the Light We Cannot See ages ago (it was one of the very very early books I reviewed on this blog) but I just remember it being a stunning story, and one of my favourites as well, up there with The Book Thief actually! 😀 ❤

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  3. So we basically need to make this right by reading a book we both like together xD (although now I will be haunted by thoughts of me liking it and you hating it xD)

    Oh, I have not read To The Lighthouse xD but I’ve heard about it also being tough at first.
    Somehow I didn’t enjoy the writing at all in this one :/ like, AT ALL. Had I enjoyed it, I think I might have liked it. But it just bored me to death! My boyfriend calls me a guy because of how unromantic I am at times xD it must be why I didn’t like the writing xD I’m about as poetic as a rain drain cover 😀 wait. Those can be kind of romantic. Okay, I’m as romantic as a boot. There. That works. I like boots too.

    I do feel sad about Werner. Such a sad fate 😦

    I think I was most shocked by that scene where they jump on the flag. After that, not even the prisoner scene affected me quite like it – I was already sort of expecting cruelty towards others. But the measurements, the racial purity classes and that blind trust in people who will NOT take care of you.. Ouch. And of course Frederik. Also too sad…

    See, I also didn’t really like The Book Thief xD I think it’s just me…. Every single WWX book after Birdsong I read, I just couldn’t get into it at all. Maybe I’ve just read too much of them.

    Oh yeah, have you read Remarque? Those I really do enjoy, even about WWX xD

    I will agree that it was INCREDIBLY researched though. Respect for that for sure!

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    1. Yess definitely we need to read one that we both like LOL I think we both loved Senlin Ascends so Arms of the Sphynx would be a safer pick HHAH 😂😂 No worries, the writing is def not for everybody but its alright we are all different 😉 ! 💕 That jumping flag scene was one of the most shocking scene for sure 😥 HAHA I LOVED THE BOOK THIEF ! Maybe we dont have the same taste in WWII books 😂😂 It was still a fun way to interact with you 😘😘 Thank you so much for the recommendations and looking for Remarque now !!


  4. Fantastic Review Trang!!!❤❤❤ I love the way you did this review, how awesome! This is a cool way to buddy read and we will have to do it sometime! This looks like an intriguing book and I feel the same as you, no matter how many books I read about WW2, the shock factor is always there!😭😭😭 Man I can only imagine all the feels this book brought on! Great buddy read and review beautiful lady!📚😄😗 Xoxo


  5. Ah such a fun post to read! Personally I had mixed feelings about this book- though I rated it the same, because the writing really is beautiful and Doerr deserves credit for that. I think that’s a great point about all the people who went into making the Nazi regime in general.


  6. I really like how you buddy read this and set up a different kind of review. It’s interesting that it took the author ten years to research and write the book, and that there isn’t a focus on romance. He was really dedicated to writing a quality book. I’m glad it paid off for him!


  7. I really like your review! I definitely enjoyed this book especially when it comes to the sensory details 🙂


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