Thoughts While Reading Book Reviews

This is some Inceptionvibe right here right?! She’s posting about READING BOOK REVIEWS. YES. Now follow me into my train of thoughts when spotting other book reviews 😉 TITLE

  1. *A TITLE THAT CAUGHT MY EYE* It always starts like this right, it’s a book that you have heard about or you have read yourself that makes you want to click on that link or even search a review on Goodreads.


2. *LOOKING AT THAT RATING* Okay so this step right here is one of the most important moment in a book review. It’s where the love or hate begins. So there are 4 different thoughts that can occur. Depending on the situation, you will react differently right ?


I mean.. how satisfying it is to be able to fangirl about the same book!? Usually, if one person loves something and you missed the reference you start loving the book even more HAH


LOL okay this one is tricky. Because as much as we love to be open minded and polite, we have to admit it hurts when someone bashes your favourite book. HOW CAN YOU.Then you read the review, you start to think oh yeah maybe they have a point.. HUMM.



Bonding over hate though!!


3. Then you continue on reading that review and you realize the person writes like frkn gold. And you realize that you don’t know anything about words and you should probably not write book reviews anymore.


5. Then, they sprinkle some humour in their reviews and your life is complete.

Jokes apart, I love reading your reviews! And the reason why I made this post is because I love missing them and reacting to them hahah 😀 I will be back real soon!

What are your thoughts while reading book reviews!? 😀 Hahah I’m having way too much fun while writing this post. Let me know in the comments what do you think about reviews!

See you next time,


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40 thoughts on “Thoughts While Reading Book Reviews

  1. Well this is an interesting post indeed: analysing our process while reading reviews LOL I read reviews either of books that I’ve loved or hated indeed or books that are becoming hyped and I want to know what all the fuss is about! And yes sometimes you think you write “lame” reviews when you compare to what others write. Whatever. I know that every review is helping the author so it’s good!

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  2. This is what I enjoy about reading reviews. We’re all different, we all read the story our own way. I do rely on reviewers comments before I even look inside a book, but I like to take more than one (usually three with different ratings) so I get more of an idea of what type of reader the story will appeal to.
    Sometimes, I’ve tried to write a review, but I don’t do so well. In my opinion, the people who write reviews are amazing and helpful and brave.
    Thank you.

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  3. Intriguing post! I always read book reviews of books that I’m thinking of buying, I just need that push over the edge to allow myself to stretch my bank account 🙈
    I’ve gotta be honest I always feel a little inferior when reading other people’s book reviews – they seem to put everything so much more intelligently into words than I ever could and I can’t help but compare my own puny mind to their vast expanse of literature knowledge 😂
    On the bright side, it totally motivates me to better myself and read more books; and perhaps an entire dictionary so I’m on that same high semantic standard 🙌🏻
    So yeah, you really got me thinking on some interesting points there! 💖😁

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  4. It sounds like we have similar thoughts! I definitely have the same 4 thoughts when it comes to ratings.

    I’ll often click on a review post if the title of the book sounds interesting and I have never heard of it. Same goes for the cover. If the title and cover are boring, I may not give it a look.

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  5. Admittedly, I know longer rate on the blog (but defo on retail and goodreads) 😉 I have found that there is a slight pang if hurt when someone hates on titles I love haha, but have also had some great discussions and insight as a result. In fact, there are some bloggers I love to discuss opposing views with. Graphics are tricky for me. With my condition, too many can really make reading a post difficult and it becomes muddled. I have had to skip some when the writer gets carried away 😢 But I do love finding blogs with a nice overall aesthetic. The writing.. ah yes! I could read reviews all day when I stumble upon those well written gems. Excellent post! Look forward to seeing you around more when time allows 💕

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  6. Ha ha ha!!! It’s so true!! I do love reading books that people loved and I hated or they hated them and I loved them… It’s like a book club! You always need that person who plays devil’s advocate (although, that’s usually me in my book club! I am, literally, THE devil’s advocate!!) or it’s all too easy! If everyone LOVES the same book… what fun is that?? There’s no discussion. It’s just “I loved that book!” “Really?! Because, I ALSO loved that book!!” *chirp* *chirp* ….ok. I exaggerate a tad. But, animosity really causes great discussion sometimes when people are civil and logical about it!

