Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review


Title: Man of Steel
Universe: DCEU
Rated: PG-13
Director: Zach Snyder
Screenplay: David S. Goyer
Story: David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan
Release Date: 2013
Runtime: 2h23min
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and many more!
Budget: $225,000,000
Opening Weekend: $116,600,000
Box Office: $665,100,000

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Man of Steel, Man of Steel, Man of Steel. The movie that started everything for the DC Extended Universe. The movie that really made Zach Snyder a target of all the hate that he knows to this day. This is the reboot to all the Superman movies that fans have known and offers us Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and an original story to kick things off smoothly. Or should I say roughly?

In this story, Clark Kent is sent to Earth as the last survivor of Krypton, a race that is will soon to be extinct. Learning the ins and outs of being a human being throughout his whole life, he quickly understands that there’s nothing easy about fitting in and belonging. His abilities would easily trouble humanity and the world is far from ready to embrace such a break from normality. The arrival of General Zod and his army of survivors however forces Clark Kent to reevaluate his faith in humanity and to break out of the shadows to unveil his red cape and his symbol of hope.

This is not a happy and bright Superman. It’s something that everyone needs to understand of Zach Snyder’s Superman. His vision of Superman is an alien who is trying to fit in with humans without raising awareness regarding his powers. As a child he finds the world too big and suffers from hypersensitivity. As a teenager he feels alienated and attributes his special powers as an act of God. As an adult he is tired of suppressing his abilities when he knows he can do so much for the world. The movie explores the struggle of a being who doesn’t understand the risks of living among those who will inevitably feel powerless and threatened. Honoring his adoptive father’s wishes to hide his identity until the world is ready is a burden that Clark Kent refuses to drop. That is until Earth is threatened to suffer the same fate as Krypton.

The nonlinear narrative is one of the elements that sort of bothered me every time I watched this movie. Just when you think that flashbacks of Clark Kent struggling to adapt as he grows seemed fascinating, you’d later be revisiting him as a child, teenager and adult in a mixed up order. It isn’t a huge problem, but it does make the transitions between present and past a bit perplexing. In present time, the story slowly develops Clark Kent’s development as a superhero. After a tragedy stroke his life, he exiles himself onto a journey to discover his history. This adventure forces him to make use of his abilities in portions until he crosses paths with Louis Lane and an unidentified airship. This is where their relationship begins, but also the moment that Clark Kent dons his cape and tests his powers. It is a truly amazing sequence to watch him push his limits and break the sound barrier as he grasps the extent of his powers.

Man of Steel is also a movie where a whole religious allegory can be made. Not only are we talking about about a savior that hides among the mass because the world isn’t ready for him, but we also see elements of this allegory in the way everyone will look up at Superman, as if to worship him, as he flies in to stop General Zod from erasing the human race. There are also countless scenes that help convey this allegory, but ultimately Superman is a God among humans. His very intent to protect humans unconditionally is the ultimate leap of faith he’s attempted and the trust of them in him is just something that will have to be developed over time as they learn to understand their place in society.

The introduction of General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, was brilliant, especially thanks to the actor’s fantastic performance. The insane conviction of General Zod to resurrect Krypton was conveyed perfectly and could be seen throughout the movie with his intentions and the chaos he brings to Earth. What however annoyed me is the final boss battle between General Zod and Superman. As amazing as it was to see them wreaking havoc and finding themselves in unique settings that gave them the opportunity to slip in some awesome Easter eggs—I liked the one with the LexCorp on the truck as well as the Wayne Enterprises one on the satellite—the amount of destruction was just too insane for me to appreciate the battle. With that much damage done to Earth, especially Metropolis, I strongly believe that almost half the population must have died and that’s not something Superman would even let happen. Even a Superman who has only worn his cape for one day. Come on.

In the end, Man of Steel was far from being the horrible movie that critics have said it was. Zach Snyder simply brought us a whole new take on Superman and delivers an origin story that does well in world-building and character development. Even if Louis Lane somehow always finds ways to get herself in trouble, Superman always being there to rescue her will never be something I’ll get tired of watching. With Man of Steel, DC sparks the beginning of what we now know as the DC Extended Universe. While it has been a roller-coaster ride to this day in regards to these movies battle with critics and fans, I am still pumped for the next hero to remind us who the real Gods are.

Man of Steel isn’t exactly based on a particular comic book story. I would however refer you to All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid, among others, for those who are curious about classic Superman stories they want to check out!

