10 Signs You’re Addicted to Books

After a few days off, I’m back with a little post! 😀 I will also be back to blog hopping today to send you all a little love, thank you all of you for being so sweet and understanding !! ❤ 

I was reading a book and a friend came up to me and ask if I considered myself as a “bookworm”. I started laughing because she clearly has no idea about my passion of reading. So here are some ideas to help her out 😉

1. Buying Books Even if You Have a Huge Pile of TBR already

It’s like I just became blind to all the books I owned already and look at that new book like it’s the only thing in the whole world.


2. Want to Punch someone in the face when they say “books are boring

To which I always reply: You obviously didn’t find the right book.

3. You’d rather ignore other obligations than to stop reading

Sleeping at 3AM?! NAHH when there’s a frkn PLOT TWIST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK.

4. Traveling Scares you because there’s not enough space to pack books


5. Being Scared of Running Out of Books to Read


6. That Movie Tie-In Edition Cover 

7. Wish you can own all the different editions of the same book

8. The Very Idea of Going to A Book Store Turns You on

9. That Face You Make When Someone Interrupts Your Reading

10. Trying to check what’s the other person beside you in the bus is reading


Do you agree with this ? XD Would you add anything else?! Let me know !! 😀


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66 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Addicted to Books

  1. I didn’t think I would need to check the list to know that I was addicted to books, but it was still so much fun to read!! 9/10 are ME ❤ hahaha (I am a not so secret sucker for movie tie-ins … maybe has to do with me having worked in that industry for a while. Who knows?)

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  2. Number six has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I generally don’t even care about book covers but I don’t want to see the movie poster plastered on it either. I’m probably most guilty of the first on the list though. I’ve made it a goal this year to read more of the books that I already own, but new books are so tempting!

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  3. Haha, these are great, and I definitely have a few of these signs lol 😂😂 Number 1 is especially true….my pile of to be read books is huge, but I still keep buying them anyway 😂😂 Fun post!

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  4. Definitely number six, when there’s a book you’ve wanted for a while & it turns out to be the movie edition, with the miscast actors, and as for three, I can’t even make plans because I’ll probably end up addicted to a book and staying in. I always underestimate a book and if it will hold my attention, then it does & I have to finish it in one sitting!

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  5. lol lol! I can see myself in many of these! Ok maybe not the urge to buy every editions of the same book, but the urge of just buying books and more book shelves is true! I get really happy going to the library too, and I bring a huge suitcase to all booksales.

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  6. Yes! I always get so curious when someone in my class or on the same bus reads! Not many HK people carry a book with them everywhere nowadays.

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  7. Yep! I like it when they are reading a paperback next to me, makes it easier to see which book they’re reading. It’s hard not to comment though and bite my tongue because sometimes I want to ask them what they think or give my unsollicited opinion :-). If it were up to me I’d go every weekend to another bookstore.. even if they have the same books 🙂

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  8. Hahahaha what a brilliant post, I love it SO much. I can relate to all of these – I don’t have great bookshops here in France, well, they don’t have a good selection of English books so… whenever I am travelling and there are amazing bookshops there, I am always so excited to go to the bookshops. Almost as much as I am to visit the actual city,hahahaha. And I have that damn fear of running out of books to read haha 🙂

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  9. Well, my Kindle takes care of the wanting to travel with an entire library issue. 😆😆 I have that phobia in spades and aces. Books, or my Kindle, are also my security blanket. I must have one with me at all times, nevermind if I’ll actually have time to read. I get hella agitated.

    (What is the gif from #3 from?)

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  10. Oh these are definitely signs I’m addicted to books. 😀 The worrying about travelling because I won’t have enough to read is the main reason I brought a Kindle (and after this one holiday where my parents limited the amount of books I could bring to one and I finished it on the plane there. Hell is having only one book to re-read over and over for a week-long trip). Also I’m well on my way to owning every edition of Harry Potter! I think I have about four copies of the first book alone! 😀
    Great post Trang, it was a lot of fun reading this. 🙂 ❤

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  11. Hahahaha completely relatable post! I don’t know what kind of friend that is, asking you a question like that D: Seriously, Trang. You need new friends 😂 (jk)
    I would add “ignoring people and relationships in my life in favor of books and making them super mad at me” LOL I do that sometimes and know it’s super awful but can’t help it! If I’m reading or thinking about a book/story/characters, there can’t be anything else on my mind 😂😂 Hey, priorities!

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  12. I have a couple of those, like getting multiple variant covers for comics that I really enjoy, getting, annoyed when somebody interrupts my reading, and buying a couple novels when I still have a small pile of books I haven’t read yet (more so with trade paperback collections though). Can’t say I prioritize reading above my more important obligations though. Also I’m not scared of running out, because on occasion I’ll re-read a favourite instead.

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  13. AHH I RELATE TO THIS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT! haha well of course I have to buy new books- what if I go through them all and run out?! hahaha that’s a perfect response to someone saying they didn’t like books (the “you obviously haven’t found the right book”, not the punching, though of course it’s tempting 😉 ) hahaha so agree about not sleeping 😉 I am always afraid I’ll run out of books (hence the book hoarding 😉 ) hahahaha I so get what you mean about checking out what other people are reading! Wonderful post!!


  14. I agree with this list through and through. How about this. Another sign you are addicted to books: Collecting obscure and forgotten antique novels, by forgotten authors, from the 18th, 19th, or early 20th century in hopes that you’ll find the next Moby Dick.


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