The Perks of Co-Blogging

What up folks?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I thought it would be a nice subject to touch base on since it isn’t exactly something that you often see out there. What am I talking about? Co-blogging, of course!

As you all might know, Bookidote is co-run by a gentleman and a lady: Me and Trang. It was created a couple of years ago to share a passion for books with a community we had not known existed. Only seen as nothing more than a new hobby for us to work on together, it has grown into something much bigger than life itself.

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Co-blogging is pretty rare in the community. Most of the time everyone who has a blog go through a very personal experience and learn to discover the community through it. I’ve come to realize that everyone’s blog is a sacred place where their personality is the foundation of their creation.

Trang and I have however managed to build this very blog in a very cohesive fashion where both our personalities were complementary.

Over the years, I can definitely tell you that there are countless pros to co-blogging, but to be fair, a couple of cons can also be pointed out. It was back when we were very young that Bookstooge‘s curiosity on our blog’s co-blogging habits that I started reflecting on Bookidote’s system.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the pros and cons I could think of.

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This slowly became super apparent over the years. There some genre that I simply barely touch. I’m looking at you Young Adult novels! While I sometimes look into them after Trang test drives them first, most YA novels is her business. On the blog, she simply covers some books/genre that I don’t, and vice-versa. Oddly enough, we do however have a similar taste in books!


As some of you might notice, Trang and I do not have similar personalities or style. Through our posts you can notice huge differences and I believe it is one of Bookidote’s strength. Everyone who follows us can either enjoy both, one of our or none of our styles. They don’t need to read what one of us writes if they prefer what the other does or simply click better with their personality. Isn’t that wonderful? The power of choice?

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On the same note as the previous point, being two heads behind Bookidote gives everyone the possibility of having two friends from the same blog rather than one. Twice the interaction? Twice the discussions? Two different (sometimes) opinions? Making an enemy out of us would also mean twice the hate though. 😁

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Being two also offers an impeccable organization. Okay. I might be exaggerating here. But the idea is that we share a calendar just for Bookidote and try to deliver variety in our content and a certain consistency in our publishing rhythm. If someone can’t publish a certain day, we adjust and adapt. While extremely flexible, we’re also dedicated in being structured. How we work has simply become some sort of fully-functioning ecosystem. Who would’ve thought? 😀


This is actually a fun one. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we do have a pretty similar taste in books with some slight differences. This offers us the opportunity to buddy-read books here and then.

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While problems that arise from blogging is solved individually by most of you guys, we can actually share and come up with solutions together whenever it’s necessary. Doubts? Worries? Complaints? Ideas? Honestly, co-blogging just assures us that we’re never alone in life. Of course, now we also have this beautiful community to seek help and survive the wilderness. 😁


comparisonThis is one of the things that I have recently encountered and was baffled by. Co-blogging will inevitably lead to peepz comparing one with the other. Whether it is the presentation or the content, some will find it necessary to compare. I for one do not see the pertinence in this. Bookidote is one entity composed of two identities. Personally I look up to my co-blogger to find ways to make myself better. I won’t speak for her in regards to her own perception of things. but what I share with you guys is authentic and comes straight from me. If you can’t see a difference between her content and mine, I think the issue might be coming from somewhere else. 😉

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Oh boy, am I lucky that Bookidote isn’t a dictatorship as we abide by a 50/50 ownership. If you were to have a co-blogger, it might be important to set things clear on this subject as a dictatorship can bring things to ruin. Blogging should be all about free will, a freedom of expression. You do what you want to do, how you want to do it. Of course, there might be a small 1% out there who find that a dictatorship is better suited for them, but the idea is to understand each others personality and see what kind of partnership works best for you.


One of the things I am most grateful for is the trust I can put into my co-blogger. As much as she loves all that is evil, I can rely on her to do what’s right. Whether it is in the way she will respond to our followers or questions of privacy and security regarding the blog. In our time and age, this is probably something you should honestly think twice about.

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Co-blogging is definitely not something that everyone should look to do. It is however an opportunity that is well-worth thinking about if you can find the perfect partner, especially if the passion for it is a nice match. I am well aware that a lot of you guys love having a blog for yourself and having full control on your content and its management. Blogging is like an artist with his palette. Not wanting to share your brush with someone else to work on the same piece is totally understandable.