MY OVERALL RATING: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7/10)

Have you read any of those comics?

Have you seen the movie?

What do you think about Man of Steel (2013)?

Share your thoughts with me!

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56 thoughts on “Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review

  1. I haven’t seen this, believe it or not, but your review has made me want to check it out. However, I will always have a soft spot for the original 1978 Superman, cheesy as it was!

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    1. I totally understand! Christopher Reeve is way too iconic for his portrayal as Superman. As a kid, I loved him! I’m glad to hear your interest in this one though. It’s definitely worth checking out to form your own opinion of it all! 😀 Thanks for reading Tammy!


  2. I’m one of the people who really didn’t like this movie, but even I can admit there are some good points. The opening scene on Krypton is epic. Jor-el is kind of awesome in this, both as a living Kryptonian and a ship AI. And I like that Lois Lane figures out who Superman is through her reporting skills.

    But I can’t stand the way Superman is portrayed in this movie, and everything about Pa Kent’s death scene (and Pa Kent’s portrayal in general) infuriates me.

    I’m glad you like it though.

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    1. The first time I watched it in theaters I too came out of it a bit shook and wasn’t sure if I loved it. 5 years later, I can tell you that I don’t think it was the worse Superman movie of all time. And you’re so right on that. I loved what Krypton looked like too. I’m looking forward to that TV show where they focus on that past world! Lois Lane’s narrating her hunt for Superman was nice, but man was she such a damsel in distress throughout the whole movie hahah

      I swear, the way Jonathan Kent dies is a bit ridiculous. I think Snyder wanted to go with something over-dramatic so that we understand that it was a life-changing moment for Clark.

      Honestly, there’s A LOT I would’ve loved to see done differently in the movie, but for what we got, it was pretty fun for me!


  3. I have mixed feelings about this one. The first time I saw it, I really hated it. The second time I saw it, I enjoyed it more. There are definitely some issues I do have with this film though. The complete and utter destruction Superman causes without regard for human life. The excessive use of CGI, in the final battle. But I also appreciate some of the things the movie did. I like the dark tone…as I usually love films that have a darker edge to them. All in all though this won’t be my favorite Superman film. But it’s definitely not as bad as some people say. Great post as always 😀

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    1. When I saw it in 2013 I came out of the theaters with a bit of hate too. I was a teenager though and my vision was a bit influenced by the friends with whom I saw the movie hahah I rewatched it for this review and I have to say that there’s a lot that is worth appreciating. And yeh… that destruction at the end was CRAZY. It was too much and I can’t see anyone being able to convince me that it was logical or even necessary. Superman could’ve punched Zod all the way to Antarctica and had his fight there without any casualties!!! I’m the same man. I prefer that darker edge to all my movies. It’s why I love DC movies that much more over Marvel movies. Especially with the latest Marvel movies that have been all about jokes and giggles and shit (they’re not bad movies though, just would’ve liked things to be taken a bit more seriously). Thank you so much for reading though Michel! Always interested in hearing your point of view on everything, sir. 🙂

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      1. Whoops…well….honestly, I am more of a Marvel fan (*prepares to run away like crazy….* 🙈🙈), but I am getting a bigger appreciation for DC. I love that darker edge a lot, although there have certainly been darker edged Marvel movies as well. (Winter soldier being one of them). But yeah, that destruction was so incredibly over the top. It was insane lol 😂😂
        But other than that, I appreciated the film a lot more the second time around. It will be interesting to see what DC is going to do now 😊

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  4. I love superman! Easily one of my favourite heroes. I LOVED this movie. It’s one of the only dark and gritty takes on superheroes that I actually like and that may be because I’m biased towards the hero.
    I really enjoyed the relies allegory made. I remember watching a vide that broke down all the symbolism and references made and was blown away.
    Great review 🙂

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    1. Oh man, you’re definitely one of those rare Superman fans who loved this movie! I’m super glad you did though. I can’t imagine what those who absolutely hated about this movie had to say. It really wasn’t that bad. I’m a huge die-hard Batman fan myself (I know you hate the guy; it’s okay hahahah) and would probably always find something good to say about Batman-related things. Except the Batman & Robin movie. Oh boy… The allegory is pretty astonishing. You also see more about the Superman = God in Batman v Superman and it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for reading Nadine! 😀

