Black Panther : Ritual and Modernity At Its Best | Movie Review

RATING : 5/5

The long awaited Black Panther adaptation has been released and I was so excited to watch it ! I own one comic which is Black Panther #1 and it’s the only issue I have AHA but just with only a few pages, I already loved it 😀 But man, the movie delivers something else!

THE WORLD-BUILDING was breathtaking. Hidden from the world, the most advanced city on earth succeeds in technologies and keeping traditions at the same time. I love how they still have their chants, costumes and robes while having a super lab with modern gadgets. As you watch the movie, you discover so many details about that civilization and it made me at awe.

ACTION-PACKED. It’s a superhero movie after all right? Of course there were going to have some badass fight scenes. But omg, they took it to another level! From the scenes the Black Panther activates his costumes, to the beautiful tribes scenes, all the fights were choreographed beautifully. The villain was so great, I had no hard feelings in rooting for him LOL 

BUT HEY MY FAVOURITE PART: THE BAD-ASS LADIES. Everyone single ONE OF THEM slayed so hard. I have no other words to describe it. They were all smart and powerful on their own. The females warriors were so fierce in this movie!



Shuri was my favourite and one of the biggest screen stealer in my opinion. She was smart, funny and brings such an unique joy on screen! She’s the definition of a cool scientist 😀



I think the most important part of this movie is its message. For the first time, we have a Marvel main character who’s black and we have an African culture nation who rise to power, who have a far more advanced knowledge and set of weapons. It sends a very big message : diversity is here and we get to embrace its richness. I was leaving the theatre and even if I wasn’t black, I felt compelled and proud of what’s been done with this movie. All the kids now can relate to a hero whose color does not matter anymore. It’s time for people to realize the cultural footprint this movie is going to shape. Marvel has the power to influence kids, adults and how we perceive superheroes.  It could change the African Film Narrative. AND I’M SO HAPPY I’M ALIVE TO SEE IT HAPPENS !

As a big fan of Kendrick Lamar, I couldn’t miss a chance not mentioning him because he helped producing the whole soundtrack album ! ❤

Are you going to watch the movie? If you did, how did you find the movie ? 😀

Thank you to Cinema Montreal for the free tickets for the premiere in exchange for an honest review 🙂 


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28 thoughts on “Black Panther : Ritual and Modernity At Its Best | Movie Review

  1. I saw the film on Saturday and I loved it. I would no go as far (at least myself that is) by saying this is the best Marvel film ever (I do think it currently is a bit overhyped) but I did enjoy it very much. It’s world building was terrific. The Wakanda state was utterly amazing and I loved the costumes that were in this film. They had so many details on them. But I totally agree: the women in this film were absolutely totally bad ass. They just simply gave the men a run for their money so to speak. And it’s a film that is definitely well worth seeing, and the message it provided is one of hope as well: that hopefully in the future people will leave their narrow mindedness behind them. We are already halfway there luckily. Now it’s time to take those final few steps 😊😊

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  2. Wasn’t it AMAZING AND PERFECT?! I couldn’t even explain how much I loved it. I haven’t been interested in marvel movies, aside from Guardians, for a long time now but DAMN this was a good marvel film.

    The characters are so perfect. I love Shuri so much. She is amazing. As are all the other women in the film. Everyone was AMAZING. It was amazing.


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  3. Black Panther looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to watch it! I’m glad to see that you loved it, it makes me even more exited to get around to it. 😀 I’m hoping to watch this movie really soon!


  4. I just saw Black Panther tonight and it was AMAZING. I loved it. It wasn’t on my radar at all, but my teen daughters wanted to see it so we went as a family. I’m so glad we did and it was EPIC!! I hope everyone goes to see it!


  5. I totally agree, this movie was worth all the hype! The aspects you mentioned were correct, I do love the message it brings, and the badass ladies were amazing 🙂


  6. I skimmed past most of this review because I still haven’t watched Black Panther yet, but I am so so so glad you loved it Trang! 😀 It sounds like an incredible film (the fact that the world building was something you pulled out at the beginning says I’m going to love it!) and I’ve heard so many amazing things so I really need to actually get around to seeing it! 🙂 ❤


  7. I saw this movie yesterday and LOVED IT SO MUCH! I love your review and agree 100% with everything you said! Shuri was definitely one of my top favourites! Absolutely blown away by this epic masterpiece!


  8. I’m so glad this didn’t disappoint! The world building looks super amazing. And I’m glad it was action packed (though I’ll admit the thing I’m most excited about is that the villain is good haha!) Sounds like it was amazing! Awesome review!!


  9. Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed this so much! Diversity is here, lol! I’m intrigued by the mixing of traditions and technology… and your gifs are super intriguing! Great review Trang… you definitely tip the scales to watching this if my brothers want to see it! 😁


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