While we’re at it, I just had to take a moment to share my praise for my co-blogger. We have been at it for a couple of years now and our love for Bookidote has never seized to grow.

I applaud if you actually read through all that! I think I’ve covered a huge chunk of what co-blogging entails. What do you think about co-blogging? Got any questions regarding our co-blogging habits? Shoot now!



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84 thoughts on “The Perks of Co-Blogging

  1. Hahahahaa, right on schedule!!!!!!!!
    My Thoughts on Co-blogging from exactly 1 Year ago:

    This was a great post. I definitely think it takes something “extra” to co-blog and I know I don’t have that extra. I can’t share the glory, I can’t take the blame. Not a good recipe 😀
    I was also looking at the 4 sites I put down as exemplary co-bloggers and really only Bookidote and the Bushi’s have been consistent co-posters over the whole year. All 4 blogs still post a lot, but not as well mixed as you guys.

    I was glad to hear in her earlier post that Trang is planning on slowing down on the blog, as she’s got a hectic real life. I can’t imagine balancing all that you two do AND balancing a blog.

    So good job!

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    1. That is the most insane coincidence ever. I mean… I remember that one man army post about co-blogging, but for this post to be published exactly 365 days later???? 🤣🤣

      The sharing of glory is an interesting point though. That could lead to the downfall of a partnership easily.

      Wow. I feel like we’re surviving some kind of twisted game you’ve been playing in your mind or something. And now all I can see is a challenge for who can survive the longest. 😏

      Oh, yes. She doesn’t know how to keep things “balanced” if you ask me. Don’t tell her. 🤣 She’ll jump on every wonderful opportunity and end up being overwhelmed. She’ll even wonder how and why she’s so busy all of a sudden! But she strives, and it’s definitely great for her. It’s just nice that we both prioritize Bookidote and all that comes with it (reading, discovering, interacting, etc.).

      I appreciate man. Thanks!

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      1. Yeah, I couldn’t believe the coincidence either. I actually laughed out loud when I realized the date of my One Man Reviewer. I figured you’d get a kick out of it too, so I’m glad you did.

        I’m not real good with sharing blogging attention, especially as I named the bloody site after myself 😀

        You can call me Bookstoogesaw 😉 Ol’ Jig learned everything he knew from me. Oy vey!

        I have cast “invisible” over this whole conversation, so NO ONE, ESPECIALLY NOT TRANG!!!!, will ever see it. Secret is safe with me! And I won’t even blab about it on my blog as confessional fodder.

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  2. I think co-blogging is an amazing thing, that takes just as much effort as blogging alone does. If I found someone who wanted to co-blog with me I would probably do it. I hope you both are having a great day 🙂

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    1. Definitely does! It does alleviate some burden here and there, while adding some perks, but all in all, I think it’s just as challenging as a solo-blogger! I’m glad to hear that you haven’t scratched off the idea of co-blogging though. It is wonderful when you’ve got yourself a great partner! Thank you and I hope the best for you in 2018!! 😀

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  3. I think Co-blogging definitely is a very interesting concept. There is one thing that I have always struggled with, especially now that my blog has grown, and the number of blogs that I am following myself has grown as well, and that is the factor of time. Especially with my fulltime dayjob, I have real trouble at times keeping up with everything. With a blogging buddy things would be easier.
    I have really enjoyed your co-blogging partnership. Yes your personalities are different, but that’s what makes your blog so cool, and interesting, and also attracts a bigger audience I think.
    I definitely would be open to a co-bloggingship (yep, I just made up that word😂), but quite frankly not one of my friends is into blogging, so it will be the solo experience for the time being. But who knows, maybe in the future at some point, that will change 😊
    Great post as always! 😀

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    1. I too have thought that co-blogging would help a lot in time management but overtime I’ve come to realize that it gets quite intense (maybe less, I wouldn’t be able to tell). I have yet to honestly create drafts to post and schedule them in advance as time does not allow me to. And with my relatively slow reading speed and everything else that I do in life? Ouf… I’m just glad that Bookidote has always been a coblogging project. It would probably drain me a lot to maintain the same consistency if I was alone!

      You’re right, Michel. I too believe that the differences between me and Trang is what attracts such a bigger audience. I can see in the comments she gets and the people who visits her (some of them) that the odds of them checking out my posts are pretty slim since I am less likely to post something of their interest. I’m actually fine with that since I believe it goes the other way around too and it’s how everything works so well.