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        1. *deep breath* Ouff, I could probably go on forever trying to answer that question hahah There are so many that are worth trying out depending on what you’re looking for. One that I always recommend is The Killing Joke by Alan Moore. Stand-alone graphic novel that gives you a nice look at the Joker and Batman. If you want to check out a series, you should try The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder. It’s the New 52 reboot of the Batman series that took the comic world by storm. The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is another one I enjoyed but it also has a nice camp of haters for it. It has a political aspect to it and has a look at Gotham 10 years after Batman retired. Batman Year One by Frank Miller is the story arc that tells you how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and features Gordon as a key character in it. Hopefully these recommendations will prove to be useful in giving some love for Batman! 😀

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  5. Great review for this film Lashaan, I haven’t seen this one myself but I do remember when it was released seeing more negative reviews for it than not. I’m glad you enjoyed it though, I guess after all the negative things you may have heard the film ended up going the other way simply because nothing can be as bad as they said it was (like the opposite of being let down by a really hyped up book!) It sounds like it just explored Superman’s character and his life on Earth in a different way than most fans were expecting, I suppose given this was directed by Zach Snyder can they really be surprised? (I did see his 300 films). 😀
    Again great review. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Beth! Oh yes. It was the beginning of all the hate that DC movies are getting nowadays. This isn’t however the first time I saw the movie. I saw it in theaters when it was released in 2013. I wasn’t particularly fond of the movie as a teenager back then, but now that I rewatched it with much more expertise regarding superheroes and all, I can say that it is far from being a horrible movie that everyone claimed it was. So cool to hear you’ve seen 300 though! What made you want to check that one out?? 😮 Movies by Snyder don’t get much love and it’s pretty crazy when they’re pretty cool!

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      1. That’s all right! And yeah it’s a shame about all the hate DC seem to be getting because, while their movies aren’t perfect (what movie is right?) they are good. That’s the good thing about re-watching as well, sometimes you can get a fresh perspective on something.
        I think my friend wanted to see the second 300 film, so I watched the first one just so I could understand the story (I don’t think it was necessary to have seen the first one, but I thought it was a decent film overall).

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  6. I honestly don’t remember this movie well… It wasn’t a memorable one and I have Batman vs Superman much fresher in my mind. However, none of them made me a fan 😅
    Snyder’s take on Superman is an interesting one, if unpopular. I think the general public is too used to the classic larger than life Superman who made them believe all would be okay in the end. When you take that iconic hero and cause him to doubt hope and the good in the world, it’s like a punch in the gut. So I understand the resistance to the idea.
    Unlike you, I didn’t really like Lois Lane in either movie and especially not her ability to get into trouble 😂 Most of the time, I kind of wanted to slap her silly… She made horrible decisions! Ugh. But you know, gotta have a pretty girl in there somewhere! (Same with Thor, I really disliked the romance).
    Anyway, awesome review as always! 😀

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    1. Eeeekk! I don’t think you’ve seen my review of Bat v. Supez but you’ll probably end up going on a turf war against me or something hahah

      I totally agree. Especially after the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan, I don’t think anyone expected Snyder and Nolan to bring that darkness into Superman and give us a somewhat realistic view of this alien. I wish people were maybe a bit more open-minded about it cause I honestly don’t believe this was as horrible as everyone claimed it was hahah

      Oh, I totally understand. I’m also a guy who gets soft in front of pretty people so… I probably overlooked the whole need for complex characters with Lois Louis *hides in shame* hahahahah But honestly, you’re right. She was JUST a damsel in distress and nothing more really.. She did have potential by narrating in a very journalistic tone her attempt to hunt down Superman, which she does succeed and is pretty cool to see. She definitely could’ve been presented better.

      Oh no, no, no. Don’t get me started with Thor. I hated Natalie Portman (I’m not a big fan of hers) and the first Thor movie made me hate him a lot too LOL It didn’t help that Ragnarok was such a joke-only movie (family entertainment-wise, it’s still good though).

