Avengers : Infinity War Movie Review

One of the biggest movie of the year.. or hell OF ALL YEARS! And it left me like this:



Other Movies where the stones are found 

Soul Stone: ??

With that in mind, this movie is about Thanos and how he be reuniting all the stones once and for all. 


The storyline 

Honestly, Marvel has set up the Cinematic Universe pretty strongly since the beginning. They made sure each character has an important role to play. The Inifinity Stones settings allow Marvel to really go through all the super heroes squads and connect them with each other. I expected it to be messy and unorganized but it turned out pretty good ! What becomes a very well-balanced movie with enough screen time for every character and emotional development.

The team power play 

It was mesmerizing seeing all of your favourite super heroes on screen but what was even more amazing is how they finally meet and despite everything and conflicts, they got each other’s backs. The undeniable impressive battles scene demonstrate the strong sense of camaraderie and support. I love that girl power scenes too! 

THANOS – the villain we all deserved 

This movie is Thano’s movie, he’s at the center of it and he slayyyed every scene. Between a father who struggles to come to term with his love for his daughter, to a delusional martyr who believes genocide is the answer to a strong will leader who will stop at nothing to do what’s necessary. The right amounts of menace, vulnerability and power.


  • Everything felt too easy for Thanos. I personally don’t like when the villain or the main character is not struggling much.
  • The fact that they didn’t include Adam Warlock pissed me off T_T He appeared in the credit scenes of a few movies. 
  • Okay breathe… there’s a part 2 so no need to panic guys it’s ALL GOING TO BE OKAY * trying to reassure myself* 
  • It is very hard to admit this… but for the first time I felt some humour too forced on us or some scenes may not be relevant to the movie. It lasted 3 hours man!


Big thank you to Cinema Guzzo for hosting the Fan Opening Night Event and for the invite 🙂

25 thoughts on “Avengers : Infinity War Movie Review

  1. Glad you liked it! I think the team/character interplay was such a strength to this movie. I’m bummed about a few people who didn’t meet yet but I thought the way they paired them up- especially the cosmic sections of the film- worked really well. Can’t wait for next year!


  2. I loved how you tied all the stones together! I knew the movies were tied together but that locked them in my mind together and was such a help! Great review, thanks! Can’t wait to see the movie now!


  3. Some great thought in your awesome review Trang! A few little niggles aside, I was pretty please with Infinity War and certainly rate at as one of the MCU’s greatest. A large part of that is down to Thanos, a villain with such a presence but with dimension. Kudos to the writers and Josh Brolin.

    What an ending though, leaving us hooked for part two!


  4. I saw it on Wednesday and still hasn’t recovered! I thought I was ready but when all those deaths started happening I can’t stop bawling. I know they’ll be back but still….. it was unexpected. I love that they change Thanos motive from the comics, it makes him more realistic. Great review!


  5. I LOVED this film, I went with my friend to see the midnight showing when it was released and god even now I’m still shook over what happened, especially the ending. Before it started me and my friend were trying to guess which characters could die and which were definitely 100% safe and we were so wrong m, I don’t think we got even one character right!
    I can’t believe we have a year to wait for the next one, to find out what happens and how it all ends, I don’t know how I’m going to survive that wait.
    Great review Trang! 🙂 ❤️


  6. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll see it soon. It’s worth noting that, whether he knew it or not, Loki actually posessed two infinity stones at once in the first Avengers. The mind stone was also in his staff.


  7. Yeah, I definitely would have loved to see Warlock show up. He had such a great role in the comics and is a great character besides that. Still, I definitely thought the film was nearly perfect and I put it in my top 5 Marvel films. So much action!


  8. I was just talking to my coworker about this movie this morning. Her son has her hooked on the Marvel movies and she really liked it. I am looking forward to seeing now too 🙂


  9. Oh my goodness! When the credits started rolling my friend and I were like “What?! It’s over!? It can’t be over!” One of the guys sitting behind us yelled, “What about Spider-Man!” And yes, what about Spider-Man! And why wasn’t Hawkeye in it?!
    All of that aside it is the BEST movie ever! And the worst! I cannot wait for part 2!


  10. It was amazing in craftsmanship, vision, and ambition, and to people who didn’t like the ending, maybe we should ask ourselves we didn’t like the endings of “Empire Strikes Back” or “Wrath of Khan” for the same reasons.


  11. I haven’t gone yet but I really need to! With the exception of Black Panther (obviously), I’ve found myself losing enthusiasm for these movies the longer they go on. I LOVED the first Avengers movie but then the last one I just… couldn’t engage. I tried but the plot did nothing for me. I will keep going to see them all to the end – I’ve invested this might time so I might as well finish.


  12. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! So far it is my favorite of the whole year! Did you know that Tom Holland IMPROVISED his death??? He is GOOD!!!!! 🙂


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