      Hahahah It’s definitely nice to have an open mind on a potential co-bloggingship. And I totally understand about friends who are into blogging… It’s already close to 0 when it comes to the number of friends who are as into reading as me!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Michel! I appreciate it a lot! 😀

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      1. Well, than I guess I am an exception as I really enjoy reading both your and Trang’s posts 😊 But true, time is definitely a factor. Today for instance I have to work all day, and when I get home I’m going out with a friend of mine. So that means I will have little to no time to read posts, reply to comments etc.
        It’s a fine line sometimes..but..I would not stop blogging for anything in the world: it’s way too much fun 😀😀
        As for co-blogging? Well who knows, everything can happen I guess in the future 😀

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        1. Oh, those who enjoy both our content are definitely amazing peepz in general. I mean.. Look at you. 😉 Y’all are usually super open-minded and have a super kind soul to go with it. I’m glad to hear it from you though. I definitely appreciate it. 🙂

          Oh man, I know what you mean. After work, I might either hit the gym/play ball, go out with friends or have to work on my thesis… Those busy days alone incredibly limit my time for reading MY books, and then even less time to come up with posts, and even less time to check out everyone’s post and stay up to date.. It’s really all about finding that balance that we all strive for really. At least we LOVE blogging and just keep on doing whenever we have the chance! 😀

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  4. Lashaan you and Trang are very inspiring. I could see where you got each of your pros and why you pointed out each of the cons. Trust certainly is so true, I can’t imagine co-blogging with anyone but my writing partner if she were willing! You both are totally different to me. I took to your personality right off, your review style and comic fandom are things I admire. Trang is AMAZING with all she does… but I can see your feelings toward her in this post! 😉 This was such a fun read!! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much Dani. I think your writing partner would make for an awesome co-blogger too and even give us a nice glimpse at the relationship of two co-writers. I mean… Imagine being able to see the evolution your writing project until publication and then FAME! 😀 #nopressure I am actually glad that you had dropped by one of my posts and paved a way for me to discover your own. I don’t think I’m the type of person who simply clicks with everyone as I sometimes too easily see through people. I’m glad that you are such a wonderful person and even happier that you aren’t alienated by posts and the contents I share with y’all! 😀 Ahahah yep, we have a hell of a history too, it might have heavily contributed. 🤣 Thank you so much for reading, Dani!!


  5. Interesting article, I would say that you are both very very lucky that you found the right co-blogging partner at such a young age. Whatever that magic is that allows you both to collaborate so effortlessly (most of the time 🙂 doesn’t happen for everyone. Truly you must both be blessed.

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    1. Thank you so much. I too am quite happy that we had embarked on this project as it turned out to be one that will forever be remembered in our lives. I am quite grateful that she shares a similar high level of passion for everything we love. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

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  6. This was such a great post to read ❤ Also, you are adorable with your sweet words to Trang, that kind of made my heart melt, haha. You two are co-blogger goals, that's for sure 🙂
    I can definitely see the difference in style, blog posts and what you both write about on this blog and it is so refreshing and makes the blog even richer this way, if you ask me. I feel like you two really complement each other well 🙂
    I am not really co-blogging, my sister is doing a post a month on my blog, because she loves it and it's great to work with her on that, but she would not have time to do more and I understand that 🙂

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    1. Awwn, you’re too kind, Marie. You’ve been around so long that you probably already know how much we care for each other too. 😉

      I am so glad that you see it that way since it wasn’t even the intention when we started. We just naturally have different styles that everything we did was appreciated by you guys for their authenticity. I am so happy that you agree about the complementary bloggership we have!

      Oh yes, I do know about your sister’s occasional presence on your post. I haven’t ever really had the chance to connect with her but I am quite glad that there is support for that feature cause…I for one know that your relationship with her is quite special and awesome. 😛

      Thanks for reading, Marie! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. ❤

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      1. Ahah yes, it is quite awesome. She bears with me…. even if she isn’t blogging as much as I am, she’s definitely a co-blogger in the sense that she has to manage ALL.OF.MY. annoying moments and blogging outbursts, inspirations, ideas and so on hahahaha.
        You’re so welcome, that was a great post! ❤