      Thanks for reading, Sophie! Always glad to hear your thoughts on everything! 😀


      1. Hahaha I might have! But I won’t judge you too much 😛
        People can get very hateful towards new stuff… It’s not because it’s bad per se, it’s just because it’s different 🙂 They’ll get used to it!
        Hahaha hey, I do that too! Guess it’s why I have a harder time accepting useless female characters than male ones 😛 (we all love the eye candy, who are we trying to fool?)
        Ah I’m glad you did too! I enjoyed Ragnarok for the entertainment yeah, but I didn’t see how any of it could be taken seriously. It had nothing in common with the last Thor movies, either. Felt like they were trying to emulate Guardians of the Galaxy way too hard. And I love GotG, it just is nothing like Thor is supposed to be.
        Absolutely, and same! 😄

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  7. I remember liking this movie well enough at the time I watched it, but I don’t know that I would ever go out of my way to watch it again. Lois Lane bothered me – I felt like she had no personality, which surprised me because Amy Adams is a great actress, and was only there to be the love interest. I know I should have expected this, because it’s a superhero movie and they are all like that, but it still bothers me. I wish that the women in superhero movies were allowed a bit more agency. I think Marvel has shown with all of the amazing women in Jessica Jones along with Claire Temple and Karen Page that it is possible. It really makes it all the more frustrating!

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    1. I felt the same after watching it in theaters. Rewatching it years later sort of gave me a whole new perspective on things and now I simply don’t understand the abundance of hate the movie had received hahah

      Ah, I complete understand about Lois Lane. She seemed to have been on track to be a nice character where her reporter side was put to good use in hunting down Superman, but ultimately she was a damsel in distress, and a beautiful one of course. I honestly believe that they didn’t think of making her a complex character in this movie. She just served that one purpose and was shown whenever possible, especially when her life was threatened. I too love Amy Adams as an actress, she’s one of those rare ones who should have an Oscar but doesn’t (I believe she doesn’t have one anyways…) And yeh, I agree that Marvel have been slowly showing us what a complex women in superhero movies are like through their TV shows (much less in their movies though). DC does have Wonder Woman though! Unless you didn’t like Gal Gadot. 😮 Hopefully the upcoming DC movies will be more representative in the women they showcase. I mean.. there is Harley Quinn, and the upcoming Gotham Sirens movie with an all-female led movie. Villains make for quite the fascinating characters after all! 😀

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  8. Hey Lashaan, great review… you make me intrigued to watch this when I’d already decided to pass. The whole religious allegory is quite intriguing… though as you describe it Zach totally crapped on his whole movie with that end… unless he’s trying to say that God is a real ass. And uhhh where did he get that suit of he’s only Superman for one day… come on that had to be a stretch too, hahahaa! 😉

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    1. Hahaha thanks Dani! I know Suicide Squad sort of killed it for you (I think) so I can’t blame you if you decided to give up on the DC movies. Suicide Squad will probably be the next movie I’ll review in March to add to my collection of DC movie reviews too (my biased fanboyism my kick in though hihih). I’m glad to have sparked some interest in Man of Steel though. And yeh hahaha for an alien who is also seen as a God, he does bring a lot of chaos, but hey.. It’s not like real-life was free of war and destruction though! 😀 As for the suit… Nothing like thoughtful parents? 😀 😀 😀 Thanks again for reading!

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  9. I don’t understand why the critics rate every movie negatively for all the recent super hero movies. I quite liked Man of Steel. I agree it was dark and not the usual ‘It is a bird, it is a plane it is superman’ movie but it worked for me.

    To each his own, right?

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    1. I actually would say that the critics are savage with all the DC superhero movies and much more appreciative of Marvel’s movies. I personally believe that Marvel have set a comedy-filled standard for superhero movies for critics and anything dark and gritty will get shot down by them. Wonder Woman was the only one that they were much more appreciative, and I can see why. I do hope DC plans on finding a formula that works really soon and doesn’t end up doing EXACTLY like Marvel (I’d hate that).

      Completely agree. Ultimately, I’ll end up watching everything anyways. Just wish that people weren’t going to create a war between DC and Marvel and appreciated things more than hated them for the wrong reasons!

      Thanks for reading Gayathri! 😀

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      1. Yes I agree, Marvel is DC has come to be Called dark these days. I loved how Thor provided comic relief but I like the dark Superman series as well. And even I would hate if they both turn to the same formula!

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  10. A fair and well detailed review my friend, I see you have issues with the movie as a lot of people seem to do and that of course is your perspective which I always value.

    The thing is I’m actually in the minority of out and out LOVING Man of Steel (a review of which was one of my earliest blog posts back in summer 2013!), I’ve seen it several times now and my opinion of it hasn’t diminished. As much as I enjoy the Christopher Reeve films (well, the first one and to a bit of a lesser extent the second), this was the version of Superman on screen I had yearned to see – what I like is the fact that it takes the character seriously and manages to make him relatable and for me personally, much more interesting than the more innocent ‘big blue boyscout’ of the 70s/80s (which were great for the time).

