10 Books That Need to be Adapted Into Shows/Movies

Hi everyone!

In a moment of pure spontaneity, Trang wanted us to share some of the books we would ABSOLUTELY love to see adapted into a movie or TV series!

TRANG: It literally happened when Lashaan was like imagine Six of Crows as a movie and I told him “I’M DROPPING MY REVIEW POST TOMORROW FOR A NEW ONE: BOOKS THAT NEED TO BE ADAPTED IN TO MOVIES” I have so much fun creating the graphics for this post! Hope you guys can feel that enthusiasm too 😀 

With the amount of potential these have, we only have SUPER HIGH expectations for any of these adaptations!



TRANG: One of the best villainous books of all times ! It’s so raw and cruel that I would love to see it in theatre !

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


 TRANG: humm.. YES PLEASE?! Books get adapted so fast I can’t believe THERE’S NOT A MOVIE YET FOR THIS?!

Lashaan: Can you imagine what Ketterdam would look like? And Kaz? And Inej? Holy… This is one movie that they just better not mess up!




Lashaan: I know there’s a movie in work for this with Brad Pitt as a producer, but man… They better get the right actors and a lot of $$$$ to make it all pretty and amazing!



Trang: I haven’t got the chance to review this book yet but OH GOD this would make the perfect dark fantasy movie!



Trang: LOVED IT!! This world building on screen would be a dream come true!



Lashaan: This movie could take the world by storm. A school filled with awesome killer nuns? Yo… Someone contact Mark Lawrence already.



TRANG: HUMM THIS BOOK THOUGH?! ❤ I can’t believe they just gave up on its production. Gosh imagine all the magical elements and that Cirque de reves come to life ❤

Lashaan: The romance in this movie alone will make absolutely anyone swoon. They need to get the chemistry right!



Trang: The comics put the bar pretty high already HAH but if the movie can follow the exact same plot, gosh it would be a treat for my eyes.

Lashaan: I honestly don’t think this would be even possible. It would have to be an animated movie or series or something. It’s just too extravagant to be turned into a live-action movie. But a man can dream, right?



Trang: A chinese movie is already planned on getting released (they keep postponing it because of some issues discussing in the book and movie *UGH) SO IM PRETTY PUMPED FOR THIS SCIFI ❤



Trang: Last but NOT LEAST, THIS FRKN SERIES RIGHT HERE<3 Just don’t ruin it like Twilight and we will al be happy hahah 😀

Would you love to see these books turned into movies or shows?

What are some books you’d love to see adapted onto the big or little screen?

Share your thoughts with us! 😀


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Instagram – Facebook – Goodreads – Twitter

74 thoughts on “10 Books That Need to be Adapted Into Shows/Movies

      1. Exactly! I’ve put up with so many butchered movie renditions of books that I love and I just don’t think I could accept that from Cinder, lol.

        Fingers crossed that one day it’ll happen.


  1. Every single one of these would make an excellent movie! My favorites are Saga (lets dream together!) and Mistborn! I can totally see Mistborn being able to be a respectable movie, the fan boys would love it and it’s a lot shorter to watch than to read! Plus it need not go beyond the first one, the first book stands alone fine. Okay well I’m pretty pumped for Illuminae as well! I do hope they don’t screw it up and create some kind of continuity since the formatting of the book doesn’t all for that. (I agree please don’t screw up Aiden!) Such a fun post and LOVE the graphics! 😉

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    1. THANK YOU DANI ❤️❤️ I just fell in love with Mistborn !! Still dont know how to write a review that will do it justice yet 😭😭 A MOVIE WOULD BE AMAZIN FOR SAGA INDEED 😍👌 Such an original story ! Illuminae is a touchy one 🤔🤔

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    2. I’d be mindblown by a Saga show/movie. It’s so nuts at times, I’d only be even more impressed visually hahah And I have no clue how they’ll do Illuminae. I actually have a really bad feeling about it. A nice half of the fun was in the formatting after all. All credits for these graphics can go to Trang. 😉

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      1. I think that is what I’ll try to get next after I have all my current manga done. Saga. I’d heard about it and I know it’s a best seller. Seeing it on your list has inspired me! I’m hoping they capture that formatting on the screen somehow, because that and Aiden are the draws. 😁 Great graphics Trang!!