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  7. This was such a lovely post, Lashaan! I think co-blogging is definitely not for everyone but you guys made it work beautifully and I couldn’t be happier I’ve found your blog 🙂
    I love that you two have different styles and different tastes because it makes the blog so much more interesting and unique, and a greater variety of people can enjoy it! The cons of co-blogging are not especially surprising to me but I do love how many more pros there are to it and how you make it sound like such a positive and enriching experience (almost makes me want to get a blogging buddy myself! xD)
    Thank you for always being so honest and open with us, and sharing such a personal account of what it is to blog with your dearest friend 🙂 You and Trang are definitely friendship goals! 😛
    I wish you guys all the best there is for this new year and hope you continue to blog together for a long, long time! ❤

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    1. Thank you Sophie!! You’re too kind!! ❤ I am also super happy that we have crossed paths and that I got to meet you. It is not with everyone that I get to have genuine and insightful conversations with it. 😉

      I too love that we cover different styles/tastes and get to meet so many different readers with similar styles/tastes. I'm glad to hear it as a positive thing for you too! 😀 Honestly, I had to scratch my head and think hard for the cons, but one of the cons is the reason why I just had to do such a post like this after all. 😛

      Ohhhw, thank you for your sweet words. I am almost 200% sure that if we had known each other in real we would have had an even more amazing friendship than the online one that we already have. 😉 It's already a shame that I don't really have any other readers (especially among the boyz) that read as much as I do!

      Awwn, thanks, Sophie! And I hope that we will continue to share and fanboy/girl over all sorts of stuff with you for all the years to come. ❤

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      1. Yay, glad to hear it! ^_^
        Hahaha yeah, I can imagine that would be the case… You guys just sound so in sync!
        Absolutely! I always have so much fun talking to you and reading your posts 🙂 And indeed, I have a hard time finding friends who read as much as I do too hahaha It seems everyone’s too busy doing something else, other hobbies and work… It’s awesome to have the blogging world to fangirl away 🙂
        I sure hope so! You guys are one of my favorite blogs so don’t you quit on me!!! ❤

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  8. Hi. This is an excellent post. Loved the content, style and message. I’m glad you have each other. I’ve been considering splitting my blog into 1 focused solely on books and a separate one on everything else. I would want to work with someone else, I think. Great feedback to consider here.

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    1. Hey James! Thanks for kind words, man. I do remember you mentioning having an interesting in co-blogging way back when we first met. It’s definitely an enriching experience if you find a partner that clicks well with your personality. Hope you do get the opportunity to test it out someday, mate!

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    1. I am so glad to hear from you then! Welcome to our blog and a pleasure to meet you! 😀 Hope you’ll enjoy the contents we’ll be dishing out and anything that piques your curiosity on our blog. Oh, and I definitely understand. There are great reasons to consider a solo experience for blogging. After all, blogging is almost a virtual diary too.

      Thank you!! 😀

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  9. Aw, this post is so sweet! I’m so glad you guys can work together to run Bookidote as well as y’all do. 😀

    I co-blog at Happy Indulgence with two other awesome ladies and I agree with sooo many of your points. Luckily, there isn’t a dictatorship (thank goodness!) but we also get lots of coverage with different genres of books!

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    1. Thank you so much, Aila!! ❤ Honestly, more than 2 co-bloggers is definitely something. I think that's where time management might a bit easier on everyone and would probably suit everyone too if they are busy people in real life! Oh yes… I wouldn't want a dictatorship for anyone. Sounds like slave work or some sort of school assignment! No thank you! 🤣


    1. I believe that too! A solid friendship can definitely be the perfect foundation for coblogging. Awwn yay! Thank you so much, Tammy! I’m glad that we crossed paths too. Your taste in books is surely going to feed my TBR like crazy and your personality will probably only brighten my days in 2018!! 😉


  10. I think the variety on Bookidote is an amazing positive for co-blogging. I only really read YA books so there are loads of genres I’m missing on that in a way you guys aren’t. I really love your blog, I think both yours and Trang’s posts are incredible well written and you have amazing graphics that I love seeing as well and I’m really glad co-blogging works for you because it wouldn’t be Bookidote if it was just one of you you know? 😀
    I can’t imagine co-blogging, but then I’ve been blogging for two years now and I think that’s just the way I work. My blog is mine so I can’t really imagine sharing it with someone else but maybe if I’d started out co-blogging it would feel that way instead.
    Great post, I really loved reading your pros and cons Lashaan, and I think it’s great how you and Trang manage the site as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Awwn yay, thank you so much for your kind words, Beth!! ❤ Yep. After a couple of months into blogging I've come to realize how much we're able to cover with your taste in books. It's definitely nice for us too since it keeps us both up to date with what's awesome out there too! 😛 Bookidote being just one person would honestly be really weird for sure. I have a hard time imagining that hahah 🤣