    It is of course a darker and broodier version but it’s where he starts, when you look at MoS, BvS and Justice League there’s an arc as he grows, or should we say, reborn, as the more optimistic version we have now. I get the criticisms of the scale of destruction in the final act but it sold the fact that Superman and Zod are virtually god like with unbelievable powers and Clark/Superman is inexperienced and unable to fully control the situation…plus the consequences of all that feeds into BvS.

    Henry Cavill is solid in the part, he just needs strong material like he got here. Without a doubt my favourite Superman film, my favourite DCEU film and easily ranks as one of my favourite superhero films overall (with a phenomenal score from Hans Zimmer to boot)!

    Haha, apologies for the passionate waffle good sir!

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    1. Yeh man, I saw it in 2013 in theaters and came out of it giving it something along a C-grade. I was also super huge fanboy of the Dark Knight trilogy and also had a meh-thought about the Superman legacy movie-wise (there are some pretty bad ones after all). I thought I wouldn’t be able to rewatch this but now that I have, I saw it so much more differently and can’t believe the amount of hate the movie received. It’s not a bad movie at all and that darker, realistic and complex Clark Kent was a lot more fascinating that the “innocent big blue boyscout” like you say hahah

      I want to believe it was Superman’s inability to control the situation that led to the amount of destruction but the thing is… during the whole fight he definitely didn’t look like he was worried for the damage that was being caused. In huge-scale destruction like those I expect to have some dilemma sequences where you’d see for example Zod destroying the foundation of the building followed by a scene where a bunch of civilians are trying to get away and then a scene where Superman evaluates everything and quickly decides to put his fight on pause to save peeps and minimize the damage. Scenes like those integrated within the fight would have totally made the whole chaos much more comprehensible if you ask me. But all I could grasp from that boss battle was a CGI-filled action sequence that Snyder always loves to have in his movies. I enjoyed the moment, but when I reflect on it, I wish it had been done differently. But I completely agree that BvS covers it all afterwards though. And BvS, at least the ultimate edition, was a formidable comic book movie.

      Hopefully DC finds its footing and doesn’t decide to follow Marvel in its comedy-filled writing. They had recently scrapped some of the movies they planned on releasing within the DCEU, which is a bit scary, but also understandable after the backlash for Justice League… I really want Cavill and Affleck to stay but something tells me Affleck isn’t going to stay in for the long run and that his exit isn’t going to lead to Batman Beyond movie either hahah

      Honestly… I wouldn’t mind if DC decided to give up on the DCEU and went with stand-alone movies that can be appreciated for their stories and actors (like the Joker origin movie they plan to do). I’m all in for those.

      No worries man, I’m always pumped to hear your thoughts on it all. I mean, now I know that Man of Steel is your favourite movie of them all, and that’s pretty cool. Thanks for reading and stopping by as always bro!

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      1. No worries good sir and you certainly make some good observations and valid suggestions in how some aspects could have been approached differently.

        I’m concerned about the humour, it worked ok in Justice League (but I feel that Wonder Woman struck the perfect balance in tone)…it’s just a bit worrying as the Marvel films, whilst still highly enjoyable, are becoming increasingly silly with too much forced humour…it’s all down to individual tastes I suppose but I always prefer it when these characters are treated more seriously as they deserve to be!

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  11. This seems so vintage even though it’s only five years old (only!). I liked this film when I saw it but it seems like so long time ago that if they ever follow up with another movie, we might have another actor playing Superman.

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    1. I’m sort of stunned too that it has already been 5 years. At least we got to keep Henry Cavill throughout those 5 years with Batman v Superman and Justice League. They plan on making a Man of Steel 2 movie too, unless something happens in the near future, so hopefully Henry Cavill is for the long run!