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  2. Whoa! So many books…and all of them looking so very cool and interesting. Definitely understand how you would like these to be turned into movies/tv series! Had to look up a few of them as some of these I did not know about…but cool idea for a post! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True.. We sure didn’t bother mentioning what they were about hahah I think we just assumed everyone knew these 😛 Some of them do have their titles linked to the reviews we’ve done for them though! Thanks for checking this out as always sir! 😀

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  3. Agree with Mistborn but good golly gosh it would be expensive to make! I could definitely get behind anything Cixin Liu and Mark Lawrence. The Broken Empire would also be cool but it would be pretty graphic.

    To be honest I don’t understand why Hollywood doesn’t pick these up. The hard part, being the writing, is all done for them!

    I would personally love to see Kingkiller Chronicles (which I understand is actually going to happen thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Gentleman Bastards.

    It’s always a bit of a gamble though. Sometimes the movie/show just doesn;t live up to your expectations.

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    1. I still need to read The Broken Empire trilogy but I did hear how brutal it is. I can also imagine that every book by Mark Lawrence could easily be made into a show or movie too.

      I know, right? And they just prefer rebooting classics (or should I say.. ruining them) or giving us really lame movies with no coherent stories!

      I didn’t want to mention the Gentleman Bastards because of my fear that they would ruin a GREAT thing… But they are planning on adapting the Kingkiller Chronicles with Sam Raimi as the director.

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  4. OMG YAAAAAAS ON ALL OF THESE!!!! I didn’t know they gave up on the production of The Night Cirucs. HOW DARE THEY!?!??! I need this so bad, I cannot even.
    If I could make my own TV shows out of books, I’d definitely want a CW version of Lock & Mori. The covers of those books already look like some film posters anyway. Aaaand I’d want Sleeping Giants to be a movie franchise. An Amazon original series made out of Wolf by Wolf à la The Man in the High Castle. And I a Netflix version of Anna and the French Kiss. I am done … i think haha

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    1. Hahahah they really need to make something for The Night Circus… It’s such a visual experience. Well.. actually it stimulates all senses hahah And man does your comment show how much of a enthusiast of shows/movies you are hahaha I do totally agree on all of those based on what I know about those books though! 😛 So many books could be made into amazing shows/movies!!

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  5. OMG yes!! All of these sound like they would be awesome adaptations, but most of them I would say would do better as TV shows. There’s just too much going on to be squeezed into a two hour movie, no matter how many sequels there are. Even though movie budgets are usually bigger and can afford to do a lot more stuff, if we take Game of Thrones as an example of a grand, massive production, I would love to see these books following onto its path 🙂
    Great post, you guys! ❤

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    1. With enough of a budget, so many of the fantasy stories could totally be nailed as a TV series. Especially a series that has a season FINALE (not 10 seasons and still going) hahah I also like to see them more as shows rather than movies because of the actors and how consistent they have be through the season and across seasons. The character development and world-building will be done much better in shows. But if any of these turn into either a show or a movie I’ll still be pretty excited!!! Thanks for checking this post out Sophie! 😀

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  6. YES!!! I haven’t read any of the others, BUT CINDER!!! i’ve always thought that would make a great movie or TV show ❤ I've been hoping for a movie for the Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, but i would be so scared of the wrong actors portraying monty or percy!!!! ❤ ❤

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  7. Mistborn and Saga!!
    The rights for almost all Sanderson’s work has been optioned already and apparently they’re starting with a Mistborn movie AHHHHHH! I would rather see it adapted into a show, but oh well!

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  8. I looove the collage of images you put alongside each book! The Night Circus would most probably be a wonderful and atmospheric movie… with the perfect color palette and music, it would be amazing!!! ❤


  9. So there’s a movie in the works for Illumiane??? Okay, I did not know that ahah. I don’t know if I’ll ever see it though, I was already freaked by reading the book, hahaha. YES for Cinder, oh that would make such a FANTASTIC movie for sure, I’d love to see that, if they don’t ruin it hahaha.
    Great post – I LOVE all of the posters here!! ❤


    1. And hopefully they don’t mess up any of those, especially Red Sister!!!! It has so many fantasy elements that everyone love and was written in such an episodic manner that I just can’t see why they’d fail!!