      That's true. Bookidote did start off as a coblogging project so we quickly learned the ropes to make it work as much as possible like that. Although anyone whose lives are starting to get super busy and know someone who'd be interested in coblogging with them should totally think about doing so since it becomes quite unique as a experience! Thank you again Beth for your kind words! 😀

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  11. AWNN MAN Why do I have a feeling you just want to find an excuse to praise me ?? LOL not like you didn’t do it every-time you got the chance already 😉 It certainly helps a lot having a co-blogger and I dont think I can ever keep this blog going alone or do it with anyone else but you 😂 Thank you so much for the kind words 😉

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    1. With that memory of yours I had a feeling that you had forgotten, so I just had to remind you. Even if I do all the praising on every daily occasion that presents itself. 🙂 I don’t know if this blog would even survive if it was just run without you too. 🤣


  12. I think you guys do a great job of co-blogging. It does really feel like it belongs to both of you and not just one of you that the other guest posts on. And after all the sweet things you said about Trang I’m kind of shipping you two now 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you so much Stephanie. I’m actually quite happy to hear that it doesn’t feel like either of us is guest posting on another’s post. That would be pretty sad for anyone to think. Hahahah you’re too sweet. We actually do have a history until life got in the way though. 😉 That might explain a little more why you’d think that. 🤣

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  13. I think all your arguments are valid! I began blogging solo but now I would love co-blogging with a kindred spirit. I’ve written a series of posts about USA viewed by two European chicks with Talia at RedHotInk and it’s been my best blogging experience! We had such a synergy and it was effortless. So maybe one day…

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    1. I am so glad you agree! Oh my, it sure does sound like it was a fantastic experience. Synergy is everything. I do hope you’ll get the opportunity to live that experience again for a much longer duration. 😉 Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate it greatly!! ❤


  14. You’re really lucky to have such a great relationship with your co-blogger 🙂 because it’s hard to co-blog.. To be honest, I don’t know too many blogs where I can TELL who’s even blogging at the given time, and with you two, I always know. It’s hard to do that! Also, I feel like you both complement your reading tastes and so you expand your audience 🙂

    Twice the hate lol xDD yeah, I’m really glad I’m friends with both of you, and I actually met and got to know you at different times as well! So that’s a cool story.

    LOL I love that reading speed GIF :DDDDD

    I think for me the hardest time would be time management. That’s always the hardest when you’re working with someone else.

    Hm, comparing? I wouldn’t think of comparing you two 😀 I like you both!!

    I think what helped you a lot in this is that you have been friends for a long time. Most co-bloggers meet over blogs, which make it harder, I think… But you ACTUALLY know each other from real life. It makes it easier to know the other person better 🙂

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    1. I have to admit that I have been on some blogs where I couldn’t tell who was blogging too!! 🤣 Hahah yes! When Trang told me that you two were talking outside of the blog I was sort of surprised since I didn’t even know you two knew each other till then! 😛 It’s nice that we’re all good friends though, especially when you live so faaaaar from us!

      Yep, it’s no easy ask when it comes to time management. It is still the biggest challenge, especially when blog hopping can get quite hectic for each of us! We each have our methods for that too though.

      That is indeed true! I’m grateful that that is the case though. It’s nice to be coblogging with someone I knew for such a long time and know that she wouldn’t give up on something so good to us (the blog) hahah

      Thank you for all your kind words, Evelina! ❤


  15. Goes without saying that this is yet another wonderful Bookidote post!
    In all honesty? Who’d complain about any of what you two do here with the blog and who’d bloody dare to split ye’s? *hold my beer*
    haha, but the truth is- I love you guys! Your blog is absolutely fantastic- you always without fail deliver quality content and as people you two are among the bloggers I really hold dear in this community!

