Christmas Gift Ideas : Books Part III

Hi everyone!

As the countdown to Christmas continues, we’ve decided to bring back Trang’s wonderfully successful Christmas Gift Ideas posts and unwrap our top 3 book recommendations for that special someone that needs a book for the Holidays!

If you don’t recall Trang’s initiative last year, check them out here:

Part I :

Part II :

Let’s get right to it then!


Let yourself be swept away by one of the most beautiful book of the year! Rich World building and a real dedication to bookworms .. although I really hate that ending LOL

Recommend it for: That friend of  yours obsessed with a beautiful prose and loves to sleep

Strange The Dreamer review 



In his newest trilogy, Mark Lawrence presents us with a dastardly world that will stimulate your imagination uncontrollably and have you craving for more within seconds!

Recommend it for: That friend of yours who needs to jump into a new fantasy world filled with bad-ass women; especially killer nuns!

Red Sister review



A tour de force in a sea of historical fiction. The Women in the Castle delves into the human condition through the eyes of women like no other novel has done before.

Recommend it for: A friend who loves to feel strong emotions by being sent right at the heart of it all alongside strong women in a time period where hope seems impossible.

The Women in the Castle review



A mesmerizing and atmospheric mystery thriller that will simply take your breath away as themes of entrapment and survival are explored in a beautiful way.

Recommend it for: A friend who needs to be transported into a dangerous, innocent and chilling world with an exquisite prose.

The Child Finder review



My favourite poetry collection of the year, with stunning photography !

Recommend it for: That lazy friend who says they “can’t read books” because there are too many words

Atticus Review



Best Snow White retelling of all times ❤  A family bond story with superpowers and amazing character’s development. Perfect for the Holiday spirit !

Recommend it for: Fans of retellings, YA Fantasy


With these recommendations, we sure do hope that you guys won’t run out of any ideas before it’s too late! Maybe these can be gifts for yourselves too. 😉

What do you think? Do you have any particular recommendations for us? 😀


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33 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas : Books Part III

  1. What an excellent idea Trang! I actually added Girls made of snow and glass cause retellings are going to be my thing next year! But Women of the Castle looks like an excellent book club read… And Red Sister (is that yours Lashaan?!) sounds great too… ALL would make excellent gifts!

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    1. Most definitely from me hahaha I’ve tried to force Trang to read Red Sister and vouching that it is splendid but she just seems to be too busy reading other stuff to take my rec! Hope you try some of these out some day. 😀 Women in the Castle would most definitely be a great book club read indeed. I feel like you mentioned the exact thing in my review or something too hahahah Thanks for stopping by. 😉

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  2. Oh this is a great post, and a great idea for Christmas as well. I don’t tend to buy books for people, mainly because I don’t know many people who love reading as much as I do and the other bloggers within this community do either, but if I could I would buy Strange the Dreamer for everyone I knew because god that is an incredible book! 😀
    Again great post, and great book recommendations as well! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Love this post! Many of my friends are also bookworms and we love to exchange books for holidays and birthdays. Thank you for the recommendations and reviews! 🙂

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  4. I absolutely loved this post guys!!!!!😍 I don’t know why WordPress is not sending me all my notifications for my love’s posts!!!!😰 This is a great selection of books you guys got here!!!! Yay!!!!🙌🙌🙌 Unfortunately I haven’t read any of these yet but definitely will have to based on your recommendations!!!! I guess if I was looking for a book to recommend well it’s not a 2017 book so I don’t know if it counts but I would recommend Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter! I just love that thriller. It might have had a good bit of pages but I couldn’t get enough and finished it in a day and a half. I know how Trang(My Blogger Babe Crush💖😍) loves a great twisty book that throws you completely in left field and I know Lashaan has appreciated Ms. Slaughter’s other works, so definitely recommend this book if you haven’t read this. I think you will like it but I could be wrong. You know the whole different strokes for the different folks thing but ANYWHO😘 That would be my recommendation and I actually sent this book to Kim a few months back and wish I could send it to you guys via media mail but the U.S. has insane international prices maybe one day I can send y’all a surprise!😍 Hope you guys have a fantastic holiday weekend!😍🎄💖🎁🎀🔔📚

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    1. Thank you so much Dani!!! Gosh, WordPress sure is trying real hard to be an annoying b**ch with you!!! 😣😣😣I do have Pretty Girls on my TBR, and it was what I was supposed to read first if I hadn’t received the ARC for The Good Daughter hahah I’ll definitely try and read it for sure now. So glad to hear it’s a favourite of yours. 😉 Ohhhh don’t worry about gifting one of us with the book. I absolutely treasure your intention though. ❤ It is all that matters, Dani. 😀 Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend yourself!!!


  5. Oh and sending you guys lots of LOVE from South Carolina, United States!!!!😍😘🎄🎁💖 I tried to comment on your Strange the Dreamer Review but it wouldn’t let me. So I typed all that shit out just for it to kick me off. Grrr.. But it was a fantastic review and I didn’t read the spoiler but that must have been so hard to rate with the beginning being so amazing and then the end being so disappointing.😵 Hope you guys have a great holiday!!!!!😍 I’m y’alls biggest fan! Also yes, ya’ll is a word from the hick town I grew up in. It’s like we don’t know how to rephrase it.


    1. Thanks, girl!! Oh yaaass for Red Sister!!! Can’t wait for Grey Sister too!!! Only a couple of months left to go!!! I’m seeing a bunch of peepz reading ARCs already too!!! Women in the Castle is definitely worth trying out someday whenever you feel like picking up a nice ol’ historical fiction. 😉


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