  10. I haven’t read all these books but the ones I have would make INCREDIBLE movies! 😀 I would sell my soul for an adaptation of Six of Crows or The Night Circus (a good adaptation I mean), and I would love to see Illuminae, Vicious and Cinder on the big screen. Also, not on your list but an adaptation of A Darker Shade of Magic would be a dream come true for me as well.
    Great post, and great list as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Gosh, I know, right? Both SoC and Night Circus as movies would truly be mind-blowing!! I can’t seem to wrap my mind around what a Illuminae movie would be like but I’d be curious of the movie nonetheless! Oh yeh, ADSOM would be amazing and I think it’s already planned to be a series of movies!!

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  11. I would lose my damn mind in The Lunar Chronicles was adapted for TV. Ugh, please let that happen one day.

    If you’re interested, Neverwhere was adapted for UK radio a few years back, and it was really really good. I’m sure it still lives on the internet somewhere if you fancy it. I’m pretty sure it was a BBC thing 🙂


  12. This is a wonderful post– I really appreciate all the fangirl/fanguy-ing out you two are doing!

    The Night Circus is the movie/series I am both super excited for and terrified for. I cannot imagine they would get it right, you know? It’s just so powerful and complex. So many details are so critical! It would have to be done BBC mini series style, I think.

    I’m also super excited for Pitt’s Illuminae. film. Just like the audiobook is brilliant and a completely different experience from the novel, I imagine the film will fall in a similar spot.

    As far as Saga goes, Vaughn is on record as saying he doesn’t want any adaptions to be made now. The world doesn’t have the tech to make his vision come to life. I totally respect that. But maybe in 15 years…

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    1. I know right? I actually see The Night Circus being done something like the last Cinderella movie we got. I know deep down in my heart it can be done… They just need to do it!!!

      Totally agree. I doubt it’ll be anything like the book, but I just hope they’ll at least be loyal to the source material! I don’t want to end up feeling indifferent towards Aidan when his development was insane (went from hating him to loving him…).

      I remember reading that article and I totally agree with him though. Saga being adapted into anything is a project that should take time and passion! 15 years sounds good to me. 😀

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      1. I will admit that I haven’t seen the 2015 adaption of Cinderella (I don’t watch many films…), but the preview does show some really wonderful interpretations of magic! I also have hope that deep down in my heart it can be done well. The technology is just improving so much!

        Haha– I love the idea of some of these book being adapted in another 15-20 years when the technology has caught up to it. Sometimes, I’m a bit sad watching The Neverending Story now. Falcor just doesn’t hold up quite the same…

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    1. Oh, anyone who has read The Night Circus will have such huuuuuge expectations for it that I think they’ll just never dare make a movie or series for it to be honest. But if they do, a mini-series or a well-executed movie with nice transitions across time would be amazing!

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  13. YES A MILLION TIMES OVER TO THIS POST!!! I would love to see any of these as films!! Vicious would make a FANTASTIC movie!! And Six of Crows- it needs to happen!!!! Illuminae could be a sensational film (I really hope it ends up being good!) Neverwhere would make a great movie- but I’ve also heard a Benedict Cumberbatch radio version and it was *so good*- really recommend it if you’re looking for an adaptation 🙂 Mistborn as a film would be a dream come true!! As would Red Sister!! Yeah I was so disappointed about Night Circus- that would’ve made such an incredible film!! I need to read Saga- but I can already tell from the visuals I’ve seen that it’d make a great film! hahaha yes- I hope that if Cinder gets made into a film it doesn’t get the Twilight treatment 😉 Awesome post!!

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    1. YAS!! Six of Crows really does need to happen! And Illuminae really needs to find its own personal touch on the big screen. There’s no way it could take the same form as the book, that’s for sure. Hopefully someone who has a clear vision for Night Circus will take the mantle and give everyone the movie the book deserves!! Oh, you should try Saga soon. It’s epic weirdness is worth checking out at least once in everyone’s life!

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