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    1. Hahahah you’re the best, Liz! ❤ I guess immature people have nothing better to do than to bring their hate and think of ways to make one of us feel smaller and impertinent compared to the other. Screw them. 😀 As I might have already mentioned, you are just as amazing, Liz!!! Thank you so much for your support and love, and hope that our friendship will never die. 😉


  16. Thanks for this really amazing post! I think you and Trang work together so well and that is something absolutely great! I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would ever doubt that you two are the dream-co-bloggers ❤
    I've seen a couple people look for co-bloggers to share the load with and I can definitely see the appeal in that. For me, personally, I just don't think it would work. I have no coordination skills whatsoever and I like my independence a lot. Still, all your points totally made sense. YAY for it working so well for you two!

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    1. Awwn, you’re too kind, Kat!!! ❤ Thank you so much! There's definitely loads of benefits to co-boggling but it really comes down to the bond between those bloggers. Then again, after so many years of experience with Bookidote, I can see the appeal to having a blog (full ownership) too now when I never thought I'd ever blog in my life before Bookidote. For an introvert like myself who enjoy so many things about life, blogging was such a release!! 🤣 Thank you again for all your kind words, Kat!!! It's always a pleasure to hear your thoughts on anything. ❤

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  17. Wonderful post and it hits close to home- as I co write for Graphic Novelty²! Kathleen and I make it work, with a set schedule for posting. We like different types of books within the graphic novel genre, and there is only one time that she reviewed a book that I was thinking of doing. We occasionally work together on posts- esp on blogger awards or tags. One of us will start it, the other will go in and add their content and we double check all info is correct before we post. We communicate a lot with texting & FB messenger, and it’s been easier than I expected. Communication is key- and I have only good things to say about co-blogging!

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    1. Thank you so much Nancy! Oh yes, you’re definitely one of those rare cobloggers I know of too; although I’ve never heard from your co-blogger hahah 😛 Oh man, I totally understand the whole “reviewed a book that I was thinking of doing” thing. I’ve ran into that a couple of times but honestly I quickly move on and tell myself that I’ll just review it myself some other time in the future. There’s a couple of reviews on Bookidote that have been done twice in fact, but because Trang and I review differently, I don’t think it’s even a problem (as long as it’s not back to back reviews of the same book of course!) 🤣 Guess it’s just a question of compromise and organizing these types of things in advance so that there’s no sad surprises! I 100% approve that communication is key. Just like in any relationship, really! 🤣

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  18. Great post, Lashaan! I’ve always admired you and Trang from the minute I started following you guys! I love that your blog is so well put together and it is evident that you both are organized and very creative. You’re definitely right when it comes to the rarity of co-blogging. However I think you both are doing amazing jobs and I see nothing but progression for the future (:


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  19. I was super (duper) excited to see this post pop in my emails! It wasn’t too long ago that several people had hinted at co-blogging with myself and I immediately shot the idea down. Yep, big fat nope. But then I instantly thought of you and Trang and how cohesive it all seems to be for you. Personality, books, life and blog all seem to meld together beautifully and I admire and respect that so much! I know that it speaks of an incredible relationship and trust ❤ I am not sure that I would ever be able to do what you have chosen to do here. I think I am too stubborn, but I have also not found too many people I click like that with on so many levels. Nothing but respect for you both. Really enjoyed reading this!

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    1. Awwn, Danielle!! Thank you so much for your sweet words. ❤ Honestly, your blog is really your treasure and I couldn't see anyone co-own it with you (or maybe your kids someday?????), but if you were to co-blog, I could totally see you go on someone else's blog or even create a new one and start from scratch… Although I wouldn't want you to split any of your attention away from Books, Vertigo and Tea!!! 😛 Thank you for reading!! 😉


  20. I read through it all!! hehehe! As always!😊 But anywho, I am both a Trang and a Lashaan fan!😍 You guys have two different personalities and two different ways of blogging and I I LOVE it all! I think that’s what I love about Bookidote is how unique it is to have two awesome people that work together to make one fantastic blog!😍 Anyone who thinks that you guys are not authentic or bullies either of you is just an asshat. Simple as that, an asshat. Say for instance someone comes along and points out Lashaan’s simple typo he might have posted. Come on you’re a certified asshat. I make typos all time and so does every other blogger, including *cough, cough* the person who has said this in the past. Also if someone says something about your authentication guys they are simply a hater. I say “Fuck the haters, you guys are badass!” 😍 I love how you guys bring your own styles to this blog and I know you two have a major impact on me personally and as a blogger. I am thankful for being friends with you both and I love your blog!😍 You both are very talented at portraying the story and I always look forward to seeing recommendations from you guys! You guys simply! 🎸✌😎 XOXOXOXO