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  12. Gonna be honest straight off the back, I did not enjoy this movie (sorry!)- not cos it was dark, I was actually hoping it would be different from the old movies (as much as I love them), but because I thought the film was too bloated and spent too much time on the backstory. Like you, the non-linear aspects bothered me and I personally didn’t think they worked as well as they could have. Zod was fine for me, but didn’t give me the chills I wanted from the main villain (I dunno why- cos like you said, trying to wipe out the human race is pretty scary- but I guess I just never bought that would happen and the tension wasn’t there for me cos of that). I also thought wiping out half of Metropolis was a bit much- that level of destruction seemed hard to buy in a Superman film- especially the first in a series! (this also added to my dissatisfaction, because as per a lot of newer films it seemed to rely more heavily on *explosions* to create a sense of tension, which just doesn’t do it for me, unless I have someone to root for/am scared for). But I overall had less problems with what they did with Superman in the film- just cos I’m usually open to reinterpretation- and more to do with how the film was executed. I do think that’s a great point about the allegorical messages- I hadn’t thought about that, but looking back, it’s really cool how they threaded that message through this film and Batman V Superman (which I incidentally also did not like 😉 ). Regardless, even if I didn’t love the film, I did love your review! I do get where you’re coming from in that it’s certainly not the worst film out there and hope you don’t mind me being a bit more grumpy about it 😉

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    1. Hahahah no worries. I already knew that there were some who simply disliked this movie! 😛 So far, I feel like those who hated it decided not to voice their opinion, but I’m super glad that you did share your thoughts on it all though. I do like how you called it bloated, cause it’s something that I could also attribute to Batman v Superman. Too many story arcs that could’ve easily been executed in different movies and had extreme success. Got to admit that the destruction seemed to be a huge tension-builder, but because it’s Superman, it also seemed like an unrealistic and untimely-decision plotwise. We all knew that there were more Superman to come and the victor of that fight was already decided. What I did like is that the destruction was sort of dealt with and covered in Batman v Superman with Superman’s trial and his whole introspection period. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!!! Always happy to hear what you’ve got to say on absolutely anything! 😉

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      1. hehe yeah I notice that a lot with more controversial opinions 😉 But I think this is one where I can really see both sides of why people like it (and obviously know why I didn’t 😉 ) YES- omg Batman V Superman *definitely* was bloated. I completely agree with you- they really didn’t need to cram so much into one film (and I understand they were from lots of different comics) And yeah that really didn’t work for me either- I mean everyone knew they were planning justice league- so why start off there? Yeah the only reason that didn’t work (imo) in Batman V Superman is cos, again, they crammed to much in- and because I think they needed to maybe build to that point. I mean, there’s a lot of films where they turn on the superheroes, but I’ve seen the whole “mood changing” thing reflected so much better in other films. I don’t think they gave that plotline enough of a chance to really breathe. You’re welcome! And thank you- I’m glad you didn’t mind me voicing my opinion here!


  13. I did like this although for me Christopher Reeve will always be Superman for me. That said, I like Henry Cavill and except for a few issues that have already been mentioned by you and other commentators, I did enjoy the darker grittier version. I’m glad to hear they’ll be making a sequel. Thanks for this fair and honest review Lashaan. I can’t wait to hear your review of Suicide Squad.😊

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    1. Oh yes. Christopher Reeve with his iconic hair twirl and red underpants. I’ll probably never forget him. He was a nice part of my childhood. I do need to rewatch all the older Superman movies though. I doubt I remember them all. I’m glad to hear that you were still a fan of this Man of Steel, even with the issues it had. Man of Steel 2 will be interesting, especially if they change the director and bring in new heroes/villains. Of course, the sequel isn’t even a guarantee anymore with how shaky things have been thanks to critics! Oh yay! I honestly always wonder if people actually go through the comment section! Suicide Squad and Justice League are what I plan on reviewing at some point, especially their extended versions! I do hope the bluray I got preordered for JL will include the full unedited version too! It makes such a huge difference! Thanks for taking the time to read this review, Kim!

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  14. So late to the game here, but I think this might actually be an ideal superhero film for me. The whole alien among humans concept has always weighed on my when it comes to Superman. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the old Reeves films. But it could not have been that easy! I like the idea of a healthy dose of realism. Also love that you include the budget😉 I look at this with a lot of films haha.

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    1. Hahaha no worries! I am behind on so many posts and try to check them out whenever I can myself; have yet to complete this challenge hahah I’m glad to hear your interest in this one Danielle! You should definitely check it out before Batman v Superman (the ultimate edition of course!). I too have always loved the concept of Superman, even there’s still a lot of hate for him being “overrated”. No idea why they gotta be like that hahah And yay for budget! I too am always curious about it. It can say a lot about a movie and its success too. Thanks for reading, Danielle!!! 😀


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