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  7. Well, you just spot on described my every thought process behind reading a review!!!! The aesthetic part is probably my least important one, but you put it at the end of the list, so I don’t think it’s THE most important thing for you either. I like it when a review is nicely done, just because it is so much easier to read than just paragraphs and paragraphs of unformated text.

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  8. i love how different people often pick up on different aspects of the same book! by the time i read about 3 reviews about the same book, i have a pretty well formed idea how the book is and whether i’d like it or not 🙂

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  9. I love this post! It’s nice to connect with other reviews over similar tastes in novels. When I see a review on a novel with 4-5 stars that I also love, I instantly follow! It just makes me happy! you me same same!

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  10. Oh this is such a great post, I love it 🙂 It makes me so, so happy whenever I see someone loving the same book as I do and fangirling about it in a review, I’m quite sad when the contrary happens, but sometimes they also make great points or mention things I haven’t noticed in their reviews whenever I read the book and I appreciate that so much, too 🙂
    Some people are absolutely brilliant at writing book reviews, it’s insane, but I love it so much haha 🙂
    Great post!!

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  11. Your list was pretty much spot on, and that Loki/Tom Hiddleston meme is everything. Bonding over hate is almost my favorite sort of bonding? I mean, it’s right before mutually liking something, but either way, at least there’s mutual feelings involved, I guess? My favorite sorts of book reviews are amusing and sort of in-depth without giving spoilers. I want to know what you loved, hated, and who you would have stabbed in a heartbeat so I know what I’m getting into, especially if we like a lot of the same things.

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  12. Absolutely! lol
    Because as much as we love to be open minded and polite, we have to admit it hurts when someone bashes your favourite book. HOW CAN YOU…. Cracking up reading this. Totally get that. But always nice to understand another point of view.

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  13. Ugh the WORST thing is when someone hates on a book that you love. I want to be open minded and enjoy other people’s reviews, but I just cannot read all the negative thoughts about my little babies. It is too much.
    When they also love it, though? That is AMAZING.

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  14. I get the Oh she loves the same book I do thought every time I go on goodreads. Then I have to go follow said person because in my mind we are destined to be friends.

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  15. Haha your gif game is so strong!! Loved it (esp. the Gossip Girl one, I like how that doesn’t even say anything else).
    I personally can’t deal with people hating the book I love precisely because I can usually kind of see their point… and then the book is kind of ruined for me, at least a little bit. Also, I’m so protective about my faves it makes me go HOW COULD YOU and feel betrayed haha.

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  16. When I see a high rating for a book I haven’t heard of before I think to myself ‘is this going to be the next thing I add to my to-read list?’ and by the end of the review I’ve answered that question with a very enthusiastic ‘hell yes!’. There’s nothing better than bonding with another blogger over a book you both love though, or a book you both hate!
    Great post Trang. 😀

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  17. This was hilarious Trang! I totally related to your entire process… especially looking at the rating… And I am always finding some thought they had that I find intriguing… maybe I’d read it and didn’t think that way or hadn’t read it and now want to… it’s so wonderful to bond over books, whether in mutual dislike or mutual love… ♥️

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  18. “The Writing” or there’s the other extreme where their writing is terrible, or their review contains so many spoilers that it’s more of a lame plot summary than an actual review. No matter how much you agree or disagree with their opinion, you just can’t put yourself through reading their “review”.

    Also for D – it can be both a lot of fun and therapeutic to talk about something you hate with someone else who hates the same thing. That goes for any kind of fiction.

    B can be rough. For me, C is more of a meh. I’m fine with people liking things I don’t like, just don’t try to change my mind. For example, I never cared about Family Guy, yet one kid in college kept trying to get me to watch Family Guy clips between classes. Yeah, that’s one guy I don’t miss.

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  19. I feel number 3 so hard all the time. I’ve just started my review blog (never had one before) and I’ve really just started writing my own thoughts again after quite a few years, so feeling like all my words are the worst is a serious struggle! This post made me smile a lot – really great.

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  20. OMG loved this post! Those GIFS are literal gold (loved the one from Gossip Girl- chuck and blaire for life!!) I feel all these same things while reading reviews and can SO relate to the part about comparing your reviews to the beautiful writing and layout of anthers lol! Great post 🙂

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  21. 🤣 same thoughts while reading reviews! That moment when you realise you know nothing about words 🤣


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