    Liked by 2 people

    1. At least we all know there’s one thing that will never change and will probably always be huge and glowing!!! That personality of yours 😂😁 Thank you so much for your kind words, Dani!!! ❤ Yep, you did spot one of those haters who felt like what he was saying was the ultimate truth or some shit 😂 It’s a post like this that should remind them all that they are just living in an illusion!!! Hahahah I am quite touched by everything you said and thank you again for flying down upon us with so much love to give 🤗🤗🤗 Stay awesome and take care of yourself Dani!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. I love your guys co-blog. I have seen some where I couldn’t tell who was who, or didn’t realise it was more than one person until I noticed the name was different at the bottom haha. You guys personalities come through, also I’m jealous that you have someone to blog with, only one of my friends actually reads regularly. Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwn yay, thank you so much, Asia!! You’re too kind. ❤ I have been in such a situation before too. I couldn't tell who was blogging and couldn't even write their names sometimes hahah Oh, I'm in the same position as you if you exclude Trang. My guy friends don't read as much as me.. or even at all hahah

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  22. Love this post, Lashaan! Bookidote is one of my favorite blog and you guys are pretty amazing. Co-blogging is very much time saving and less stress. I’m glad it worked out for you guys. I would love to co-blog with another and I really hope I find my perfect match someday. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so, so much, Raven!!! ❤ If my skin would allow me, I'd say I was blushing! Oh yes, relatively speaking, it does save time and reduce stress, but then again, we got so used to co-blogging that we still somehow have time management issues and stress hahaha I do hope you'll get the chance to coblog with someone someday. It is quite fun! 😉

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  23. Aww, this is so sweet. I think you both do a great job working together and I love both your styles. I see no need to compare them.
    “I’ve come to realize that everyone’s blog is a sacred place where their personality is the foundation of their creation.” = beautifully said and totally true.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwn yay! Thanks, Zezee. I appreciate the kind words. ❤

      Yep, over the years I've come to realize how wonderful a blog is to a person. With how each of you treat your blogs, it is no lie that who you are shines through your blog and makes the blog an extension of yourself! 😀


  24. Ah that’s so cool how you started the blog and how long you’ve known each other 😊 And gosh what a stunning (and accurate) quote: “I’ve come to realize that everyone’s blog is a sacred place where their personality is the foundation of their creation” Love it!!!! I do love that your blog has such an eclectic range of books thanks to your different tastes- it makes for such interesting content!! And yes, you both have different styles and personalities, but I love you both! ❤ And it's great that there's twice the interaction 😀 I think it's amazing how well organised you both are as well 😀 And like I said you're both unique, so I'm just glad I get to interact with both of you and enjoy both of your content 😀 It's twice the fun when I come here! 😀 hahahaha I'm sorry, but now I officially want to describe my blog as a dictatorship… a dictatorship over a dominion of one, but a dictatorship nonetheless 😉 (I tell myself what to do and then I have to do it, or else I'll get angry with myself… okay now this is just getting silly… moving on…) And wow another beautiful quote- "Blogging is like an artist with his palette. Not wanting to share your brush with someone else to work on the same piece is totally understandable." This is such a wonderful post and a tribute to your friendship- I just loved it!! ❤ 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy!! Yess ❤ What can I say? Y'all make me realize how precious a blog is to each and every one of us! 😀 Hahahah yay!! Love you tooo ❤ Your personality and blog are to be treasured with how awesome of a person you are!! We need more peepz like you in this world. 😉 Bahahaahh that is such an interesting take on dictatorship! I think I would've been much more flexible about myself if I was solo'ing it though hahahah At least anything you share with us is always pure gold. 😉 Thank you so much for your kind words!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  25. I co-ran a YouTube channel with a life-long friend of mine for a couple years, and a lot of what you say about co-blogging applies to that. We stopped mostly because I wanted to focus more on writing, while he wanted to branch out with more variety on his channel. But it was fun while it lasted and we still hang out whenever we can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, that is pretty cool. Co-running on Youtube probably entails a lot of other things too. Just the level of organization and splitting the tasks for editing must be pretty insane. I can’t imagine if we were to co-run a Youtube channel for Bookidote. We’d have to reorganize our time REALLY differently. But I’m glad to hear that it used to work really well and was a nice experience for you guys.


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