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Do you really need another raving review of this book? Yes? Okay fine. LOL Do you remember when Six of Crows came out? Everyone was talking about it and how it was not even considered Young Adult because how well done it is. Well, this book right here is the new Six of Crows phenomenon of 2018. The best thing? It’s a Debut Author!!


Complex, detailed and enchanting, this book left me at awe. The fact that for the first time I feel like a YA fantasy novel tackles the magical world like real adult fantasy books really surprised me. It is a very long book for YA (around 700 pages). It was worth every word of it. (Warning: if you have some difficult time to get into the book due to the details of the world building, please proceed to the exit door ,  I mean please proceed anyway because a lot of action scenes and interesting plot revealing right after).  The author mentioned how she was inspired by her West African heritage. She did it perfectly and brilliantly  by blending culture reference and magical aspects. I find this very exciting because the African culture has so much to offer and they contributed  to the popular “magic” that we know about. So it’s nice to finally read about it!




That are the qualities of the main character. I know you need this book. You are welcome.


Bonus point: the villain is amazing!! I don’t want to spoil EVEN A LITTLE bit so I will leave you with that. 


I honestly didn’t like the romance, it was not necessary. I thought the author could develop so much more interactions between the characters without all that romance adding in every single time.

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  • THE ACTIONSSS.  Chase scenes, sword fights, omg.
  • The amazing characters !!
  • The powerful political message
  • The empowerment it provides to the young girls
  • The magical system


That’s it for today!  Let me know if you guys read this book or intend to buy it !! 😀

Thank you to the publicist for giving me a free copy to review ! 

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25 thoughts on “Children of Blood and Bone [Blog Tour]

  1. Great review! I just finally added my name to the hold list for this at the library. It honestly didn’t sound all that interesting to me, but with all the great reviews I’ve read on it I feel like I need to check it out now.


  2. And the homepage is changed too!!! so I guess I just answered my own question above.

    Any particulars for the change, or just one of those “just because”? Please tell me there is a fantastic post coming up explaining the why’s and wherefore’s. *pleeeeeeeeeease*

    Ok, enough whining from me today 🙂

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  3. WHAT IS HAPPENING with this new design, I was so confused when I clicked on your new blog post ahah, but I really love it 🙂 x
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this book as much as everyone else has, it probably is the most hyped books of all times haha, I can’t wait to get a copy and see what the fuss is all about 🙂 Lovely review! 🙂


  4. Your review pretty much mirrors my feelings aside from the romance haha. I am so antiromance, and I felt she kept this aspect so limited that I was more than ok with it. It seemed like such a blip in the grand scheme. A successful debut that raises so many relevant topics to light through brilliant and intelligent storytelling. I loved it. Great review Trang!


  5. I LOVE your new blog design!!!
    Also great review, my copy came in the post yesterday and i am crazy excited to start reading it 😀


  6. Fantastic Review, Trang!!!!😍 Wow! This sounds like a fantastic book with the culture, action and magic!!! I can’t believe it is a debut author as well!😍 I’m so glad you enjoyed this read lovely lady. Sorry about my absence, we’ve been battling power outages because some idiot messed up the power lines! *deep breath*’Anyways lovely, your review makes me want to pick up🎁🎂🎆 a copy of this book pronto!!!😍I missed you and hope you are doing well! Once again, fabulous review!!!!😘 I love your photo, your GIFs and the way you portray the story!!! You are my fave and a rockstar!!!!!!😍🌠📚💯


  7. I’m a welder! That’s cool! It’s be fun manipulating metal – you’d never run out of stuff to use given we use it in just about everything! I really love the magic of Children of Blood and Bone so so much! The book was amazing, I loved so much! Which character was your favourite?


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